Dealing with Traumas 

I had this written before the recent Tornados that hit Kentucky. The trauma they are experiencing is beyond comprehension. The loss of life, property, dreams, heritage and a how daily life was done, is a trauma that takes time for healing to occur. In these kinds overwhelming situations you will go through all the stages of loss: grieving, anger, despair and a host of other things. It is hard for those who know the Lord and the hope and peace He can bring. I honestly don’t know how anyone can have that strong of a will to make it without Him. I wrote this blog to deal with the daily issues of life more so than the catastrophes of life. I hope some of this will be applicable to both. 

There is a lot going on in culture. There are two types of things I see prevalent in the church culture right now. First is the denial of problems, pain, disease etc. It is like if we deny, it doesn’t exist. This is coming from the belief of positive confession etc. Negative things do exist and not calling it by name does not make it go away. The faith movement has made us go to an extreme of not admitting to what we are facing. Denial does make it any less real and can mask something to never be addressed. This denial thinking is not very well accepted by the emerging generation as it is not authentic. 

The second is the over focus on the problem of trauma, depression, anxiety, and a host of other societal problems. This has led to a cultural acceptance in the church that it’s ok to not be whole. Again, an honest evaluation, but not a Godly or biblical perspective. Jesus did not just heal, but made whole to the degree the effects caused by the problem were reversed as if they never occurred. But the over emphasis on trauma can create a self-destructive path and a non-deliverance mindset. The problem is real, but its magnitude is more than the answer. The focus is on self and feelings than faith and freedom. This focus on the problem more than the solution is not very well accepted by an older generation who will say “just get over it.” Which is coming from the first mindset of denying it. This position is not accepted by an older generation who has endured much. 

So, we are sitting in two different philosophies and approaches. But both have many things in common. Both approaches do not bring wholeness to the issues. Both do not have a solid pathway to resolve. Both have faith involved to a degree, but not true authentic Biblical faith. But what is positive is both have a desire to be walking in freedom as an outcome. 

We all have things we will go through in life. I see three areas of roots causes of trauma. 

  1. First, some are just life issues due to living in a sin filled world that we feel the effects of. Unredeemed man and man’s greed and pride can come into play. These can create all kinds of abuses from others. Rape, deception in business, murder, revenge, corrupt governments, unfair situations. We can create a  lengthy list. It is the unredeemed areas of men, acted upon. These are external processes that affect a person’s life.
  1. Second, other things are our own poor decisions and responses that have caused our problems. These things create a self-induced calamity that can become a false identity and an ongoing cycle of trauma, or life events that are detrimental to our emotional and mental health. These are emotional and psychological areas that come as defense mechanisms to cope with or not cope at all. These decisions are not being responsible for our choices which have repercussions. These can create “loops” of thinking and lead us to a self-deceived state the Bible speaks of. These are internal processes. 
  1. And finally, that which seems unexplainable or makes just no sense. These things are demonic or have demonic roots. This would be the demonic attacks to slow us down, distract us and cause confusion in faith. I have experienced all of these and I’m sure you have to. But we give too much credit to demonic things and deny the first two sources. I have had my dark times in life, but I decided to not live in the darkness and allowed the light of God’s deliverance to come in. These are supernatural processes. 

At times it can become confusing as it appears all three are at work at the same time. That can be true. The demonic forces bring things to shift our faith. The same time demonic forces move upon the evil in men’s hearts to create situations that affect us. We then make decisions emotionally and intellectually more so than spiritually lead. So, what is the balance we need?

We need to not deny our problems or the problems of others, but face them from  a biblical perspective. This emerging generation needs to be taught, not denial, but how to walk out life and still find rest during the storms. We were not promised a life of ease but a life of overcoming. But to overcome there first must be a battle, or something we must gain victory over. This is where the older generation should be quick to train and encourage rather than judge or give a quick answer without investment. 

We must walk out the problems by facing them and finding solutions. For some they seek a counselor, therapist, or an emotional health person to help them deal with things. These can help, but the only way to truly be free is to allow God to deliver, heal and make whole by restoration. Lazarus was dead and Jesus called him asleep first, but because the people couldn’t go there in understanding, he finally said, “He is dead.” Jesus came to change the life calamity with light and life. His perspective was positive, not negative. Others were sick or demonized and Jesus recognized the condition, and then addressed the thing holding people bound. What is needed is a perspective from God, not ourselves. From the potential of faith which exceeds our understanding. If we don’t shift into a position of faith, then things will hold a grip on us, a grip that is more intellectual, and emotional based on the current condition and not the future. 

When I came into the kingdom many years ago, there was not any of the counseling things we have today. If you had a problem or anxiety, depression or any type of emotional problem you and God worked it out. Your dependency grew on God until you had a breakthrough. You were also dependent strongly on the spiritual community you engaged in to stand with you, hold you accountable and walk out healing with you. It made us closer and more connected in heart. No one journeyed in trauma alone. We had emotions, we had feelings, but it was our faith in God that caused breakthrough. We didn’t deny, but lived above things, knowing God was our breakthrough.

God is near those who are broken-hearted. God does not draw close to just bring comfort, but comes to resolve or bring change. Every time Jesus was near those broken hearted, he brought a shift into their lives. Jesus is the agent of change, and his involvement will always produce change. Like all healing it is God who is the ultimate healer. He has allowed healing to come by all kinds of ways. He uses doctors, people, loved ones, friends, and even kids at times. All are relationships and that is what we experienced in my early years. Someone in my  Christian circle could be carrying your answer. If you are out of fellowship, you could be delaying your answer. I have seen this happen constantly, that an answer was given in a meeting, but the person wasn’t there and never heard it, so they struggled until the answer came again later in the future. 

Some emotional traumas are how others have treated us physically and emotionally, abusing us. Those require healing, time and seeing God step in to make us whole again. Many other emotional traumas we face come because of what we hear or assumptions we make. We are quick to allow our mind to imagine all kinds of fantasy. I had a spiritual daughter come to my office and demand I tell her who was talking about her behind her back. I told her, “No one.” After about 20 minutes of arguing she would not back down. I told her, “O.K. I’ll tell you who is talking about you, there is only one person and it’s you!” Sometimes we make things bigger than they are. We also hear in ways that come from past hurts so what we hear may not be completely accurate. It really comes down to not what we hear but how we hear. A person may be accusing but it may be coming from their own insecurity or hurts. It’s how we hear their voice in the accusation. Do we hear the accusation or the hurt it comes from? 

Jesus said in the parables to be careful “How” we hear. The problem is not hearing God’s voice but distinguishing it with confidence  from all other voices. There are five voices affecting our spiritual ears.

  1. God’s voice – which can be a still small voice
  2. Man’s voices, the flesh – your desires and emotions
  3. Voice of reason – your intelligence
  4. The voice of conscience – your sense of knowing right from wrong
  5. Satan’s voice – deception 

All of these have certain familiarities to them. We are most familiar with our intellect and our conscious. Then our voice or emotions, then satan’s, and finally God’s. As you see God’s voice is at the end and the other voices are entertained. If we create a new order of God’s voice first the outcome becomes; our conscience will submit to it, our intellect will embrace it, our desires and emotions will yield to it, and Satan’s voice will be diminished or gone. 

As I said, we all go through traumatic events in life due to one of the three reasons. We are not going to avoid it. It’s how we negotiate the moment and what voices we are allowing to dictate and form us during it and afterward. You can tell by this story how I negotiated the three areas and the five voices. 

