A Sovereign People

We seem to be missing another ancient path of understanding of the Church. I hope this short blog will begin to bring forth some truth we really need to embrace. I will be taking this blog and expanding upon it for my new book, Restoring Ancient Paths.

We all desire to be like the Church in Acts. We have studied, preached it and tried to make it happen. Yet we seem to fall short every time. We rely on the Holy Spirit and the gifts and have them operational but don’t seem to impact or shift culture. We are having affects but not influences. We are maintaining but not advancing. When we advance is when we see the outpourings, revivals and the great harvest of souls we all desire. Advancing has to have more than moving in gifts. It even has to have more than great faith. It requires a new perspective of how we see God and how we see ourselves in the plan of God.

The early Church had such a perspective. They possessed a willingness to pay any price and go anywhere required in order for the Kingdom to advance. This mindset came down to one thing, sovereignty. They first had a great understanding of how sovereign God is that certain events in time could not be escaped. Not only did God’s sovereignty have spiritual laws that held things in place, but it also had set actions God had predetermined would come into existence. Of course, the birth of Christ after 400 silent years was a sovereign move of God. What they saw and what we see of this moment of time is a totally different viewpoint of this sovereignty.

We see the birth of Christ as sovereign concerning sin, redemption, mercy, grace, God’s love, forgiveness and a new and living way of salvation. They saw that but did not stop there. They also saw it as a set time that had opened, a window of opportunity that they had been invited to go through. They knew a messiah was coming and when He came, they saw they were in a sovereign moment upon the earth. That the birth and resurrection had not ended a season but opened a season. They saw sovereignty not just governing the universe but also managing time- both chronos and kairos. They also saw that it carried assignments and a sovereign or set group of people.

Here is the point. They did not see the sovereignty of God as an event or spiritual law but a co-partnering of God with them. They saw themselves in a sovereign moment and because of that, they were actually a sovereign people: birthed, placed and positioned, like Esther for such a time as this. We love to speak that verse but have little to no concept of the sovereignty behind it. It was God’s plan unfolding through a people. If this is the case, then those people were also mantled with a sovereign grace that holds greater purpose than the daily grind of being a Christian or as a leader leading a group of people. It holds authority to advance. It holds a sense of destiny coming to be fulfilled. It holds a challenge but along with that, a greater understanding of God’s paths and ways. You see, the early Church discovered a sovereign moment, a sovereign grace and a sovereign strategy to fulfill God’s desire upon the earth. They saw themselves as sovereign!

How does this apply to today? Just like in the early Church, they knew one was coming and we too, know a move of God is coming. They had a time of preparation and we are in that season now touching into some things but not yet the fullness of those things. The timing had come to fullness for the early Church and it is about there for us as well. So if we know that what is coming is going to be more than a visitation of God but a dwelling of His Presence, more than ‘feel good’ meetings but life impacting and shifting, then we are saying something sovereign is coming! If that is true, it will require a sovereign people! YOU are that sovereign person put upon the earth for the moment that is upon us now and coming into fullness now.

As I have begun to get the revelation of this, it is giving me a wider and deeper perspective of who I am to God and the importance my life carries. Many of us are like the earlier apostles, pioneering and forerunning. Yes, the move of God is here, the awakening has started, but it is not yet in fullness. It’s much like the apostles sitting at Jesus’ feet, for the most part that’s what we are doing, still getting our teaching and instructions. But then time shifted and they stepped into what the fullness of sovereignty brought: the outpouring and advance of the Kingdom to the world. This revelation truly settles it for me that what I do does carry a truly far reaching weight of glory. It is preparing for something that though we are waiting for it, it is surely coming. It has enabled me to see from a higher perspective. See yourself as a sovereign person and reach into the grace that comes and walk in that fresh grace.

This is just an overview. In my book, I will be showing this in-depth as an ancient path we must restore.


Word For Iowa

I felt lead to share this word for Iowa again in my blog so more people would be able to read it that may have not seen it before. Hear the word of the Lord.

