Prophecy Over New America 2013 and Beyond

This is the most accurate prophetic  word that I have read concerning America after the election. I ask you to read it and pass this on to others so they can be encouraged as well. It comes from well known apostle, Jonathan David, from Malaysia. I had the privilege of ministry conference with his spiritual son several years ago. From that point I started following is your father Jonathan David, for the past 12 to 15 years and seeing nothing the accuracy on prophetic direction that he gives. Since we are not hearing to clear word from our national prophets, God speak to us from other nations as they are looking from the outside in. For me I follow leaders and other nations more than our national leaders as the direction and perception is more clear and pointed without the fluff and feel good words that many bring here in the US to maintain their followings. I trust that this word encourages you as much as it does me. It resonates deep in my spirit as a roadmap for the next few years.

Prophecy Over New America 2013 and Beyond

“Redesign, Realign, Rebuild and Restore America”

The Church in America has assumed that there has been a systematic power shift from God’s House to the White House. The enemy has had deceived the Church to believe this lie and force them to accept the place of defeat in the spirit realm. This is further compounded by the Churches divisive line around political ideologies and personalities. The church  has taken their basic human right to chose who they are to vote into the self agenda and humanistic realm.

The Church in America must rediscover her place, position and power in the affairs of their Nation and the nations of the world. God is summoning the Church in America to regain her place as Head over the Nation. She is to believe that her Lord is on the Throne and He has not abdicated His rule. Kingdoms may come and kingdoms may collapse BUT He is still on the throne. The church sits before Him in honor and this reality must hit home among the Christians across America.

The Christian supporting the different political parties see their human right perspective as the deciding factor rather than the prophetic aspects of God’s purposes and destiny for this land. Until the Church recognizes that and pull together as One Voice, One People, One Race, One Nation, for One Purpose and One Destiny, the White House will symbolize the illusive power of men over the kingdom of God.

The Church will become the Tipping Point to stop the power struggles in the political arena. The Church from all across America must unite as One Voice and be His Representative to lead the Nation into this Decade of Acceleration.

The Church must stop dividing itself and weakening its hold on National agenda and Destiny. The Church must pull together if America is to regain her place, position and power in the Spiritual Realm and before the Nations. Thus saith the Lord, “I will kindle a fresh fire in the heart of the Nation, a new love and passion for the land. A fire that will burn every dry tree and every green tree until all are consumed by its engulfing flame. I will ignite this fire and spread the flames across the nation.There will soon be a breaking down of these divisions that is keeping My House divided. A sovereign Move and a fresh Fire will consume these barricades of men and boundaries of ancient powers. I will cause them to become united on the kingdom Agenda for this Nation.I have not finished with America yet. There is a final move that I will bring across America to “Redesign, Realign, Restore and Rebuild America!

This Move of God will give America an opportunity to Update and Upgrade. Each Church denomination and strategic ministries will need to come into the Kingdom agenda and mandate; particularly the Charismatic, Faith and Prophetic Movements will converge and become the leading force for this Decade of Destiny (2012 – 2022). No longer will it be said that the Charismatic Movement are just superficial, the Faith Movement just indulgent and the Prophetic just futuristic. The Lord will cause this thing to come about suddenly that they can see the bridge to connect with each other and in doing merge to become upgraded and updated; to complement and complete each other. It is this coming together on the Kingdom Platform that will restore the power, honor and trust in what God is doing in His House. The politicians and political realm will bow to Mount Zion, and Mount Zion will be the highest of all mountains (domains and governments). This coming together of the SAINTS and SONS that will cause thekingdoms of the earth to serve the Lord (Ps 102:22).

I foresee when these three movements converge that others in Christian Church will recognize it is the Time for America’s Transformation. They will shift their focus from Mega churches and Mega Ministries to the Omega. He will find pre-eminence and prominence in their pursuit of the future. I foresee America has a final phase to make good what God started on her soil. The nation will rise once again. I foresee that the American Economy and its currency will rise up stronger than it is now; though the growth will move from sluggish to slow to healthy. It will not hit the “Unusual” realm and strength in the next few years (3-5years) but will become once again the currency to be reckoned with. I foresee the ability of the American people to rise above every crisis and rebuild America will cause the Nations to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit.