I can remember being clinically depressed for over a year. I was transitioning into the apostolic from the prophetic and I had not heard God’s voice for a year. I also was denied any ministry role everywhere I turned, and leaders were pitting people against me. I was hearing all the voices, but the most important, God’s. I was trying to sort out what decisions I had made that were wrong (there weren’t any). And I was living in others unredeemed responses and oversight in my life. I knew the enemy was trying to stop me at every turn and constantly spoke to me about failure, unqualified, rejected, no value and would never find my purpose, identity or do anything of any value for God. I fought all the voices, all the influences, and still wasn’t having break-through. During it, my youngest son died and was pronounced dead in the hospital. I got the call and instead of conscious or emotions or intellect or even the voice of Satan dictating, I allowed God’s voice already in my spirit to rise. Remember, I was in a deep depression and hadn’t heard God’s voice for a year. But His voice was still in me, just buried in the mud of everything. I told the devil he could take everything, but wouldn’t take my son. Not a tear, not a fear, not a voice of reason, but the gift of faith came to me. I went to the hospital and raised him off the table 2 hours after he had died. You see, denying the other voices has given my son from that day (Dec 2) 30 more years of life so far. Which could have been for me, to live in 30 years of trauma instead. It came down to a decision I had to make concerning God’s role in my life. 

I know this short teaching doesn’t cover every unique detail, but I will say I have helped people work through all kinds of abuse, trauma, suffering, rejection, mental stresses, emotional upheaval etc. all thinking in the moment there is no way I’ll ever get free. Yet they all did. Some in a few weeks and others many years. You can avoid future things by hearing God, and you can heal from past things by God speaking into you. Everyone is only a guide to healing, be it emotional, mental, or physical. But the bottom line is, God is the one who brings the wholeness. All those things do not define who you are to God and what you can do for Him upon the earth. There are many things to bring wholeness, but dealing with the voices is a main hurdle to overcome and will help in the entire process. I hope this helps you break free from a cycle you may be in, and I also hope it helps you heal from past hurts.



This will not be an in-depth teaching on deliverance. But I want to speak to what we are seeing because there is a greater level of demonic influence leading to more deliverances being conducted. This is due to several things. Culturally we are more accepting of people acting out. We must be aware of is as the true church arises, demonized people deep down want to be free and will seek out those places that bring freedom. This is what is bringing a new awareness to deliverance. My concern is seeing a repeat of many years ago of a lot of confusion in deliverance that finally leveled out as it matured. We seem to be repeating this again in some circles as deliverance ministry is new to many recent believers. I have seen believers who are still walking our deliverance or in need of deliverance trying to conduct deliverance on other people. We are planning to do a full conference in this area in the near future to help instruct people.

With so much attention on deliverance and so many “Experts” I decide to write into this subject to help bring some clarity. First what qualifies me? Let me give you some history and then Ill speak to some of the things going on.

I have always been involved in deliverance minsitry. It started when I was 6 months old in the Lord in 1979. Many people were getting delivered from drugs, and a huge number of other things and we had many demons manifesting. These deliverance went on for many years. We eventually did mission trips into West Africa in 1992 and went to the location were all the witchcraft in West Africa originated. Along the way we confront a village of four hundred witches, saw demonized monkeys, saw witches saved and delivered, and a typical night would do 2-300 full blown deliverances in a meeting. In 2000 I went into Nigeria and dealt with witchcraft at new levels. Witches behead people in anger that I as an apostle and had come into the area. I have seen curses broken, eyes regenerated where there were empty sockets, hearing come back, sunken skulls pop out, plagues dissolve, women be able to conceive, broke the power of water gods who impregnated women, and I had to take authority over a witch doctor who astral projected into my bedroom once. There are many curses put by witches. In one place a death in an intersection happened weekly because the witches had put a curse on it. I took 300 pastors, stopped the traffic broke the curse and until this day no deaths. These are only a few things ill share as most people in the western church wouldn’t believe or would acknowledge how real it can truly be.

In the states I have cleaned out homes where demons were being seen. In one home they were turning on the water faucet. In another they were seen walking around in the night. Our ministry was birthed doing deliverance as over sixty cult people got saved and went through ongoing deliverance. We had daily walk-in deliverances as well for 12 years. We confronted strong holds over families, broke generational curses, and took out a couple primary principalities. We have seen people levitate, contort and just about any kind of manifestation.

But what makes me most qualified to address some of the things I see is not just my experience in these areas, but my current position in the Lord as an apostle, father, leader, and biblical student of the word. There is a grace to bring order and see authority be effective.

There Is a lot of people in this hour doing a lot of deliverances with what I can see either a mix of understanding or a lack of understanding due to immaturity. There is a great need for deliverance minsitry, but it needs to be done in a right way and order. Demons are very stealthy and slick. Demonic spirits will point the finger at others and accuse them of the very thing they are doing. The main strongest demonic spirits will sacrifice other demons in a deliverance so they can remain hidden. So, you need to move based on what your spirit knows not what you observe. My greatest concern in this hour that we are repeating is the sensationalizing of the demonic and the over focusing and fixating that occurs. Jesus rebuked the disciples talking so much about demonic forces instead of talking life giving conversations. As deliverance is occurring right now, and I’m really concerned about how many are modeling how it should be done.

Mercy Deliverance

To me God will deliver people when deliverance is done in ignorance and without much knowledge. I call this Gods mercy on a person. In many ways this deliverance is very pure as all the motives are gone and the simple innocent desire for someone to be free remains. The person doing the deliverance may not have much knowledge or understanding. They may not have ever been around deliverance. But the great desire they have for the person to be free and the love they have for the person will free them. God loves people so much he will deliver them despite our techniques or understanding. Sometimes God heals people the same way. Sometimes God simply delivers the person without someone doing deliverance on the person.

Showmanship Deliverance

This is deliverance that draws a lot of attention to the demon itself and the person doing the deliverance. Talking to demons, getting its name or history etc. does nothing to facilitate the deliverance and is not needed. Jesus asked for the name once and Legion responded. This was not to create a deliverance doctrine but to show the strength of the authority of casting demons out no matter the vast number. Showman’s ship deliverance sensationalizes deliverance and can empower the demon as attention is being given to it. Afterall demons do lie and will tell you things you want to hear. This type of deliverance is not done in love and desire for the person but for the one doing the deliverance to be known. This kind of deliverance can be lengthy and drawn out. It also can be very traumatizing for the one being delivered. It has a lot of confusion, chaos and many voices. Many times, there is not a set person leading the deliverance but an entire gang.

I understand there is much zeal, and that zeal may come out without much control being present. But this is about the person being free more than my own self expressions. In other words, many times showmanship deliverance is done for bragging rights and to create a following. God will still deliver a person even if the motive of the deliver is wrong. This can cause people to think this is the correct way, after all a result happened. But there is a more excellent way. The way of love.  

Training in Deliverance

To me training deliverance is when a person wants to learn deliverance minsitry but has lots of struggles doing the deliverance. The only real way to learn deliverance is by actually doing it. This means you will make mistakes and struggle in some areas. Being with a seasoned person will help you through the journey. This is how I have always trained deliverance people. You can teach the areas understanding is needed in, but the actual application is when the real training begins. Jesus sent the disciples out and when they came back, he told them what had happened. No one should ever do deliverance by themselves and should always have at least one other person. When in West Africa we had over three hundred people manifesting, ripping their cloths off, smashing their heads into trees etc. We had to tie them up with ropes. The Pastors did not know how to do deliverance, so we showed them how and trained about twenty pastors as they did it.

Biblical Deliverance

Let me say this as I start this area. People perish for lack of knowledge. We need several things to be effective in deliverance. I’m not going to cover this as an all-inclusive teaching but a simple addressing the need for understanding. You can accomplish anything with love, even if you’re lacking. Love covers a multitude of sins, short comings and inadequacies.