April 11, 2015, Saturday, The Base, Apostle Greg Crawford

I hear the Lord say, Do not look to those far away to come and ignite the fire.  For there will be some that will come and they will begin to ignite some fires, yes, but the fires will be short-lived.  There will be some that will come and they will kindle their own flame for their own fire. And pay no heed to those, for those will die out as well.  For I will raise up those within this state, says the Lord, that will be carriers of the flame and they will be the ones of fire that will go forth.  And they will sustain that which I am about to bring forth into the earth.  They have the investment of the land hidden in their heart.  And they will sustain that. And they will fight for it, war over it and they will rejoice for it to see it come forth into fullness.  So do not heed those that would come from afar, for they will only bring a certain degree of my flame.  But I am, even in this hour, raising up those from within, raising them from the very dirt and the dust, says the Lord, to carry the flame.

And when my prophets come in the month of June, they will finalize that which shall be.  For you think even in this hour that the new season begins in 7 days, but I say it begins even this night. For this night I begin to break forth the new season upon you, says the Lord. And when my prophets come in June they will finalize the season that is now beginning to break forth.  And you will come into your destiny and purpose that you have longed for and struggled to understand.  Many have even abandoned the destiny and purpose that lies before them thinking it is here or it is there, thinking they can go and be a flame in another place where they have no investment of the land in their heart.  But I say unto you, for those who have remained steadfast and faithful, that have endured the shame and the chastisement of many, the ridicule and the rejection of much, I will raise you up to be the messengers of fire and flame and you will sustain that which is about to break forth.

For the next 90 days I will begin to formulate something in you of great substance and great wealth.  Something that has been set aside, placed in your heart, hidden along the way that others have even tried to take and discourage you from seeing.  But what I am going to do, says the Lord, no man will stop.  And you have seen the beginning of it in other places that have longed for it.  And you have heard the reports in other places and regions and said, “Oh God, why can it not be here?  Why can it not be us?” And you have allowed the enemy to come and convince you to steal your inheritance from you, to cause you to be in faithlessness. But I say, only believe me, only believe me, only believe me.  And I shall cause these things to come, says the Lord, only believe me.  Let your doubt and despair be pushed aside. Do not be dismayed. Do not let hopelessness control your heart.  Do not let your soul or your mind begin to dictate to your spirit. But let your spirit rise in this hour and see me in new heights and new ways.  Let your spirit come before me and I will begin to tell you the mysteries of the kingdom that have been hidden for this age that is now breaking forth.  For don’t you know the eternal realm is breaking in upon you?  And that which is everlasting shall be everlasting and it will remain everlasting even when the temporal has disappeared.  For that for which you are laboring and working for is that which is of everlasting,  that which is the essence of who I am, the essence of my very being, my Spirit.

And I say unto you, Come, rise. Come and rise and take your places, Mighty Warriors, and as men and women of God that have been chosen for this time and season of the earth. For the assignment that lies before you, for the depths of what it would be. Your understanding does not have to be complete for my Wisdom shall make up the lack.  The utterance of my Spirit will give the Breath and it will confront the hearts of men and they will turn in a moment of time.  And you will see the wickedness of men’s hearts.  But you will see the hope of that which is eternal land upon the wickedness in the heart and begin to dissolve it and remove it and cause it to spring forth in a new life.

There are many in this hour that I am pulling and dealing with. And I am looking and longing for the place where people have come after me and my Presence to such a degree that they will not allow anything to hinder their walk or their belief or their understanding of what I could do.  I say, because of what I am about to do is bigger than what you have dreamed of, and it is bigger than what you think you can contain, and it is bigger than what you can plan for.  For I say there is even coming a season where that which you have as a building and as a place will not contain what I am about to do.  No matter how large you begin to grow and build and plan and scheme.  For what I do will require you to step out into areas that are not even your very own.  And I will cause you to go forth into places people will begin to call and an understanding into why they have called the outcome of what will be in the journey you are about to go on.