The prophets of doom who have been sent to prophesy America’s downfall were motivated by the spirit of jealousy stemming out of the nations. Why is it that America has been given all these blessings and prosperity and fame with no price tag or sufferings; so the evil spirits of men have said. Let us strike her to her knees and see if she will still bless and honor her God. The time of calamity and trials are just times of transition. God will give America the grace to rise from one pit to another but she will eventually prevail.

God is summoning America to bear the fruits of repentance and return to her passion for God and for His purpose. As the American Church at large turns to God the power shift at the White House will be felt. Out of Zion will go forth the Sceptre (Ps 110:1-2) not just from the White House!

Since the second Iraq war, America has been stripped of her honor, dignity and place among the Nations. God will remove the curse of the shedding of innocent blood even that of Americans as well as others caught in these wars. When Abraham went to Egypt, he brought back Hagar. But he became obedient as time went by and God commended him to Isaac (Gen 26:1,5). However the Hagar issue still plagued his descendents. God will turn around in His favour to protect this Nation from the ill decisions of its leaders. Policies after policies have kept this nation in debt, in decline and in distress.

This Election will bring no significant change to reroute us towards America’s destiny. However a change of style and policies will put confidence back into America and in the heart of the nation. There must be drastic increase of employment and jobs must be created and filled by the competent. America needs more than just policies but the will and power to implement them accurately. We need more than talk we need the ones who can walk the talk. We need someone who understands the business arena because that’s the only thing that is NOW keeping America from sinking further. We need someone who will train others NOT to be dependent on the government but we need proclaimers who will say, “my own hands have ministered to my own needs”.

“Democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote for themselves largesse from the publictreasury. From that moment on the majority of voters will always vote for the candidate promising the most benefitsfrom the public treasury with the result the democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policies”

Alexander Fraser Tytler

 We need to protect the goose that lays the golden eggs as they are keeping things intact because of their self effort and interest for the well being of their own enterprise. We need to find ways to educate the larger populace to rise above bailouts and handouts. This entitlement mentality is destroying economies across the nations. TheGovernment is not our Shepherd BUT the Lord is. We do not want more of the same for the future. We need change that will cause the people in the streets rolling up their sleeves for work and productivity. We can then create the conducive environment and technology for greater efficiency and effective delivery. There is a new generation in America who has seen the future as God is enlightening their eyes so that they will crossover to takeover. This generation will not die in the wilderness but crossover to posses the land. They are sitting outside the walls of Jericho so that God can finish His work in them, removing the reproach of sin, sickness and satanic influence. Then they will be ready to eat the harvest of the land. They will know how to till the land and work on the ground and produce their own crops and prepare their own meals. That’s the New America.

We will welcome that finishing generation that has power to prevail and grace to govern. This Decade of Acceleration will see the rising of a new breed without greed. They will be like Gideon set upon the national interest and not wrapped up in self agenda (Judg 6:13).A New America needs A New People, A New Passion, A New Church and A New Nation. America this your time to come out from decline and rise up into your former glory. The latter glory will be even more that the former.