With Biblical deliverance you need four things in deliverance. Know your authority. Use your faith. Hear the Holy Spirit. Rightly discern the spirits. Everything else is a bonus but not needed to be affective. You don’t need to know a list of demons and their attributes. You don’t need the demon to talk to you and tell you things because everything is probably a lie. You don’t need an exorcism cross, or holy water. You don’t need a demon to thrust about or scream to have a deliverance. You simply hear God, rightly discern, bind the demon and cast it out with the authority you have been given.

Most of the time it does not need to take a long time. Jesus said to a whole legion of demons one word “GO”. Other times it was simple words, but words filled with power and authority. What I see a lot of times is the struggles doing deliverance come from not knowing who you are in Christ and having things in your own life you need delivered from. You can’t deliver someone from things you are battling yourself.

Biblical deliverance is not a show. It never distracts from what is going on. Many times, demons manifest and eventually a whole room can move from worship focused on God to a demon who then is stealing God’s worship. When this happens, the demon is in control. Simply cast it out and move on or remove the person to another room and deal with it then.

We need no gimmicks. We need a voice of authority. We don’t need a bunch of people yelling but one person should oversee the deliverance and everyone else is praying and discerning. If demons manifest, you tell them to be still. If the person yells you tell the demon to be quiet. You take control right away and part of that means you maintain order. Deliverance is an ordered ministry.If a demon screams , I command it to be quiet. If it thrust about, I tell it to be still. I take away its power, influence and control of the moment.

Any type of deliverance is a traumatic experience for a person. The person needs much love afterwards and discipled. They need assurance and to feel they are accepted. The work of deliverance many times is the steps afterward and the days and even weeks following. A void needs filled and the person needs assured.

I also discern if deliverance is truly need. There is a big difference between demonic oppression and possession. Oppression is outward influences affecting internal decisions or responses. Possession is forces from within that can take charge of  a person, that the person loses control. We can take authority over both. Sometimes we are trying to cast out when we need to prevent by stopping before possession occurs. Other times if we deliver someone, we need to place a deposit within of God’s love, presence etc. to fill the void. This is the real work of deliverance. The casting out of demons is the act of deliverance. After all the word salvation means deliverance and just as salvation is both a moment in an event and a long-term process, so is deliverance it has both the act of and the work of.

Deliverance from the Demon not Manifestations

We need to touch briefly on taking out root demonic influence points and not just binding manifestations. There is no spirit of nicotine but a spirit of bondage. There is no spirit of addiction but a spirit of bondage. There is no spirit of lust, but perversion. Lust is excessive desire created in the soul as thoughts are planted by demonic forces trying to pervert. Remember jezebel was a person who had demonic influences.

Every demonic spirit has certain attributes. Those attributes reveal what spirit is working behind the scenes. The spirit of jealous will have competition, feelings of inferiority, and a suspension. Symptoms will point to a primary demonic spirit as work. There is much to teach on in these areas and again our class in our school is about 25 hours. I feel like we sometimes look very uninformed in the spirit realm and look foolish to the people of the world looking at how we set people free.

If we do deliverance with a works mentality, then then it will “wear out the saints”. If we, do it as a common action with real authority then it will not wear us out or wear us down. We also will not be getting backlash or having demonic activity coming against our lives. We are above these things and have been positioned to live at a higher level.

The sensationalizing connected with deliverance needs to be removed out of our lives as it only opens doors to wrong motives, elitism, pride, and a host of other things. To me the simplicity of authority is all that is needed. We need to show forth the majesty and sovereignty of our Gods power over evil forces and how quickly that authority can move anything that opposes.

The Test of Grieving The Lost Sovereign Moments

I decided to write on this topic to help other leaders who possibly experience what I have had happened several times. I have had to answer a lot of questions with other leaders as well about being in or out of spiritual flow of meetings and how to handle these situations as they arise. From people taking over meetings, saying mixed prophesy, prophesying out of their own heart or imaginations, missed responses, doctrinal error present, manipulation of a body, and doing things that are perfectly correct and doctrinally sound but maybe in wrong timing. It is one thing to miss something in a meeting that has only an effect for that meeting. That happens probably almost every time we gather. That is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about meetings that have a sovereign intentional release of something required for the corporate bodies mission to succeed. In other words, what is missed carries a key component to affect from that point forward to unlock the future. For me this is probably the greatest time of discouragement is when I know a meeting has shifted from Gods intentions of a great deposit. Thank God He is merciful, but that still does not take away the feelings that occur or the knowing of what could have been.

The Test Described

This test occurs when you realize an intentional sovereign moment of God has been missed that would deposit a much-needed element that is missing. This occurs when a meeting seems to shift direction away from an opening into a heavenly realm. This may be because of others stepping out of spiritual flow affecting a corporate body and taking the meeting in a different direction. It could be because of mixture or prophesy that is assumed to be prophecy when in reality it isn’t, or a host of things. It could be as simple as the hearing of things may be right, but the timing or implementation may be what affects the shift that occurs. It shows well-meaning intentions outside of the timing of God will not create the intentions of God.

The Effects

This test has both frustrations, disappointments, discouragement, feelings of failure, and an overwhelming feeling of loss. This causes a  grieving with it. The grieving is not being able to rescue the moment as the spiritual climate or atmosphere has shifted. This is magnified when only the leader has these feelings and no one else is aware of it. It is as if the pathway to the next thing has been removed. I would liken it to a bridge from one bank to the next. The bridge has been removed, and you see the other bank but have no means to get there. You know it will take time to build the bridge again.

A leader will feel out of sync with the meeting they are in and the feeling can carry on into the next day or several days. Restlessness as they wrestle with the why’s, and if that moment can be recaptured. It will cause deep inner reflection and analysis of their preparation, leadership abilities, and even the call. It will cause a re-examining to find the moment it was derailed or what lead to the shifting so they can see how it could be stopped in the future. A leader will look at themselves first, assuming they did not hear correctly. They will evaluate to see if they are too critical or their expectations were too high or wrong. It has nothing to do with the leader’s role being fulfilled, but what the Body of Christ did not receive. The leader will see the far-reaching ramifications of the missed moment and will try to figure out a pathway forward.

Paul felt this many times with the churches he oversaw. He was constantly having to go backward and relay foundational doctrines instead of advancing deeper into the things of God. He was having to sort out what people did as accurate, verses speculations. He was sorting the mixtures of flesh, doctrines, reasoning etc. He had to address the Corinthians concerning the use of spiritual gifts and the overabundance of what was being released. He had to put in place a structure to facilitate the spiritual flow that seemed to always be open. A lot of this was training. But when there was not training you do not see this overabundance. When you see directives from God given you see precise sovereign moments with little to no input.

What Does the Test Show?

This test is a hard test to get beyond. The easiest route is to say the leader is too serious but this requires them to embrace a mindset they have to compromise in what they knew to be true. To not allow it to affect them or deny the moments importance also diminishes that they heard God correctly. This test puts a leader into multiple dimensions of overlapping conflicts making it hard for them to move forward not knowing what exactly needs addressed. Most everyone doesn’t want to make mistakes and their heart keeps them in check. That is what makes this test so hard to sort out. You cannot find false truth or mixture. But it comes down to timing. Just because a person hears or sees does not mean it needs to be shared instantly. Many times, the opportunity for others to be trained can outweigh the results attained.

This test also shows the interconnectedness of the Body and how each person is to function in unison with the others. Without us being led by the spirit you soon see that the body lacks a full understanding and even missing elements that can make it healthy. This test shows the different maturity levels. I have seen the most screwed up meetings and some people still get touched by God. Again, this makes for a conflicting evaluation by the leader of the meetings impact. We have and still show grace for the body to develop and grow. These opportunities are not taken away but are better monitored and given oversight.

