God and Marriage


Marching in France today to maintain Traditional Marriage!

With the Supreme Court deciding to affirm or disband traditional marriage and knowing how controversial it is, I decided to blog on it. There are actually 2 distinct issues, one is economic and the other is a moral issue. To redefine marriage for economic reasons puts God into second place in focus over economic decisions. God defines marriage between one man and one woman. The first mandate God gave Adam and Eve was to be fruitful and multiply. This model is how all Christianity is expressed and the principles of relationship with a creator are exercised through.

To say ‘I have rights’ is true as in our constitution, our rights are given by our Creator, the problem is we are trying to redefine what those rights are. Rights are not defined by courts nor law but by the Creator. To redefine the rights He gives is to redefine who He is!

It is amazing that for economic reasons we want to redefine a moral issue. The moral issue is defined Biblically and is looked upon as unnatural for a man to be with a man and a woman to be with a woman. God destroyed cities and judged nations for these actions in the past. He said it was so unnatural that animals did not do these things, who have no ability of reason and only natural desire to repopulate their species. Are we becoming lower than animals? It is an issue of lust, sin, and desires not checked. It is reinforced by a society that has no moral compass. It is defined by a culture of selfishness.

I know there are many homosexuals professing to be Christians. There is no way they understand God or the things of God. They may have had a type of encounter with God and may believe in God but could not really know God. To be born again means the things of the past, sin and its desire are being purged out. It is not an excuse or intellectual ascent to justify a behavior that is not scriptural and goes against the first principles of God. There is no such thing as a Gay Christian, maybe a Gay believer who is in the process of transformation, but the fruit if their life will bear that out. The fruit of leaving past lifestyles and desires and aligning with God’s word. The same with any church that accepts this behavior, it is not a church by the biblical definition that Jesus used. Just because the name has ‘church’ in it does not mean they are part of God’s Church. We have clouded the concept of loving people to mean I have to accept their sin and make room for it. Is homosexual behavior really Holy? Jesus had violent love and made some harsh statements to many, in love, because God is more concerned about how we end our life on earth than how we enjoyed life. He is concerned about our final destination. I think we as Spirit filled Christians, have done wrong in not publically denouncing churches that are doing nothing but affirming sin.  I feel sorry for so many who think they are fine when in reality they are far from God and even further from eternity in heaven. It really is not their fault when so many Biblically uneducated spiritual leaders have not told them the truth. How dreadful it will be one day after death to stand before God and hear Him say “I never knew you. You did not take on the reflection of my Son, Jesus!

The polls say we are almost split on this issue as a nation. I believe it. We have such an orphan spirit in our nation caused by one parent, or even no parent families. We have no idea what a family unit is to look like so we are trying to redefine it to deal with deep rooted issues in individual lives that were never dealt with. We also have a culture driven by sexual content and lust. It is a lust for anything that gratifies the flesh. We are a culture in moral dilemma, driven by the “what feels good” mentality. We have lost being principled, lost our moral compass and lost absolute truths that guide the existence of all things. The eroding of the family structure by redefinition does not change the absolute truth of how God defines it. With so many of our children now caught in “the lifestyle” (that’s what it really is if you think about it), we do not want relationships with them affected so we compromise as an older generation.

If a few want to live in debauchery and sin, then fine, but do not force others to condone or accept it as the new normal. Nor should what has existed from the beginning of time be redefined to allow it. Homosexual lifestyle will always be what it is: sin allowed to come to the full, and deep hurts unhealed. Marriage will always be what God intended as a covenant before Him between two people, one man and one woman!



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