God bless America

God’s Servant,

Dr. Jonathan David


The Nature of God is Arising

Arise, Arise, Arise my church. Arise in my nature. For there is coming shortly an arising not of men and women, and not even of men and women who have died to selfish ambition, but there is coming an arising of my very nature upon the earth. For when my nature arises who can stand before its mighty depths. It has shifted nations and confronted the hearts of kings. My nature will contend without contending. It will cause hearts to repent without preaching. It will cause demons to flee without decree. The hiding of sin in hearts will be exposed and the freedom of my nature will cause a willingness in hearts to announce their need of me. Arise in my nature. Arise by my nature. Arise fulfilling my nature. But you say what of those who are dying to self in this hour. Are they not in a process of death that I can be seen through them? Yes, I am perfecting death, to perfect my nature. Just as my sons nature was perfected in death to manifest in life in resurrection. Don’t you know all who die in this hour will be resurrected in my nature? A power will be released through the cost of their lives that will set in motion the full manifestation of my nature upon the earth. This is what happened after my son’s death, a full manifestation then could be seen. There is coming an arising of my nature that has not been seen in this generation who cries out and longs for more than the simplicity of anointing. They are crying in their souls to be transformed and changed and to walk in what is divine and full. Don’t you hear the cry of hearts in this hour? Hearing this cry is the way into the death process. It is the doorway, it is the invitation. Without it the depths of death will not be realized or found. Who will go for me? Who will be my voice? Who will release my presence? Who will be my nature upon the earth? This is what is arising in this hour the seeds of my nature that have been nurtured in the secret place. For some they have held fast to these seeds for years. For others only a short while. But none is less or more. Don’t you know that when my nature arises that so many questions will be answered? So many concerned hearts will be met. So many things will fail in contrast to my glory. For my nature will be encompassed by my glory. This is how you will tell what is truly divine. So take heart this day that my nature is what is beginning to arise. It is truly what all seek.