This grieving will test your tenacity to stand against the opposition and even good intentions that have created a false finish line. It reinforces the seriousness of God and it forms a finish anointing. The impasse is being able to stay on course long term in the midst of missing the mark in the short term. The resetting of values is a delicate game of weighing in the scales and not coming up wanting. I have had to weight this in the training of people. Training people will cause mistakes. The mistakes are how we grow. I have sacrificed forward vision unfolding for the sake of giving opportunity. In hindsight I would do it again, but not to the degree I did. I felt it caused the vision to be delayed and kept us always feeling slightly behind or not quite in sync. My conclusion is there are meetings for training and then are some meetings for a sovereign moment of God to come forth. These meetings are not times of training, or it could be derailed. These sovereign moment meetings are setting new courses.

This test also causes deepening of values to occur. As you realize you cannot simply recreate the exact moment or conversion point as almost all factors are beyond your control. This is because the moment was  a sovereign moment. You look forward with a different mindset to not allow the missed moments to be allowed. As a leader that knows Gods intention realizes also how far reaching the value is and holds a greater love for Gods intentions and how much He believe in us.

What is to be Formed?

Having others to share the moment with or to talk about it will help divide the burden. The more who understand the burden and are willing to help carry the less the leader feels isolated in the grieving. The bible says to carry each other’s burdens but this is not natural or our feelings but also our spiritual burdens. This is why there is to be team leadership. This will help bring others into greater spiritual awareness and sensitivity. This plays into the scripture of mourning with those who mourn and laugh with those who laugh. We think of natural things, but can we mourn with those who mourn with spiritual things. The Holy Spirit can be grieved, can we also feel that grieving as well. This test softens our heart to God and allows our spiritual feelings to begin to override our natural feelings.

A leader will be more intentional next time and not allow feelings to get in the way to maintain the flow of a meeting. They will also not allow as much freedom and will monitor what is said or done. The verse of all things being done decently and in order also comes into this. The decently is probably not the issue as much as the order. I have found after working through all the processes associated with this test, I have to come to conclusion, that moment may never occur again or will have to be ramped back up to that place. You come to the realization you are going forward with a piece of the overall plan sitting, still available as it was Gods intention, but not fully in your possession yet. A pathway will need to be built towards it again, but then at the possible expense of other things. You also realize God can bring that portion again, it just will have to look different as all the factors have now shifted.

The other thing I have learned is I can’t depend on others to help carry those intentions. Which means I need to not allow the opportunities that I have done at other times. At the end of the day, I’m responsible and I need to take on that responsibility. As leaders we live in enough repercussion of people’s choices! We need to live in the repercussion of our choices more so. Those come as we lead to advance. What we create or form we can shift. What others create or form we are sometimes on the receiving end.

If you have experienced this missing of a moment, you’re the leader God is looking for. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Will its not the reason you missed the moment but that your spirit is sensitive that a moment was missed. Its that you value those moments and cherish them that when they don’t materialize your heart-broke for the people of God and even God himself. It just goes to show how serious you are as a leader. Imagine what would be revealed when leaders gather, that same honor was shown to the atmosphere God was present in. Imagine the body so protecting the atmosphere that it causes their senses to be heightened to it. If you can relate to this then I say to you be encouraged. Your heart is right.

The Call For Freedom

The one thing all humanity desires deep down is to be free. People work to better themselves everyday around the globe to attain greater freedom in living. People create money sources and business to “buy” time to do what they want to really do. People look for ways to escape their sin consciousness and generational curses and iniquities with addictions, looking for short lived freedom. At the heart of Christianity is the answer of Christ who frees us from all the worlds bondages restricting our freedom.

We as a nation are to be a model to the nations, is currently going through a crisis of freedom. The current battle going on is will we remain free or will we allow bondages to begin once again to take away what has been so costly paid for. As I write this, it is the day after Lincoln gave his Gettysburg address. At a time, a nation was divided over freedom, he took a stance and stated that all men are to be free. It was an overall perspective of answering the God placed desire in all men to be free. But the evil of men’s hearts to control and dominate was the enemy of this freedom. Today we are running some very exacting parallels. I can see we are in the midst of a civil war over freedom. We are a divided nation. We are pitted within families of being divided of which side we stand on. This division was implemented by a virus much like the virus of slavery.

A few years ago, the Lord told me “Your message this week is written on the capital wall. Go to the state capital and get your message. “I went to the capital and began my search. I read everything hanging on all the walls. I read plaques and things posted on every floor and almost every public room. I was coming up with nothing. As I kept ascending to the very top floor in the rotunda, I finally found it. Written around the very top was the words, “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. “ The words “a new birth of freedom” is what stood out. I would later learn this was Lincolns last line of the Gettysburg address. The lord spoke to me and said “This will become the rallying point for awakening and reformation you seek. This will be the common sound that will united and draw people to a common cause.” I assumed for my state, today I see it for the nation.

The longing in men’s hearts is to be free. As a nation now with the recent election held in the balance, it is not about who will be president, but men’s freedom held in the balance. When they killed Lincoln, they thought they had won over the freedom he was bringing. But it only gave resolve to follow through that the nation would not be lost to binding men’s lives. Soon after that time the democratic party was birthed to change law to bring slavery back, to steal freedom from men. The history of that party is seen in different ways of taking freedom away and creating a dependency on programs, governmental control etc. That’s why their platform is contrary to biblical morality and principles that God established for his creation.

Now here stand the church and its leaders, divided due to influences of the culture and political affiliations. Many including leaders, not understanding Godly principles and their role upon the earth. This alone has caused freedom to be stolen. This has caused men to lose hope of being absolutely free. But also standing, the ecclesia, the active authoritarian body of Christ is also present, who are standing for truth to be seen, for freedom to prevail. This group has been marked standing for truth and crying out against the abominations upon the earth. (Ezekiel 9) This same group is crossing thresholds into heavenly realms to begin to legislate from a higher perspective. To be a voice and declare freedom. We must not cower down or remain hidden or silent.

We are indeed being marked and even separated of who will be carries of truth. Once this marking is completed then we will be asked to let go of what is in our hands and cross the threshold again. In Ezekiel 10 the one marked had to put his inkhorn down and take the fire from the alter and scatter it to the cities. This is the awaken and reformation we so desperately need. So in this hour perhaps we should be firming declaring from the other side of the threshold “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

What a Reset Really Means

I have been saying for over a year that the Church needs to shut down and reset. We need to come to a collective conclusion we don’t have the expression we should have. We should all decide to seek God whole heartedly and come back, all on the same page, because the Holy Spirit led us together on the journey. Many are saying ‘reset’ and I agree. But how we do it is what is frustrating. A virus has forced us into a place instead of the Holy Spirit leading us. We didn’t decide to go seek God because we saw a need to do so. It’s like an afterthought since we are restricted, we might as well make the best of it. The word ‘reset’ means to bring back to a defined starting point, a zero point, to set again or to set anew. My fear is we might set again. My hope is we will set anew.

Since when you reset, you generally bring everything back to a zero point. You clear out all the data, all the clutter, all the excess and start over. Are you prepared to be at a zero point, to clear out all the ways of doing, to really start over? We still have not gone into a zeroing process yet. I believe we are still thinking about adjusting things instead of resetting things. We talk of reset but do you understand what that potentially means? A zeroing of what we think we believe. A zeroing of doctrines. A resetting of preferences, affiliations, alignments, just about every area and all spheres. Right now, we still seem conflicted in what we believe, or even what reset looks like. The Lord told me in 3 weeks, the face of this will look different. He didn’t say the virus would be gone, or restrictions lifted, He said the face would be different. What I have concluded the face to be, is the face of leaders. If you take that and put it in reset, I believe He is resetting leaders more than the Church. I feel we are about to go through a changing of the guard, new emerging faces coming from forges of forming and hiding into being known. If we are resetting, then we are resetting in form, function and structures. We are resetting in how we govern and who leads the governing. Are you willing to be reset? Are you willing to be reshuffled into the place God has ordained for you and not where men forced you into? Will you be zeroed out to start again? Pretty sobering isn’t it to think just when I think I have arrived, I find I still have a long journey to take?

