Apostles Have Seen the Lord

All apostles have had an encounter with the Lord that forever changed their life. It actually was a requirement in filling the apostolic role left after Judas died. In Acts 1:21 we see they listed the qualifiers they were looking for and one of them was to be a witness of his Resurrection. They choose Mathias. The others were qualified and probably fulfilled apostolic ministry as well, even though there names are never mentioned again. This ministry and apostleship, as verse 25 stated, required specific qualifiers.This same pattern is seen as Paul on the road to Damascus has an encounter with the risen Lord and is started into apostolic ministry. Paul’s encounter was different and his call was different. He was called to “bear Christ name”. Today I ask two questions to those calling themselves apostles. First what are you apostolicing? Second tell me of the encounter you had with the resurrected Christ that started your apostolic ministry.