Vision #2

The second vision is about the merger of 3 congregations and I was speaking to them. Even though it is long It is something really burning in my spirit as unfulfilled. The dream started as I was preaching in front of the people. I was in a new blue suit. It was different than any other time I had been in front of people. There seemed to be a more a settledness and a seemingly very solid foundation. It was in the current building and the building had bleachers at the back with people on them. The bleachers seemed to flow into the floor in such a way you did not realize they were bleachers. The building was wider and deeper and seemed to contain visible depth. These were things in the spirit and not in the natural. I could see my face and it appeared to be different almost like another person, yet I knew this was still me. It told the people that we were going to grow even more. This seemed to please everyone. They seemed like children almost gleeful, yet mature. It seemed that there was much confusion in the community with people wondering about many things. It appeared run down and in financial straits. Yet we seemed to be very well off. We seemed to have revelation flowing and correct things in place yet people still had not come and joined us. The number I guess in the building to be 3-500 people. The Lord told me to announce the joining of three congregations together, ours being one of them, was happening and I would not be in the services for a awhile. The people seemed to understand the great thing God was dong. They knew I must do the Lords will even if it seemed strange. I sensed many thought I was going to meetings with these two other leaders and we would plan some merger, or perhaps I was off speaking again and this had been in the works for awhile. It just seemed they supported not needing to know the details. Myself I had no direction but to announce this and then leave. I walked out the back of the building and over towards an area with stone fences and brown grass, somewhat like Ireland or parts of Europe, to a hill with bleachers like a football field. I saw my catholic cousin Cindy Drish as she stood up before the congregation of people on the bleachers overlooking the hill. They were all waiting for the service to begin. It was not a catholic service but many people seemed to be catholic. The people seemed lifeless and uninterested. The Lord spoke to me that I had the word for the people gathered. I thought it was for the people back in my church and not this gathering of people. I also knew it was for this people before me, but not all. It seemed like another level in the Spirit realm was occurring. This was a place I had not been. My cousin spoke and said “ we are about to hear an anointed word of God from an anointed teacher of God” this was a confirmation to me of what the Lord had spoke to me. I asked the Lord should I go in front of the bleachers out onto the field and preach the word in me to them. There appeared to be no leader. To my surprise he said “no. The anointing within you will preach to them without voice or physical presence in front of them.” I turned around to see at a 90 degree angle to the bleachers and another group of people gathered on chairs on a flat area. The Lord said ‘go over there and stand on the rock retaining wall.” I did so and found myself standing on level ground with a 3 foot rock retaining wall in front of me so I looked down onto the flat filed below. The people were gathered in chairs sitting on a field. A pulpit was in front but it appeared it had not been used for a long time. Papers were scattered on the field and the people were sitting around talking. I looked back at the bleachers only 10 feet away and it seemed the two groups did not know each other existed. I wondered how both groups could know the other could not exist, being so close. It seemed neither had an impact on the other, and they did not distract each other. The Lord told me, “the anointing upon my life would be evident to all.” I stood on the wall waiting for the service on the flat field to start. I asked do you want me to preach to this group since the word was confirmed and I could not to the last group. He said, “no. Stand on the wall, take your position, and see what I will do.” As I did people started to gather. A large group with me on the wall standing and looking down on the field below. I sensed many came from the bleachers only 10 feet away. I sensed many hurts, needs, and a hard journey for them to arrive at this point. I also notice another group joined us on the wall and that group was people from the group on the field. They tipped the chairs over abandoned papers and eventually the field was empty. I looked to the bleachers and notice papers as well and many empty seats. This people had gathered around me but yet not with me. They had been drawn by the presence of the Lord upon me, I was carrying. I still was in my blue suit. I felt that I stood out and my dress was drawing attention to me, yet the Lord had hid my suit from the people. I felt invisible. The Lord then put arrows and a bow into my hand. I told him that I could not take these things, the arrows yes ,the bow no. I knew the  arrows represents the people, their character, truths they have, anointings they have, and ministry.  (I have a teaching on this that the arrow is us, and the bow is always with Gods hand as he shoots us into ministry). I told the Lord, you gave me this teaching, how can I take the bow? This is why I could not take the bow and argued with the Lord. It was to only be in His hand. He said, “it was now time for me to take it into my hand and he would show me how he guides it to place the people.” I argued that this was too much, it was to holy, and that he was the only one who could place people in such a degree. He said, “it is not so” and placed the bow in my right hand with the bunch of arrows already there. He told me, “study the bow in my word and how to use the arrows and I will give you understanding.” I felt an increase of responsibility and authority. I felt I was in the Spirit in depths that no man knew of. I turned back to my church building and began to walk back to it. The crowd that had gathered on the level place all turned and followed me back to the meeting place. I had spoke nothing, I had only went, stood, saw, and had an encounter with God. It appeared my personal encounter that was unseen to all had an effect on a multitude of people. The bow in my hand seemed to make the final difference. It seemed around 3000 people came and joined what we were doing in the original meeting place. In the Spirit something had happened it seemed as if the heavens were opened. The Lord said “you must tell no one of this encounter. It is a secret thing.” I stood before the people, it seemed I had been gone a few weeks, but yet only a day. The people seemed so happy of the increase. This seemed to have a large effect on the climate and condition of the city and region. We knew we could not stay in the building we were at any longer and would have to move. I knew of the field, I knew of the bleachers, both big enough for the people now assembled. The Lord said “no. They will not be sufficient, it will be another place. I will show you the location. Be sure and study on the bow for by understanding its ways and power. It will then give you the confidence to raise it and send the arrows to the next location.” I knew the key to the greatest mystery of the Kingdom was within my hand. It was a key to unlock all other mysteries. I wondered is this part of the key of David to Gods house? I then was in a vision I have had several times in the past 4 years. This was a large place with a long stage area. I can describe it in exact detail right down to the plants on the stage, colors, etc. Bleachers were there and it was like a large gymnasium. I walked onto the stage like I had in past visions, but this time it was different. I looked out and saw the crowd again and it numbered 3-5000. In the past it was always 3000. Now it seemed to be more. This time instead of giving the message and then moving to the next assignment as in times past. The sermon part was different. In the past the sermon part was unclear. I never knew what I had preached. This time it had clarity about it. The bow was in my hand and the arrows lay before me. I was reminded of the man striking the arrows three times in the Bible. I knew the purpose of these meeting. In times past when having this vision the purpose was always unclear and bothered me that I did not know. I could see myself with the bow in my right hand as I preached. The bow was exciting people. Yet they could not see it. I was the only one who could see it. It seemed to be always in my hand. I awake and the Lord said, “do not share this with the people until an appointed time I will show you.” I sensed that if spoke in the wrong season people would make decisions based on the bow and not on the heart. God still desires a sorting.  The Lord showed me a picture of the cross as a Crossbow. Jesus upright body being the arrow being shot to the earth with the gospel of peace touching first. The bow being his outstretched arms and the arrow and bow intersecting at his heart. This is now what I must start to war for!