I’m astonished how many opinions are in play in this critical hour. “The virus is a judgment from God.” “This is a sign of the end of the age.” “We as a nation, need to repent.” The list goes on and on. All of these would take a lot of time to teach to reset mindsets. If the Holy Spirit was truly resetting us, we would be coming onto the same page in these areas. We would become one heart, one purpose and one voice. We would be experiencing John 17 coming into union with Christ. This is not God’s judgment; it is pure evil brought by an antichrist spirit. Instead of the Church affecting the seven mountains, this spirit is. We as the Church, have put ourselves in the religious mountain and now are under the religious spirit. Isaiah said we were on a separate mountain above all others. This is not the end of the age. We don’t really have a Kingdom to present to the Father. As for repentance, how can I truly repent for what I didn’t do? Identification repentance you say. That was an Old Testament model for a nation. If we were to repent, I guess I missed the memo amid all the conflicted opinions. These doctrines don’t really have a basis in Kingdom understanding, yet men have built ministries around them. Wrong eschatology leads to wrong ecclesiology and develops wrong theology. Please become a student of the Word in these areas! Maybe we need to ‘zero out’ and let God tell us what we should all believe.

What are we resetting into? It can be easily summed up. The original intentions of God. Authentic Christianity. A Church that is more Kingdom than religious in approach and mindsets. Just being brutally honest, it has everything to do with the harvest and at the same time, nothing to do with the harvest. I don’t see a harvest coming unless we zero out and allow God to build His house His way. We will not have the right house or spiritual capacity for the harvest. Is God concerned about the harvest? Yes! Is God more concerned about the Church and its leaders? Probably. He doesn’t want the harvest to come into the atmospheres we are currently producing. In other words, He doesn’t want the harvest to spoil. I grew up on a farm and the #1 thing that spoils a harvest is the mixture of green weed seed within it. The second is harvesting before its time, being anxious to get the harvest out so a premature harvest. When that happens the moisture content of the grain will spoil itself. Yes, we are headed to a worldwide harvest, but first God must build His container for it. We will know when it is built. He said He would rebuild David’s tabernacle (Acts 15:16-17) that the residue of all men would come. The word ‘residue’ means outcast. What we have built is not for the outcast but for ourselves.

What is the plan for the “reset”? What’s the strategy? How do we implement it? I have many leaders really frustrated in this hour, calling me wondering why there is such division right now in doctrine. They are asking who has answers for a way forward? This has taken us all off guard. It’s not so much a division occurring as it is a sanctification moment. A holy separation of that which is holy from that which is profane. That which has mixture from that which is holy. That which is partial truth from full truth. It is separating the opinions of men from the intentions of God. The dividing lines are exposing mindsets, to expose the unauthentic from the authentic. To bring us back to the origins of God’s heart.

As our nation is being purged on a national level, the Body of Christ is also being purged from the many idols and things that have captured our imagination. I have said for a long-time, conferences need to be replaced with regional Kingdom centers. Imagine if we had done that already, how we could have navigated the current waters! Saints truly equipped, trained and full of faith. How we could have mobilized to be a viable option instead of being discarded as not having anything to offer.

We all are seeking to see the glory come, but we already are in a glory, the 5th glory seen in Ezekiel. It is a dividing glory. A purging glory, a glory reserved to help build the only model in scripture we have not tried to build, and it is what Ezekiel saw. But this journey is totally based on God’s sovereignty being seen, felt and yielded to. A work entirely done by Him and man participates by cooperating with Him. I wrote about the 4 breaths that brings 7 glories, Gods 7 natures natures and graces to the Body of Christ in my book “Breath of God” which the Holy Spirit wrote through me in 2014. It is now unfolding.

What is coming? God is about to release His 3rd breath. Before this pandemic hit, we as a ministry, were contending for that breath and we still are. Our meetings have ramped up, expectation is still high, and faith is active. We were seeing healings and deep works of God. People were experiencing Sea of Glass visions. It is amazing that a virus comes to steal breath, mocking God’s desire to bring His breath. When God’s 3rd breath comes, it will touch the seven mountains. When God’s breath comes, it will release the 6th glory. What is coming is the forming of a single corporate new man. They will have one heart and one voice and probably most importantly, one sound, all carrying God’s breath. This will set these apart from all the other sounds. The government of God will come into place, not to control people but to bring the atmosphere of freedom coming from heaven. They will display the 7 natures of Christ and those 7 graces. They will govern from those places more so than the 5-fold functions we declare. This will create true covenantal alignments between people, tribes and begin to bring the Body into union with Christ in a way never seen before. The origins of God will form authentic Christianity being seen.

The Lord told me the Acts of the Apostles are coming again. Not just a tag or name, but actual acts that shift the atmosphere over regions in measurable results not fanciful statements that can’t be backed up. It will be an authoritarian grace they will walk in. This realigning will result in eternal mysteries being revealed and fellowshipped with, as people will simply know the intentions of God. People will be placed in the land and the Spirit of God will invade the land through those people. This will be the container for harvest. Then the final breath and 7th glory will come. A transcended glory where the people of God become the doorway to heaven, and God is dwelling in the house establishing His throne.
Are we headed to a reset? Yes! Is it what you think? Probably not. It is a deep thing God wants to do. I pray we don’t miss the moment but without a desperation of abandonment and to abandon our own understanding, I’m concerned we will just go through the motions of a moment instead of becoming that moment upon the earth.

Navigating Moments

I debated about writing this blog for the last 24 hours. I have been in a place of anguish and grieving in my spirit over missing a moment in the Lord during a meeting. I decided to write this to possibly help others who have had this same experience.

We all have had meetings when we missed a transition or didn’t turn the corner. Most of the time these moments are not as critical, and we are able to continue or come back later as God progressively keeps moving us forward. There are really two types of moments Chronos and Kairos. For the most part, what I just described was a Chronos moment. Chronos moment has the anointing present and the gifts are flowing.

The other type of meeting is Kairos. Kairos moments are when the presence of the Lord has come and flood or invade the atmosphere. The moments are different because Kairos is a transitional moment of time that God has prearranged. This is the moment we just missed that has grieved my spirit so much. What makes it probably worse is I knew the intention God was transitioning us into. These transition moments do not come by very often. They are something that has a sovereign feel to it. It is the alignment of a multitude of things colliding at the same moment. Anticipation, expectation, faith, presence, focus, passion, prayer, preparation and a charged atmosphere of God presence flooding, all have come to a convergence point to bring a group of people through a portal opening into the next level. It seems to take all of these to transition, but once the transition is made it only takes a few of these to maintain.

Our worship team had the right songs, the people had become a single unit focused in worship and brought to a place many were having individual encounters. The theme of the night’s worship was the fire. Prior to the meeting, the Lord had told me to lay hands on everyone at the end of the service and release fire upon them and He was going to baptize us in a corporate fire as a group. He then told me to pray into the state with this fire resting upon us. He showed me it was a necessary moment to place us in the right place for future things we had planned. It would be a release of power coming upon us. The problem this night was twofold.

One we were short-handed this night and I had to run the P.A., which is not a problem generally, but this night we had many issues. It took me until almost the end of worship to be able to get things worked out and get engaged. As the worship was ending, I saw the theme of fire and the many people faced down, we had come to the convergence point. I was resting in the Lord and asking should I pray now? You told me at the end? Did we miss it? Did I not hear correctly? A Host of questions flooded me. The P.A. distraction has dulled my spiritual focus. We could have stayed a long time at that moment so I decided to just listen to be sure what should happen. I was beginning to sense God shifting the moment to be the moment I have seen at the end, now in the middle. We were still under tension. I was waiting on Him to give me the unseen nod.