And the prophets that come will begin to make known that which is in my heart in a new way. And you will begin to see things and your faith begin to be ignited.  And it will pull others in like a big vacuum and a whirlwind. And the fire of the whirlwind will come and it will begin to burn the dross and the chaff out of people’s lives.  And, even as tonight, out of your very heart there is beginning to be a burning of the chaff that is there that lies within.  There’s a burning of the dross that has risen to the top and is skimming off.  There is coming the refiner’s Fire and the Fuller’s Soap. And I will cleanse the outside and cleanse that which is within.  And there will be purity in my house once again and holiness will be established.  For these are the things I am beginning to bring forth in the earth.  And this is what will cause the outcast to come.  This is what will cause the ones of hopelessness to come because they will see the purity that is upon my people and they will know there is hope once again.  They will know there is a God in the earth that is concerned with the affairs and the intentions of men’s hearts.  There is a God that has answers and I will be the answer for them.   It will not be you but it will be me.  And I will bring that which is eternal into their heart.  And the joy of salvation will begin to spring into the earth once again.  And the harvest will come forth and it will not be lost.  For it will be brought in, and it will be thrown into the wind, and the chaff will blow away. And the Refiner will come and purify what remains and the end will be.

♪ For I say it is a season, it is a season to call forth that which has not been seen.  It is a season to call forth that which you have only dreamed of.  It is a season, a season to call forth with the sound of heaven in your voice.  It is a season that I shall do things that you have never even dreamed of or thought of or even considered.  And I will become your God in a new way, a new and living way, and it will even overtake you at times and you will not know what to do with my Spirit resting upon you except to yield and to give in and say, “Yes, God, here I am.  Send me.” ♪

For I say, this is a season of something new coming.  There are some even in this room, says the Lord. You have not had your encounter with me that has shifted your heart.  I say, I am coming for your heart to encounter you that you could encounter me.  Just pursue me a little longer. Pursue me a little deeper. Pursue me just a little more and I will come in a very unexpected way.  You will see that I have come into your life and the encounter will begin and the understanding will come and Wisdom will set in.  For those who will carry this flame will have my Wisdom as their portion.  My Wisdom will rest upon sons and daughters.  It will rest upon fathers and mothers in new ways.

Observation – The Holy Spirits Fresh Breath!

I wanted to write a different kind of blog today. It is about some observations I’m seeing more than a teaching. We all are still seemingly waiting for a sustained move of God and I want to encourage all that it is both happening now and yet to appear. First, I would say in the last few weeks a transition has occurred. There is something new that has unfolded. Greater expectation. Greater hope. An increase in dreams and God speaking in the night. The next level of revelation is beginning and changes of delivery of it. Hunger in People where there once wasn’t. We are seeing pockets of movement and also pockets of preparation for what is coming. I see God in His providential way working through some pockets of people seeing revival type meetings while others are not, but all are a deep work of the Spirit. The outpouring meetings we see starting are only a foretaste of what is coming and have been brought to encourage the remnant company to contend and continue to contend.

The more we contend without seeing the results we desire, the more we will steward, appreciate and sustain the sovereign move of God when it appears. I think we do not realize that which we are pursuing of God’s sovereign hand coming will not just be a move of God but will be the end of an age and the beginning of an eternal age fully appearing. This is the real contending and why the resistance has been so relentless. But I do see the opening of heaven enlarging over places and the remnant no longer being pushed back, but pushing back. The focus of many is shifting from what the enemy is doing to what the Lord is doing. This is the shift from the temporal perspective to the eternal. Those looking at what the enemy is doing are still in an old mindset and show no real vision of the future, the Kingdom or what is emerging. This is seeing in the natural and not seeing in the Spirit.

There is a division occurring in this moment. The Church age is fighting against the Kingdom age. It is like the days of Christ; a Pharisee’s system is in place, lifelessly holding to itself while the Kingdom is before them. The Kingdom is about to come with signs that will begin to confront. Signs that will show forth Kingdom principles and dynamics that will create hunger again in those lost in church-dom. Revelation has come but application and activation of it is slow in being walked out. Yet we are in a season of acceleration. The acceleration is the Spirit’s wind knowing what is coming is truly coming and will not be delayed. It is like a time line is unfolding to get to a finish line.

