Hold Fast Oh Voices of God

We must not lose heart in this hour. We must not give into the spirit of “dismay.” ( Ezekiel  2:6) We must not allow fathers to consume their sons by undue demands beyond true relationships. And sons to be in a place of consuming their fathers with lives not redeemed in areas. ( Ezekiel 5:10 )Our Faces must be set at this time before cities (Ezekiel 4:3) we must prophecy against it. We must know there is a spirit of deception meeting in cities to plan how to deceive. There are many rebellious in His house and in the nations. (Ezekiel 8:6) We have blown the trumpet to sound the trumpet of preparedness, but not many have responded. ( Ezekiel 7:14) Our nation rest in economic collapse ( Ezekiel 7:12-13).

Though they are rebellious and stiff necked. (Ezekiel 3:14)    Though the idol of music called worship and baal and other abominations that have defiled the temple and made it unholy. ( Ezekiel  8:8-12 ) has not shifted His glory resting over it. It is standing still at times stable, as the throne over whatever transitional place we are at. (Ezekiel 3:23)   It is moving at times, to move us further. (Ezekiel 10:4)

The hand of the Lord is strong upon us. (Ezekiel 3:14)  Stronger than we realize. We can access the courts of heaven of our God. (Ezekiel 8:16)   He has made our foreheads and faces stronger then the faces and foreheads of our enemy. ( Ezekiel 3:8) We will hear his voice, (Ezekiel 3:16)receive his breath (Ezekiel 3:27) and see his glory. (Ezekiel 3: 10) His glory will shift us and move us and finish in us what His dabar over us has declared. (Ezekiel 3:17) We will find the hidden doors of God and revelation and mystery’s will unfold. (Ezekiel 8:8) We have authority over cities (Ezekiel 9:1) As we exercise our authority, then God can move in our cities.

God will siege the cities to the degree we decide to siege the cities. We must prophecy and decree. (Ezekiel 4:7) He will bring coals from the alter and scatter them in our cities. (Ezekiel 10:2)  He will show His glory. (Ezekiel 10:4) We will hear the sounds of heaven. (Ezekiel 10:5)    He will open ancient ways to us. He will open his word as honeycomb to us. (Ezekiel 3:3) He will bring the mark upon our heads, as we cry out against the abominations. (Ezekiel 9:4) He will cleanse, He will speak. He will do as He sees fit.

We must go both in bitterness and the heat of the sprit in this hour. The bitterness of a rebellious house and sinful world, the heat of His spirit burning within us wether they listen or not. ( Ezekiel 3:14) We must eat the roll that he has provided, so a sweetness is in our mouth. ( Ezekiel 3:3)The ancient house of God has not moved or dissolved. Its elders remain. The court is in place. The door of invitation still remains.  Draw near. Come close. Go through. Be marked for God. Be His Voice!!!


1 thought on “Hold Fast Oh Voices of God

  1. “the idol of music called worship” A call to look at our heart: Are we truly entering into worship, an active free will offering of ourselves, or are we consuming the display of someone else’s?

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