The second problem was before I had a clear pathway to execute, someone began to pray out loud and it increased in volume and intensity and went for about 10-15 minutes. Nothing wrong with the prayer, but not the right timing and the wrong order. I could feel the moment slipping away and I could feel the expectation and faith in the room diminishing. My spirit reached such a place of grieving of not just missing a moment but missing the opportunity. I struggled to find a way back but knew we just couldn’t without fabricating something. I saw all the factors we had hit and knew these moments don’t just come along every week. We simply couldn’t just have a do-over next week.

I knew I had to say something as the grieving was so deep in me, I couldn’t even speak the message in this state. I explained how we had missed the moment of God wanting to take us deeper. For most, they had gotten to a good place and were happy we had a good meeting so far. But I knew the whole story and was really the only one in the room seeing a complete picture of what God wanted to do. He was trying to get us into the new season and out of the typical. I knew he was moving us into a level of power. I sensed what He wanted to bring us into was an authentic move of God. I believe many couldn’t figure out why I was so grieved after all the presence of the Lord had flooded the place. After I shared my heart I was able to give the message on Combatting the Religious Spirit. When I was to end speaking about the need for the fire of God, I could sense the emptiness of the words after I said a single sentence on the topic. The Holy Spirit was not there now, so I closed the message. The moment had come and went.

The last 30 hours have been a gut-wrenching time. I have rerun the scenario over and over. As a leader, I feel the weight of moments. As a leader, I’m responsible if we make those moments. As a leader, I must know how to steward the moments and keep it on track. I have had to ask some hard questions. Am I upset because I didn’t get to pray for people? No. Did I just not connect and everyone else did so am I grieving over myself? No. The grieving I concluded was not because we missed the moment, but because we missed this specific God-ordained moment that was to bring us into our future.
Will God bring this moment again? Possible, but there is no guarantee. But what I sensed is all the factors were the perfect storm causing the convergence. If we all could keep coming with the same expectations, faith, anticipation etc. then we would put ourselves in the right place. The one thing that also stood out was everyone there that night really wanted to be there and were engaged. Will we need that as well? I don’t know. I do know this I cannot hype people to get there. We could possibly come pressing for that exact moment again. But it also is about timing. I do know we will make the transition but the unknown is when.

I have decided the next time to step in no matter the embarrassment it might cause. I cherish not just the presence but the order and alignment the Lord is wanting to bring. There has been some good out of this in the many dialogues this has caused in our ministry and in other places who watched the stream. My encouragement to others is no matter what, steward the moments even if someone must be sat down. I hope sharing my heart will help you become more spiritual a tune in the moment to make sure you don’t miss the moment that might be your opportunity.

Kingdom Finances

I want to speak to the approach of the New Testament church had concerning Finances and giving. The giving was not done by obligation much like what we do today with tithing but came from a much deeper understanding. The primary place giving was done was towards leaders for one purpose to advance the kingdom and the money was used according to the current vision being acted on.

Paul received support through 2 different avenues. The first was spiritual sons and daughters he was in relationship with supporting him. Most of this was used for his personal wellbeing. Contrary to living a life as a tent maker you see that was a short lived time while support was being built for him. The second avenue of support was through the mission upon his life and kingdom mandates he implemented. This was more through larger gatherings of people and the general church at large over regions and territories. Both of these 2 avenues established kingdom culture around support and giving.

In that day the support was consistent for those who did give, it was sacrificial for the kingdom cause most of the time required it, and it was expected that kingdom work and workers would be supported. They knew they would spend it properly so this is why they laid it at “The apostles feet”

Acts 4:34–5:2 (KJV 1900) — 34 Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, 35 And laid them down at the apostles’ feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need. 36 And Joses, who by the apostles was surnamed Barnabas, (which is, being interpreted, The son of consolation,) a Levite, and of the country of Cyprus, 37 Having land, sold it, and brought the money, and laid it at the apostles’ feet.

Kingdom establishment of ministry deems what is necessary to accomplish the current assignments. The stewardships is not based on this is what I desire but what the Lord has ordered. We are not giving to a church, but actually giving to clearly defined kingdom vision with certain tools and initiatives needing funded. Jesus funded ministry from his supporters of ministry.

Luke 8:2–3 (KJV 1900) — 2 And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils, 3 And Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance.

And Paul put a demand that funding would come to Phebe.

Romans 16:1–2 (KJV 1900) — 1 I commend unto you Phebe our sister, which is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea: 2 That ye receive her in the Lord, as becometh saints, and that ye assist her in whatsoever business she hath need of you: for she hath been a succourer of many, and of myself also.

Leaders sent by God into regions should be supported by that region. This unlocks kingdom blessings, and all of heaven. The kingdom will advance at a fast pace. But to not support those sent by God is to not honor them and not honor God and can close up a region. The Philippian church saw that others were not taking care of Paul, mainly the Corinthians and Thessalians, and they looked for opportunity to give to Paul!

Philippians 4:10 (KJV 1900) — 10 But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, that now at the last your care of me hath flourished again; wherein ye were also careful, but ye lacked opportunity.
Philippians 4:15–17 (KJV 1900) — 15 Now ye Philippians know also, that in the beginning of the gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but ye only. 16 For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity. 17 Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.

Paul goes on to tells them the offering was sweet smelling, acceptable and pleasing. When you look at these words you find they have a strong meaning. The definitions refer to the same type of sacrifice of Christ at the Cross carrying the same type of impact! In other words when the offering is done right God views it liken unto his son being an offering that is agreeable and far reaching to all.

2 Corinthians 9:7 (KJV 1900) —7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

We are to give as we have determined, The Holy Spirit may lead us in giving but for the most of the time it our decision where and how much. The Holy Spirit will not compel you to give. So now to the heart of what I want to bring out. What forms a right perspective in our giving?
Turing to 2 Corinthians 9 the most famous passage used for giving, I’ll bring out some key thoughts in each verse. Please read this chapter.
V. 5 Bounty
V. 6 Sowing
V.7 cheerfully
V.8 Sufficient
V. 10 Multiple the seed sown
V. 11 bountifulness

The Lord showed me in this chapter a hidden meaning in the middle of giving as we know it. V. 9 “His righteousness remaineth forever”. We focus on giving and God is focused on righteousness. Righteousness is directly related to giving. We are not sowing and reaping because of what we give but because of who we are, righteous. We are giving from our position and what we are giving is not money but ourselves. The reason people don’t give is they disconnect from righteousness. Now we all know righteousness is being in right standing with God, a right alignment. Offering your righteousness like Christ did at the cross is what God is desiring not our money.

But then V. 10 talks of fruits of righteousness”. The fruit of righteousness is sanctification, which springs from justification, and manifests itself in holy living. Which is through Jesus Christ. The righteousness of God’s saints is not by the Law, but that which is through the faith of Christ. Your right understanding of giving will release grace into situations. V.8 “That grace would abound”.

Now looking at the section. We don’t have righteousness because of giving. Nor do we increase the fruits of righteousness because of giving. But we give from a righteous place – meaning it is a spiritual action of not what we believe but who we are….. our giving reflects righteousness. The giving parallels the degree of righteousness that has been formed and our awareness of it. It is a by product that is then acceptable to God because we are acceptable. The early church giving from this point of righteousness was giving from a zeal and passion of appreciation of the relationship they had with Christ. It was easy for them to sacrificially give to kingdom assignments. Now going lets go back and look at the verses spiritually and look at sowing not money, but righteousness.