Visions #1

Last night I was telling a couple people of a vision I have had several times over the years. The vision was a type of mandate or outcome of my life. It is something I have seen hints of, much like many other prophetic words and visions. It and a second prophetic word are the two that seem to be the most prevailing in my thoughts and seem to be what the lord is emphasizing again for this season.

Most of us get visions from the lord and we get so excited about what we have been shown. When we get the vision for the first time we see it in the most holy, pure state of being. It is directly from the heart of God. Then we start walking out theses visions or directions we become discouraged. Why? First a pure vision is trying to be walked out and applied in a world full of a sinful nature. That sinful nature causes people to make wrong choices. It causes people to not receive what you are offering. It is there to stop the vision which is really stopping your destiny God has planned for your life.

I was thinking on this last night after our meeting. How many people I have invested in and yet are not really doing, or have become disconnected, or …..  Not only does our lives affect our own visions but also affect others visions as well. One vision can release other people’s visions. It’s actually like a spiritual movie and we are waiting for the next scene to come up for our viewing. If we don’t have every persons vision in play we miss a scene. Miss enough scenes and the overall movie doesn’t make sense.

So as I was going to bed I was thinking on these things. Would the visions in my life be fulfilled or are there to many scenes missing to make a complete movie. As I was sleeping the Lord was speaking to me about this. He said “don’t worry about the scenes missing, I can splice in what is needed and will bring others who have a scene that will connect and make sense. Begin to pray and war again for the prophetic words over your life. The vision is still being made. The vision I have given you is true. Make it not just a dream you are dreaming about but make it a reality you are reaching for. You know what you must do. Make the commitment to it and see how I will bring it together.”

Now that is encouraging! So I want to share with you the two visions I shared with two people last night. You see the most prominent visions that God has for your life will be the primary things you will speak about when asked.

The first word came from Prophet Joe Crandal several years ago. He states we would be a hub, a center in the center, a place young ones would come to be taught of the Lord. A place of training for fivefold ministers. And they would take the same anointing that is upon us and it would burn in them and they would go out and start revival fires all over to make a giant blaze for the Lord. I feel this vision and word has been fulfilled in a partial way before we relocated to Des Moines. I still have a sense it is yet to fully be fulfilled though. I will share the other vision next time.

Seed or Heart of Awakening?

Today the Lord was speaking to me and said, “Do you have the seeds of awakening within you?” I thought on this for a few minutes but did not respond. Internally I could say yes. The seeds are definitely there. The word has been awakened to me, even for years. I have seen and experience Gods spirit and presence in very tangible ways. I even wear a ring with a drop of oil in it that came down from heaven in a meeting. Surely the seeds are there.

Then the Lord asked “Or do you have the heart of awakening?” I pondered this question. Much like many God asked in times past. The Lord then said to me “many can have the seeds of awakening. These are the ones who plant the concepts, the desires for, and the expectations that moves faith.  Many can carry the seeds but can they carry the heart of awakening?”

As I pondered this I came to these conclusions. The heart of awakening is the burning passion and even burden that cannot live without it. It is carrying something that brings life to the seeds planted. The heart of awakening has the life flow within it. It has the seed, the watering and the knowing how to step aside as only God can bring the increase. Many that have the seeds might try and birth forth only what God can truly bring to life. But for those who have the heart of awakening they are being seed planters in this hour, waiting for hearts as fertile soil to allow the seeds to take hold. The real call for those who have the heart of awakening is to water the seeds that awakening would spring forth in the earth.

The Lord then spoke to me and said “You have the heart of awakening inside you. The heart of awakening is formed as many seeds of awakening have been planted. These seeds have taken over not just a part of your heart but your whole heart. In this hour the internal struggle is you have been a seed planter and this has been your first season. Your second season will be your heart releasing awakening. The transition is moving from releasing seed to releasing water, the flow of the spirit. Awakening is not just seeds, but spiritual life flow. Many are thinking the seeds is the awakening. The awakening will come from the seeds. It will not look like the seed. It will spring forth but take different shape. Even as it appears it will not yet be seen what it shall truly look like. Is this not how my heart is? You know it but its appearing on the earth is different than expected.”