There are three groups of people in this hour: forerunner pioneer voices of awakening and an eternal age coming. These are visionaries who have revelation concerning the new and living way that is here. They are challenging others to live in holiness and passion for His presence. Their scope is wider than a local gathering and if they are only at that place, they will become frustrated. The second group is a remnant of sold out ones being trained to sustain the awakening. They are grass roots people more Spirit led than by emotions, doctrine, or being part of a collective (unless it’s Spirit led). They are paying a price to be positioned for the future yet their positioning will do two things: first it will sustain the awakening and second it will not allow the harvest to be spoiled. Many of them will be called out to lead and disciple when all things begin to unfold. The third group of course, is those that do not recognize Kingdom dynamics. They are the ones receiving the blessing of the Kingdom without truly understanding the Kingdom. They are in the church as we currently know it and also the group that is not born again. This group has the remnant within it and prodigals as well.  We are seeing some of these now exiting this grouping and coming into the second group. As prodigals, they never fit the structures and now they are seeing that they fit the Kingdom. The challenge right now is finding them. I am beginning to see that they are finding us!

As God is bringing forth this awakening, it is coming from the ‘bottom’ up. It is not coming from major voices or leaders. In all honesty, the prophetic words coming in this hour that are carrying the most weight are more regional than national. They are more invested and prayed into an area and thus the prophetic word given carries more weight. These words are touching more of the current moment and cross over regions as it is relatable to other areas that are in sync with the Spirit’s activity.

We are seeing that we must be able to move with the Spirit in the moment of time we find ourselves in. This means abandoning our preconceived planned message and patterns of services we are doing. As great as the prophetic and creative flow worship has become, we now must bring this same type of flow in preaching and ministry. This is the training of the Spirit currently beginning as it is also necessary and part of our future. Teaching is moving away from corporate gatherings with worship, etc. to times of set intentional instruction. Corporate gatherings are to be free flowing with activation into function while teaching moments are more discipling outside of these times. Preaching is now coming forth (not from notes) but from the wells of the Spirit’s deposit. A new life giving flow in delivery is occurring that is confronting hearts. Teaching then comes to disciple those hearts. This is the new pattern that is emerging. It will bring forth the holiness preachers and “old time revivalist” types of old. But with instruction in place, people will be able to receive the message of change knowing they can get help and answers through the discipling means.

We are becoming more aware of the spiritual realm than ever before. We are seeing more and more signs in the sky such as images in clouds, angels being caught on film and other supernatural events. We are seeing attempts (though some are doctrinally incorrect) in films being produced. There is spiritual hunger in people in this hour. Much of the fantasy and what I call “spiritual woo” is diminishing and greater maturity is occurring. We are becoming more aware of Presence over program, character and nature of God, and His breath over anointings. There are more visions and dreams coming forth and most are more easily discerned and understood than times past. It seems clarity is now upon us and is helping us to more easily find the path than in times past. God is fine tuning us in this hour, both aligning and causing us to come into His frequency from heaven.

As Kingdom centers, etc. are now emerging and are far more relational than conferences, we will see a shifting of these regional centers begin to replace the need of conferences. People will come to centers to receive instruction and also accountability with that instruction. The impact will become greater and the emerging Ecclesia will be seen coming forth from or relating to these places. We are seeing strong voices that used to just speak in conferences now beginning to come into these smaller venues to minister. It also is a developing place for new emerging voices. Each of these centers is unique. Just like the members of the Body are not the same, so are the expressions of each of these centers. They draw from a region instead of a city. There is struggle with finances right now with emerging centers but as soul ties and obligations are dealt with by the Spirit, a release of both support and commitment will begin to come forth. The value being given will demand an honor to be shown in return. This next transition for the current centers will cause others to see what is being offered and to take notice. The outcome will be greater influence and shifting again of the Body to participate.