V. 5 Bounty – the over abundance of sanctification and righteousness, holy living
V. 6 Sowing – will be sown not sparingly
V.7 cheerfully – from a heart of full gratitude and rejoicing because of righteousness
V.8 Sufficient –it makes the grace to abound – it’s a catalyst for grace to be in action
V. 10 Multiple the seed sown – there will be the fruits of righteousness
V. 11 bountifulness – causes thanksgiving – the additional giving of ourselves
V.12 it is the service coming forth from righteousness not obligation
V. 13 Others will glory over your life (not your offering)
V. 14 that others would desire not the blessing they see but the grace you have activated by righteousness and would pray and seek God for it.
V15 The gift of righteousness (not your offering) has no descriptive word of its value

Your giving is not because you have to but because you get to. Your giving is for people to come into Kingdom fullness and to come into righteousness When your righteousness is in place your giving is not by obligation but alignment to assignments and kingdom vision. Your righteousness empowers your offering to release grace and cause an effect for Kingdom advancement!

A Pathway to Awakening

I recently completed a mission of delivering a series of messages through the state of Kentucky. I was sent by God, based on a prophetic word, to give answers and a pathway to the future. I want to share the details here as I know it’s a “now word” for the Body of Christ.
The Lord has spoken several things to me over the last year about awakening and the early Church. The first thing He told me was, “You will not see awakening until you heal the brokenness in people’s hearts caused by disappointments, unfulfilled dreams and a host of other things causing hope to be deferred. People are full of disappointments, but they are hiding it well.” Hope deferred means it has been put off to a future time. When hope gets deferred, it stops true faith from working and brings a halt to our forward advance. In short, it causes a barrenness in our lives.
The Lord took me to Hannah and showed me her barrenness. She had a great desire to have a child that would serve the Lord. But the dream she carried did not come to pass and brokenness settled in. When you study the depths of the word broken it comes from a word meaning to be caught in a rut, to replay the sounds of a detrimental event. Hannah had to put up with the mocking and ridicule of everyone around her year after year. She was going to the temple regularly and doing the right things. She was paying her tithes, praying, seeking God and living right but was still barren. In other words, she was fulfilling her obligations but deep in her heart she was bitter, grieved, afflicted, and sorrowful. (Read 1 Samuel) Her confession was right but her state of being did not align with it. She had gotten into a rut playing the sounds of unfulfilled promise over and over. Sounds very familiar doesn’t it? An unfulfilled promise is not God’s disapproval of you. The dream or promise in your heart exists to keep hope alive.
I agree we have good solid meetings and God is doing things, but I see a real barrenness that has settled in. This barrenness has stopped the Samuels sitting in the womb of the Ecclesia from coming forth to point to the Davids who will truly build the dwelling of the Lord. Like Hannah, we must change the frequency we are speaking and realign with the frequency of heaven. She promised God that she would return her male child to Him if He would bless her womb. This is the struggle we are having right now; we want an awakening, but we want to own it. It seems we are trying to find a pathway that we can have some form of ownership in. We need to heal broken heartedness and break barrenness off people like I did with my own people and those in Kentucky.
The second thing the Lord showed me was the early Church had a given message. The message became so much a part of their lives, it compelled them to go on mission. The mission turned to momentum and the momentum turned into a movement. I told the people in Kentucky I did not come to do some meetings but to build and lay a foundation to come back and build upon. Today most of our traveling and speaking is not building and our messages are more random. The early Church was very intentional in building upon a set message. They were so consumed with the message that it became who they were, they then took themselves as the living epistle on mission. Once people valued the message, the momentum started and eventually a movement was formed. I released this Biblical pattern in detail in Kentucky.

The Lord showed me a third thing. Where did they get the message from? We can easily just say heaven, the Holy Spirit, etc. But there is more to it than that. They fellowshipped with the mysteries of Christ. The Lord told me that awakening comes by one way, fellowshipping with the mysteries of Christ. In Eph. 3 Paul said part of his role as an apostle was to show all men how to fellowship with the mysteries. That is challenging, how do we do that? Looking at Paul’s life, he spells out that he fellowshipped with seven specific mysteries. They are the mystery of iniquity, the Church as a bride, regeneration, Israel’s blindness, the indwelling Christ, the translation of the saints, and the Church. Fellowshipping means to have intimate knowledge. We can easily see these seven mysteries made up Paul’s message.

The fourth thing the Lord showed me was how Hannah’s frequency changed as she fellowshipped with the mysteries to resonate with them until it broke the barrenness and released the destiny of the nation. There is a big difference between producing and resonating. Something reproduced is a cheap copy and holds no real value. Hence like most of the meetings we do. We have learned how to produce a good sound, preach a great message, copy mannerisms, and appear ‘un-barren’ or fruitful. We have stopped being an original, a masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind, wonderfully made and unique in every fashion. Something produced is based on the skill set and gifting of a person. Something resonating is a conductor of a frequency, the frequency of heaven, the mystery of Christ. See the difference between reproducing and resonating is the source of the sound. Either we are the source and only reproduce with barrenness or we resonate and bring forth fruitfulness.
Now what I am doing is putting these things into reality. How you may ask? In a very simple way, by having all my people build relationship with the person of Holy Spirit. You see we have built relationship with anointings, gifts of the Spirit, revelations and functions and have left Holy Spirit, the person out. Holy Spirit knows all things. Leads us into everything, guides us, etc. These functions are really extensions of His personality. Holy Spirit knows how to bring forth what is needed in this hour and how to form it within us. Holy Spirit sees the hidden brokenness and barrenness and has a way to remove it. He, as the Spirit of Truth will reveal the mysteries in us until we resonate with the frequency of it. He will lead us into mission, and He will be the movement we all are contending for.
How will awakening come? When brokenness is healed and barrenness removed. When we take time and I mean real time, to fellowship with the many mysteries of Christ until we resonate with those mysteries, and then everywhere we go people will be feeling the Presence we are carrying. So, build relationship with Holy Spirit!