Hold Fast Oh Voices of God

We must not lose heart in this hour. We must not give into the spirit of “dismay.” ( Ezekiel  2:6) We must not allow fathers to consume their sons by undue demands beyond true relationships. And sons to be in a place of consuming their fathers with lives not redeemed in areas. ( Ezekiel 5:10 )Our Faces must be set at this time before cities (Ezekiel 4:3) we must prophecy against it. We must know there is a spirit of deception meeting in cities to plan how to deceive. There are many rebellious in His house and in the nations. (Ezekiel 8:6) We have blown the trumpet to sound the trumpet of preparedness, but not many have responded. ( Ezekiel 7:14) Our nation rest in economic collapse ( Ezekiel 7:12-13).

Though they are rebellious and stiff necked. (Ezekiel 3:14)    Though the idol of music called worship and baal and other abominations that have defiled the temple and made it unholy. ( Ezekiel  8:8-12 ) has not shifted His glory resting over it. It is standing still at times stable, as the throne over whatever transitional place we are at. (Ezekiel 3:23)   It is moving at times, to move us further. (Ezekiel 10:4)

The hand of the Lord is strong upon us. (Ezekiel 3:14)  Stronger than we realize. We can access the courts of heaven of our God. (Ezekiel 8:16)   He has made our foreheads and faces stronger then the faces and foreheads of our enemy. ( Ezekiel 3:8) We will hear his voice, (Ezekiel 3:16)receive his breath (Ezekiel 3:27) and see his glory. (Ezekiel 3: 10) His glory will shift us and move us and finish in us what His dabar over us has declared. (Ezekiel 3:17) We will find the hidden doors of God and revelation and mystery’s will unfold. (Ezekiel 8:8) We have authority over cities (Ezekiel 9:1) As we exercise our authority, then God can move in our cities.

God will siege the cities to the degree we decide to siege the cities. We must prophecy and decree. (Ezekiel 4:7) He will bring coals from the alter and scatter them in our cities. (Ezekiel 10:2)  He will show His glory. (Ezekiel 10:4) We will hear the sounds of heaven. (Ezekiel 10:5)    He will open ancient ways to us. He will open his word as honeycomb to us. (Ezekiel 3:3) He will bring the mark upon our heads, as we cry out against the abominations. (Ezekiel 9:4) He will cleanse, He will speak. He will do as He sees fit.

We must go both in bitterness and the heat of the sprit in this hour. The bitterness of a rebellious house and sinful world, the heat of His spirit burning within us wether they listen or not. ( Ezekiel 3:14) We must eat the roll that he has provided, so a sweetness is in our mouth. ( Ezekiel 3:3)The ancient house of God has not moved or dissolved. Its elders remain. The court is in place. The door of invitation still remains.  Draw near. Come close. Go through. Be marked for God. Be His Voice!!!

Prophetically Preached Word now Unfolding

Many times the Lord gives me a prophetic message to preach. Generally these come as and while I am speaking as the Scriptures suddenly are expanded upon by the Holy Spirit flowing through me in a way that is very supernatural. This does not happen very often but when it does happen I literally close my eyes and pace through the room allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through me. This can go on for a solid hour. It is such a time at the beginning of this year that a prophetic message came out of the book of song of Solomon. The message had the essence of the book within it but the focus was upon the discipleship, call, and impact of what the spirit of God would do in the hearts of people this coming year. The following is only a brief and very small portion of that message. The message was given on 1/28/2012 and can be found on our base website under the media section.

The Lord started out speaking in song of Solomon 1:4 concerning the wooing and drawing of a courtship and invitation of the courts and chambers of the King. It would be a coming into a secret place reserved and prepared by God for a people whose hearts were prepared for him.