Many in this hour are transitioning from church to apostolic or Kingdom churches. Others are transitioning from houses of prayer to Kingdom centers while others are changing from old structure churches to training centers. The main thing is that it seems all in the flow of the Spirit are transitioning in some way. The main problem is trying to define the new thing with old mindset and thinking. We must know what truth is being emphasized by God in this moment. We also must know what past words we are still to carry into the new assignments. This does not mean past words are void but may have had conditions that were not fulfilled in some way. We must also know church-dom is influencing us more than we think and is making it hard for us to think out of the box. Even our terminology is being redefined. The answer is again to see things through Kingdom perspectives and dynamics. All hard questions can only be answered through Kingdom thinking.

All the transitions we currently see are preparation for what is coming. A shifting of ages, a shifting of leadership is now underway, a shifting of functions, a shifting from churches and houses of prayer to healing rooms and Kingdom centers. A shifting from one man to team ministry, from locked potential to released potential. From dreams and desires unattainable to becoming fully realized. It indeed is a tremendous moment to be placed upon the earth! It is actually an honor God has placed upon us to steward these things, be these things, and do these things!

God and Marriage


Marching in France today to maintain Traditional Marriage!

With the Supreme Court deciding to affirm or disband traditional marriage and knowing how controversial it is, I decided to blog on it. There are actually 2 distinct issues, one is economic and the other is a moral issue. To redefine marriage for economic reasons puts God into second place in focus over economic decisions. God defines marriage between one man and one woman. The first mandate God gave Adam and Eve was to be fruitful and multiply. This model is how all Christianity is expressed and the principles of relationship with a creator are exercised through.

To say ‘I have rights’ is true as in our constitution, our rights are given by our Creator, the problem is we are trying to redefine what those rights are. Rights are not defined by courts nor law but by the Creator. To redefine the rights He gives is to redefine who He is!

It is amazing that for economic reasons we want to redefine a moral issue. The moral issue is defined Biblically and is looked upon as unnatural for a man to be with a man and a woman to be with a woman. God destroyed cities and judged nations for these actions in the past. He said it was so unnatural that animals did not do these things, who have no ability of reason and only natural desire to repopulate their species. Are we becoming lower than animals? It is an issue of lust, sin, and desires not checked. It is reinforced by a society that has no moral compass. It is defined by a culture of selfishness.

I know there are many homosexuals professing to be Christians. There is no way they understand God or the things of God. They may have had a type of encounter with God and may believe in God but could not really know God. To be born again means the things of the past, sin and its desire are being purged out. It is not an excuse or intellectual ascent to justify a behavior that is not scriptural and goes against the first principles of God. There is no such thing as a Gay Christian, maybe a Gay believer who is in the process of transformation, but the fruit if their life will bear that out. The fruit of leaving past lifestyles and desires and aligning with God’s word. The same with any church that accepts this behavior, it is not a church by the biblical definition that Jesus used. Just because the name has ‘church’ in it does not mean they are part of God’s Church. We have clouded the concept of loving people to mean I have to accept their sin and make room for it. Is homosexual behavior really Holy? Jesus had violent love and made some harsh statements to many, in love, because God is more concerned about how we end our life on earth than how we enjoyed life. He is concerned about our final destination. I think we as Spirit filled Christians, have done wrong in not publically denouncing churches that are doing nothing but affirming sin.  I feel sorry for so many who think they are fine when in reality they are far from God and even further from eternity in heaven. It really is not their fault when so many Biblically uneducated spiritual leaders have not told them the truth. How dreadful it will be one day after death to stand before God and hear Him say “I never knew you. You did not take on the reflection of my Son, Jesus!

The polls say we are almost split on this issue as a nation. I believe it. We have such an orphan spirit in our nation caused by one parent, or even no parent families. We have no idea what a family unit is to look like so we are trying to redefine it to deal with deep rooted issues in individual lives that were never dealt with. We also have a culture driven by sexual content and lust. It is a lust for anything that gratifies the flesh. We are a culture in moral dilemma, driven by the “what feels good” mentality. We have lost being principled, lost our moral compass and lost absolute truths that guide the existence of all things. The eroding of the family structure by redefinition does not change the absolute truth of how God defines it. With so many of our children now caught in “the lifestyle” (that’s what it really is if you think about it), we do not want relationships with them affected so we compromise as an older generation.