Counterfeit verse Authentic

The problem we deal with in this hour is the overlap from that which is false and that which is true. The false has taken on the image of or likeness of that which is true. Much like a counterfeit painting the image is made to appear to be authentic, even to the point of deception. The better the counterfeit the greater the deception until the counterfeit can replace the original painting, and no one will notice.
To a large degree this is occurring through the mystics and new age influences. Many have adopted christian language and many move in spiritual principles. Many also have taken on the image of good wholesome actions and approaches. White magic, wicca and a host of other things are capturing a generation with promises of change, power, and a place of influence upon the earth. There are many cults masked with christian type faces. We say we can pick these out, but the question we need to ask is why are so many involved? Is it the desire to have a form of Godliness but deny the power? The deception is running so deep that even the elect can be deceived, and many are. I recently saw a prophetic act of giving a gift to someone in a large national meeting. They told the leader what it represented. My spirit didn’t set right about the whole thing and it felt off. The atmosphere had shifted. Everyone in the room was shouting and excited. I studied into it and found in the occult world it was a representation of having authority to be re-incarnated! Amazing how spiritual dull everyone seemed to be. The shouts and cheers only affirmed the counterfeit. Its time we mature and stop accepting everything that comes along.
Now to the sticky situation we are allowing, embracing and even promoting many counterfeits. They have gotten themselves positioned because of showing up to meetings, have the finances to do special missions, and have more dominate personalities. I’m not saying everyone doing these things is this way but there are a few. We seem to have not placed people or released them in a biblical pattern and grace resting upon them, but more by a personified personality and popularity. The Bible says in the last days the very elect can be deceived. The deception is not what is good or evil but what is counterfeit and what is true. All false prophets, apostles, teachers etc. happen in the Body. They are trained there, affirmed there and promoted there. They just didn’t suddenly show up. We had a part in allowing the counterfeit to exist, instead of waiting for the real to be developed. We have settled for subpar instead of the fullness of grace. It is the difference between a good copy or imitation and an original. Counterfeits hold no value while the original can be priceless. The deception is thinking if we mimic or copy anointed people’s patterns or ministries or mannerisms, we then have an original or something of value. What we have done is not been real with ourselves and uniqueness of how we have been made. The word that helps counterfeits exist is conformity and it occurs because of leaders not being confident to embrace individuality.
The Apostles were not concerned about the multiple expressions being slightly different and were more concerned about those trying to imitate and lead astray. The Bible speaks of prophesying, healing and doing all the actions of spiritual life but God saying I never knew you. It becomes a Lordship issue. That is the primary relationships God has with you of the many we embrace. You see lordship exposes the mimicking and brings forth the original creation within a person. The unique, peculiar and wonderfully made. How many struggles with their own individuality and not being happy with who they are? Were did this come from? It came from seeing everyone be counterfeit in identity and ministries imitating others trying to make it their own originality. There is only one of you and only one expression of what you bring. The apostles did not present a set-in stone way of doing ministry but gave the concepts and principles. The way is unique because it comes through the person. That’s why there are many administrations of the gifts of the spirit, differences in administration, and diversities in operation.
This counterfeit has caused us to grow look alike networks, church campuses, and worse of all denominations. Each person’s life has been created uniquely to fit into a grand plan and picture of God. Removing that and taking on the wrong image causes confusion as now we have a bunch of look-alike pieces all claiming they fit in the exact same spot of the picture puzzle. It really becomes a type of counterfeit development to find a place or position. The bible says that God promotes, and your gift will make room for you, not if you sound a certain way, act a certain way and perfect your copying. We for some reason want a perfect fully developed person. We miss the fact that not everyone is going to be just like me or what I think they should look like. So, until that day we sometimes dismiss a person’s potential thinking we are right, and they are not so right.
Being authentic requires you to come to conclusion on exactly who you are and what you are carrying. It means you have settled to accept the uniqueness of who you are. It also means the striving has come to an end. You are an extension of the origin. Even our natural kids take on characteristics of us but still are unique and not a copy. It also requires we repent of us trying to be something we are not. The bible says he has placed us as it pleases him. This is not just a gathering of believers but our position upon the earth and the assignments that go with it.
Instead of setting out to be something for God I decided to approach things differently. People have asked how did you get to where you are. My answer is I did what was at hand. I would serve and labor at what was put across my path. I stewarded the moments knowing the moments would help form my life. Looking at my own life I have walked a unique path and now am sitting in a unique place. I still deal with frustrations and unmet dreams. Some things I wish were different and other things I’m so glad they are the way they are. The thing about my life is it has been untypical because I never set out to copy another mans life nor their ministry. It has made our ministry environment unique and many have said “there is nothing like this anywhere.” Exactly! If we are all unique then when we come together that same principle should be reflected every time we gather. That’s why some places seem so alive and others seem so dry and even lifeless. Conformity removes life. Diversity releases a creative atmosphere. The Holy Spirit is very creative. The flesh is very destructive.
The spirit behind a counterfeit is a spirit of deception. The spirit of deception only works with a vessel of flesh that yields to its activity. To counterfeit you must pay attention to details, it is micro managing. It takes away any way of creativity. It takes a good eye and steady hand, in other words its is a lot of effort of the flesh and very little of the spirit. It manipulates the senses to make assumptions. It looks good and holds certain values. It can be passed off to multitudes and once a few are convinced others will follow.
The counterfeits greatest deception is to self-deceive people locking them into their own self-deception. They believe they are fine because no one has confronted them on the lies they believe. I believe this has a contributing factor of most people not wanting to be confrontational, not having discernment, and not being sure who we are before we start helping someone else get out of their mess.
We talk about awakening, reformation, revival, and outpouring. All take great amounts of discernment. All require an ongoing regeneration. To me the opposite of counterfeit is authentic. Authentic means origin. The origin of God before the fall was ongoing regeneration of the earth and all within. But it was a regeneration of the origin God had made. In other words what God set in motion as unique and wonderfully made was not to take on any other image but him. We were to be regenerated over and over and over taking on more likeness of the origin. Yes, we have individuality, but our individuality is perfected in His likeness. Now that’s something to really consider. Just be who God made you to be and stop striving to be something God never intended

Honest Evaluations

What is your desire today? Notoriety? Affirmation? To live a great life and accumulate some nice things? For your family to be in health? I am sitting in my office pondering the next 10 years of my life that will set up my following ten years of life leading me closer to my finish line.
I have lived a very full life and done more than most. Traveling internationally. Birthing over 60 ministry schools, birthing thousands of churches. The life experience I have accumulated amazes me. The places God has opened for me as assignments is humbling. The people God has placed across my path has been unique for the most part. Some things I don’t speak of as they are lost in the vastness of what God has done. Some are pertinent to this moment of time and some have affected this point of living. But all have made me to be who I am. Each thing was placed and set in motion by God for a single goal, that Christ would be formed in me. You see the assignment is not about the assignment but about the forming process within us. If we are not careful, we lose track of that and become task oriented instead of heart connected.
Now after all the years of ministry and all the great moments in the Lord have formed in me, there is still something unsettled in my spirit. Something I am contending for, yet I can’t seem to form the words. Much like Ezekiel it has the appearance of and the likeness of. Yet it is a deep heart cry. That He would be seen. That He would be glorified. That He would finish the work within me of the final purges of the flesh. That I could step over the invisible line I see and live within the next level. That the Body of Christ could make the transition into the life they dream of yet seems to elude them.
I know what has been formed in me. A prophet once said, “there is an ancient anointing resting on you, that’s why people don’t know what to do with you.” I have always felt that, relating to the later rain prophets and even something from ancient places. I am on a journey to discover it and articulate it. I know the message I carry comes somewhat from these ancient paths and ways and that’s why it is so revelatory. The things God has done through me in history shows, brings hope of God stepping into the present to do these things again. God has spoken to me to release the message within me to other places. He has spoken to me to not hold back. But I am also conflicted having a conviction of self-promoting which I despise. I have decided I’m not going to go that route to make my name known or have a ministry name with my name within it so people can identify with me. I want to minister to make His name known. I want to make His Message what is on the lips of people. So, I will only promote his nature formed and His message revealed.
You see there is something that I see occurring. A lot of clamoring for an enlarged platform. A lot of energy expelled with little result. A lot of talk and meetings and gatherings, yet the impact is not being seen. We have grown so accustomed to it and embrace it as the normal Christian life missing the fact that maybe more could be done and formed in my heart staying in a secret place with the Lord instead of the crowds of people. The question now comes in my season of life of why? Why are you going to that meeting? Why? Will it bring the results you are looking for?
You see my perspectives have changed deep in my heart since I went through the big battle, I had last fall. I’m not saying I have made it to my end game, but I am on a new training program that is going to take me there eventually. Oh, that my later years would far outweigh my former. To lay it all aside and at the end transition from a fog to a mist to finally my life as a vapor, a sweet-smelling sound before my King and Lord.
So, I will go as I have always gone, were doors open, invites come and hungry hearts for truth will draw upon what God has given and wants to give. I am not going to go, just to fill a speaking spot but to build. To lay something to come back to and lay another layer upon. To not come to simply entertain, or amuse, but to confront, convict and impact and bring the kingdom forth. If I can’t come and bring that forth then I should not be traveling and propagating any other kind of message. Nor do I believe any minister should. We should stay on our face until we are really carrying the goods, then go forth with a life-giving sound!