Solomon 2:4 it speaks of a banner over us. “There is a banner over us, there is a covering that is coming. We’ve built the house of God and in our state for 3 1/2 years. The house has a foundation in it and a structure to it. This year 2012 God will bring a covering to it. The covering will hide what God put inside the house. What he will put inside the house is more precious than anything we have ever seen. What is precious is what holds the covering up. It will support the weight of the covering of his love, so this love will not crush us”

The Lord revealed to me that that covering is more than the covering of love, but it is a covering of his glory that would rest upon us. This glory is coming to do but one thing and that is the hiding of his holiness. The glory is the covering, and his holiness is what’s most precious that will be placed in the house.

Song of Solomon 2:13. “God says a second time to come away. There will be a call to come, some will come, others will not, but God will call and call again become. There’ll be two calls this year to come away into that place.”

The Lord showed me that we are in that first call. The secret place in the call that is upon the body of Christ right now is a call in the holiness. I am literally seeing some answering this call in this hour. I am also seeing others not responding. This call the Lord is talking of is a deep intimacy which require deep holiness.

Some of Solomon 2:14 “ …. There is something of great value that is coming, it will be coming out of the wilderness, a place nobody’s expecting. People will come of the caves of Adullam year, coming out of hidden places, but coming forth with a perfume fragrance upon them and a pillar of smoke upon them, God burning the dross but also leaving the fragrance where he has been.”

The Lord showed me that this coming forth in this fragrance is the fragrance of holiness. The pillar of smoke upon them is there to hide the holiness from others so that they would desire to seek it as a great hidden thing. The coming forth that will occur at the end of this year will be those that have put themselves in the place of holiness.

Some of Solomon 4: 1 – 5 “…. This year a depth of discipleship that is going to stand out on the mountains and hills for others to see so others will desire to have. ….. The death God is requiring upon his disciples this year is going to enlarge and it will be something noticeable enough that others will recognize it but it will also carry something of life that others will see as well.”

The Lord showed me this death process is a death to the things of the world as we shift into the place of holiness. Holiness will enlarge upon those that have decided to walk into those depths. It will carry life that others would be willing to see is directly related to Hebrews 2:14 that no man would see God unless they follow holiness. The true disciples will be willing to pay the price of this death.

Song of Solomon 4:7 “no spot in the is where God wants to take these disciples there be a remnant that God will take into these things.”

This is nothing less than the description of holiness.

Song of Solomon 4:9 “the neck represents the will of man, the eye represents what we perceive and understand. A ravaged heart is a heart that has been lit on fire by the fire of God. The question is will we do something that will capture the desire of God this year?…. He will see that our eyes are upon him, and are will bent towards him. It will cause his heart to come towards us in a way that is greater.”

“For us to come into the place of holiness it will require a breaking of our will. As our will becomes conformed to the image of his son and the things of the world slide off the true understanding and perception that we are needing in this hour will become our portion. As God sees our will begin to bend and go after him with hearts on fire we will actually capture his desire for us. Not only will our eyes be turned upon him but that his eyes will be turned upon us in a new and fresh way.”

The rest of the book of Song of Solomon we have not yet walked out as of yet, or are at the place of it unfolding. These are just some of the revelations that I received last night out of our time of prayer that started at 10 PM.

What Does God Say?

Today I woke up fighting overwhelming discouragement. I have fought this before but today it was so much stronger than any time in the past. As I wrestled with this, the desire to just quit was the thing I was fighting. I was remembering the prophetic words over my life. The mandate for the state the Lord had spoken. I was also reflecting on the suffering over the years and the things I have had to endure. I know another race is in front of me. Do I have the strength to run it? Will the words be fulfilled or would another end up finishing for me? Am I truly a wise master builder? If others are not running with me I just don’t know if I can do this next leg. Where are the prophets who are to be standing alongside me?  Will anyone run with me? Am I going alone? I know what God has said but it sure seems to be not unfolding. I guess today like David I must encouragement myself again in the Lord.