If a few want to live in debauchery and sin, then fine, but do not force others to condone or accept it as the new normal. Nor should what has existed from the beginning of time be redefined to allow it. Homosexual lifestyle will always be what it is: sin allowed to come to the full, and deep hurts unhealed. Marriage will always be what God intended as a covenant before Him between two people, one man and one woman!



I wanted to write a personal blog today. We all have just got done with Christmas and this year seemed to be more special in the midst of heartache. With my wife’s dad passing a few weeks prior to and then 4 days prior to Christmas I did her grandmas funeral, has caused again the evaluation of life.

Family is what is most important and this year seemed to be a greater appreciation of each other. I enjoyed my kids being home more than ever. Having all of us together is a great joy and maybe one of the greatest.  Memories flooded me this year of years ago, as I reflected on the struggles of raising 3 teenage boys, launching a ministry and trying to hold balance. In some ways you want to relive certain times to do things different and in other places to be able to hide the memories deeper. As you’re around your grown kids you see the places you should have shored up, but you also see the great accomplishments you made with the core values they carry. Even though their life might not be where you want it to be, the core values will eventually get them there.

As we all get older we see that life is more fragile than we care to admit. The moments seem to tic by into years and suddenly you realize there is not that much time left. We re-evaluate thinking looking backward will possible fix things now, but evaluation is not to see the wrong but the right we have done. Re-evaluating is actually the looking to see the road markers that solidifies we are on the right path in life and decisions.

We need to be living each moment to the “fullness of life”.  As a Christian the new life we each has been given is to leave lasting impact on others. For myself there seems to always be so much crowding in, taking precious moments that cannot be given back unless the Lord redeems the time. So many make demands on me and sometimes the demands are not necessary. It is time to only do what I am really to do. I see so much untapped potential in myself and have decide I must crowd out the distractions and begin to crowd into the untapped areas. It is time my later years far exceed the former and a greater weight of glory I would carry.

Comparison of Congregation Verses Apostolic Center

This was such   good teaching I decidedd to post my notes from listeing to it. May we all gain understanding.

Comparisons of

Congregation Church to Apostolic Center

By Peter Wagner Sept 2012

The Apostolic reformation is now growing faster than the world population. This movement actually started in Africa around 1900 as churches moved from denominational oversight to independent African Churches. Current Apostolic Kingdom Centers are moving to the forefront to become places of regional impact. Denominational structures are territorial. Apostolic Centers are regional. Apostolic Centers are hubs for other like faith churches and ministries. All things in the following charts are not black and white but are Peter Wagner’s observations of ideals and patterns that have emerged.

Congregation (typical church)

Apostolic Center (Ecclesia)


Reflects inward dynamic

Reflects outward dynamic


Pastor    – cares for needs

Apostle – mobilizes people


Elders supervise the pastor

Final authority a group

Elders support the Apostle

Final authority – Apostle


Little authority designated to people

Large amounts of authority designated   to people.


Pastors and teachers

Apostle Prophet Pastors teachers evangelist


Pastor Employee

Apostle lifetime leader


Leadership style is conformity

Leadership style is creativity


Rules/ followers

Expression/ risk takers


Tries to not make mistakes

Plans for mistakes


Mono Task



One speaker

Many speakers


On the congregation

On the kingdom


Self and the structure

People connected with the kingdom


Self centered = small vision

Kingdom centered = large vision


One mountain forming culture –   religious

All 7 mountains forming culture


Pastor supports the church

Center supports the Apostle


All social expectations must be meet,   worship, prayer, care, etc. This comes natural.

All social expectations must be meet,   worship, prayer, care, etc. This must be worked at.


