The Shift from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age


As the church age is closing and the Kingdom age is emerging I am wondering exactly how much must shift to be able to transition. Terminology, function and mindsets are just the beginning. New ways of ancient ways returning, new paths of ancient paths must be walked. So much of our current approach, as much as we don’t want to admit it is really coming out of churchdom and not kingdom.

We all know and can list all the changes and shifts occurring over the last 10 years. Our expressions of worship, intercession, prayer and even teaching are starting to take on Kingdom perspectives. These outward functions are all related to one thing, revelation. Revelation comes to confront doctrine and what men believe to be true. Revelation may not replace past truth but will bring fresh understanding of what God is emphasizing for this moment. It also may bring things that have been lost and in need of being restored. But as I told one pastor “I’m not here to convince you of what I believe but I have come to bring revelation and only ask you put it in what you believe. If it is from God it will change your belief system.”

The awakening so many are talking about and the reformation to follow are both directed connected to the kingdom age and not the current/passing church age. This is the dilemma we are in. The church age has brought us to a place that our relationship with God is focused upon us and our need, while the Kingdom age is about living with eternal perspectives based on seeing Him and His kingdom in everything. By that I mean we may not see the conversion of, but the influence of. While the church age seeks for conversion, the kingdom age is not concerned with this as much as they see all things are in the kingdom and its influence is being felt by everything and every person.

I believe one of the things we are still needing to help facilitate the kingdom age is to have leaders who have emerged from the secret places of the Mysteries of Christ. Like reformers of past major transition upon the earth, there has to be remnant within the remnant of those who have paid a price to walk in holiness, who have encountered the real throne room, and are carrying the breath of God. Ones not seeking fame, meetings or followers. Ones who care nothing for how men react but how God is displayed in His glory. These are being formed in this hour in secret places. If they will be the ones to emerge to launch the kingdom age, or if it might be the ones they will mentor in secret will be the ones, is still to be determined. The one thing for certain is the institutionalized church ( that is any church with doctrines of men attached to it, that are not biblical and kingdom) is not really seeking a kingdom that has no end. But the good news is there is a harvest that has eternity placed in their hearts and it is our role to find the key to unlock them. That key is kingdom age dynamics. Kingdom language, function and approaches. God has prepared a people for the remnant Kingdom Age forerunners.


7 thoughts on “The Shift from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age

  1. I am not sure I agree with all the eschatological implications of this blog as you can’t have the Fullness of the Kingdom without the King being physically present, however many of the points made as transition steps I wholeheartedly agree with including the remnant within the remnant, the role of mentors in private and doing away with man made things leaving only eternal Kingdom things (Hebrews 12:26-28). Thanks for a thought provoking piece.

  2. It is important that every christian knows that there is a shift going on and the kingdom age is here. We also need to start seeing the church as the body of Christ and not a denomination.

  3. I just stumbled upon this word as I was searching for information on Kingdom Age. Then I realized you wrote this back in 2014. Great insight and revelatory knowledge given to you for such a time as this! Thank you for serving YAHWEH and for searching the deeper things and bringing glory to God Most High! Holy Spirit has been teaching me to have a Kingdom mindset and what you posted was a great perspective.

    • Nice writing, we are in the age of Truth, the last age of restoration, Jesus came with two program, the grace and the truth, the grace is salvation, making the children of God in spiritual, the truth is, making the sons hip, restoration of righteousness and authority to man to rules and rain in Christ Jesus

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