Fellowship groups

Ecclesia, legislative body


More passive and peaceful, weaker

More aggressive and stronger


Petition, self needs

Decreeing and Kingdom needs


Avoid demonic confrontation

Creates demonic confrontation


Intimacy, bedroom type, loveaholics

Throne room, productive, workaholics


Planned out, love songs

Free flowing Throne room songs





Interpret the written word

Written word and prophecy


Maintenance decided by committee

Advancement decided by apostle


Saints trained to fit into program

Saints trained to find destiny


Jobs assigned by gift

Gift creates opportunity


By people you meet

By common vision


Culture War

We all see the culture war occurring in front of us daily. We hear reports, have discussions and form our opinions how to resolve things. Many Christians fight for cultural preferences as if they are heaven or hell, or eternal issues. Then when we bring forth things of the kingdom we don’t fight for these or absolute truth with the same passion and we wonder why the church is losing the culture war. We are not only not relevant, but have allowed the culture around us, by our own voice, to be most relevant .

As Children of God we are not fighting for political gains, cultural influences or even to change culture. We are to be children first of a spiritual political group call the Ecclessia of the Kingdom. We are to be part of an economic group called the Blessed of God. Philippians says our conversation is in Heaven. The word conversation means business, conduct, administration, and employment. We are to be concerned about the economy of God, which is the spiritual well being of Gods Kingdom on the earth and how it influences the hearts of men. We are to bring the influences of the Kingdom of God and allow truth to influence first the culture of the individual heart, to the point of it bringing cultural change because of the internal kingdom shifts within those hearts.  We can easily see this pattern in scripture as people abandoned idols, changed religious practices and changed their values, and what they spent their lives on as truth prevailed in their hearts and caused cultural shifts in their lives. When enough of the masses shifted individually we then saw a cultural shift within a nation. This is a spirtual awakening and not convincing words of mans wisdom. This pattern is in scripture and in human history.

The real war is not about political or economic agendas. The real war of culture right now is if the Kingdom of God will hold influence in the earth and if the souls of men will be influenced by it. It is a war between good and evil. Between darkness and light. It is a war between the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. A war between the breath of God or the breath of man. It is a war of waht our focus is, what is temporal and passing or what is eternal and everlasting.

What Does God Say?

Today I woke up fighting overwhelming discouragement. I have fought this before but today it was so much stronger than any time in the past. As I wrestled with this, the desire to just quit was the thing I was fighting. I was remembering the prophetic words over my life. The mandate for the state the Lord had spoken. I was also reflecting on the suffering over the years and the things I have had to endure. I know another race is in front of me. Do I have the strength to run it? Will the words be fulfilled or would another end up finishing for me? Am I truly a wise master builder? If others are not running with me I just don’t know if I can do this next leg. Where are the prophets who are to be standing alongside me?  Will anyone run with me? Am I going alone? I know what God has said but it sure seems to be not unfolding. I guess today like David I must encouragement myself again in the Lord.

As I started to write this and got the first paragraph typed out the phone rings. A prophet from another state calls me directed by God to call at that exact moment. He speaks prophetically to me for 20 minutes. He knows nothing and I have had no conversation with him for some time. He starts by a warning of the prophetic attack now started against those young ones under me. (confirming what God was showing me last night)That I have been appointed to pray for them (God spoke this in the night for me to step things up)and this is why I today have felt such an attack.  He speaks the exact scripture God called me with Luke 4:18. He speaks of who I am to minister to. He sees a vision and gives this to me. He speaks of the forerunner call, the investment of God and the Holiness needed. (Holiness is my focus and God is giving me much deep revelation on it recently).  When it is all done the discouragement is lifted and I am ready to face the day.

Some times when we hit the wall like this God steps in and bring you back on course. He knows what we can endure and the breaking point as well. He also can send anyone, at anytime, from any distance, to speak directly to us with a sure word, on time and filled with Him. If you are fighting discouragement God knows your heart and he will send His voice to you once again. He will never give up on the destiny of our lives. It is the carnal mind that fights against God. The warfare rest there. Let your heart connect with His heart and there will be no room for discouragement.