As I started to write this and got the first paragraph typed out the phone rings. A prophet from another state calls me directed by God to call at that exact moment. He speaks prophetically to me for 20 minutes. He knows nothing and I have had no conversation with him for some time. He starts by a warning of the prophetic attack now started against those young ones under me. (confirming what God was showing me last night)That I have been appointed to pray for them (God spoke this in the night for me to step things up)and this is why I today have felt such an attack.  He speaks the exact scripture God called me with Luke 4:18. He speaks of who I am to minister to. He sees a vision and gives this to me. He speaks of the forerunner call, the investment of God and the Holiness needed. (Holiness is my focus and God is giving me much deep revelation on it recently).  When it is all done the discouragement is lifted and I am ready to face the day.

Some times when we hit the wall like this God steps in and bring you back on course. He knows what we can endure and the breaking point as well. He also can send anyone, at anytime, from any distance, to speak directly to us with a sure word, on time and filled with Him. If you are fighting discouragement God knows your heart and he will send His voice to you once again. He will never give up on the destiny of our lives. It is the carnal mind that fights against God. The warfare rest there. Let your heart connect with His heart and there will be no room for discouragement.

Word That Encourages Me Personally

“See how they suffer for righteousness’ sake. But see the steadfastness of spirit and faithfulness in the midst of the suffering. The Father’s heart is lavished upon them in their suffering, that He might reveal Himself more fully and encourage them in their journey. Not many will stand with them, but God has chosen them and will put His glory in them.

God has made covenant with them and they are set apart to break open many avenues for the Great Outpouring of the Spirit. The hedge of protection is around them for the completion of the work. There are 2,000 people in this country who carry the same mandates as them, but they are blazing the trail for multitudes to come into the greater glory of God.

Only purified vessels can walk in the midst of the fire. They have been speaking of sanctification and carry the end time message of consecration. It shall be released and fall like fire from heaven upon the churches. There are flames of fire hovering over the churches (like cloven tongues of fire). Such purity we have not seen since the days in the garden.

Such protection, Satan knows this is hollowed territory. Its like the fire and the cloud separating Egypt from the children of Israel. The trials have been abundant, but the strength of spirit is more abundant. Champions, warriors. So much yet lies ahead. So many storehouses yet to be opened. Storehouses of weapons for different battles. They must not ask for ‘just enough to get by on’. For the storehouses are overflowing and there is enough provision to carry out their mandates. As they engage the covenant, all of heaven moves and the earth responds. Someone has said, “but how can it be, they are so small?” But the 7-fold Spirit of God has empowered them!”

Peggy Miller Prophet

A Leader and Faithfulness

Today as I was reading an article on leaders who are unqualified to teach, it reminded me of how many leaders were unqualified when God first called them. The one common thing all had was faithful hearts. Josephs heart was tried by the word he had been given. Moses heart was tried as well as God called him to be a deliver after many years of wilderness experience. We all know David’s heart was also right and after Gods own heart. Paul’s heart was to please God even though as a religious leader he faithfully persecuted believers until conversion. It seems all were faithful with the truth they had been given and when more truth came that faithfulness enabled them steward it as well.

I was on assignment last night to deliver a word to man. The word touched him deeply. It can be applied to almost anyone. I did say almost anyone. It went like this: “Consider my servant (the man before me) who has had a faithful heart. I will now show myself through his life in an amazing way. Watch his life and see what I will faithfully do.”

The entire world is watching to see if our lives will show faithfulness to what we believe. But are we studying those leaders who had lived faithful lives, and God has done something amazing in their life? The Holy Spirit spoke to me as I was reflecting on this and said, “I am looking for faithful leaders to pour my spirit through that people would see my faithfulness in their lives. I can do more with the uneducated man who yields to me than the most educated man who has become a fool in his knowledge.”

We discredit leaders by looking at them through the eyes of how much education they have or knowledge they have attained. Both of these are manmade standards and not how God views the spiritual qualifiers he measures by. God is always looking at the heart and faithfulness emerges from the hidden place of the heart. It comes from an intimate relationship that is so cherished and guarded that no circumstance, comments, problem or discouragement will shift its position. From that place of passion, faithfulness is born and comes upon the scene. It is not a decision to act, or move because of obligation but is a response already decided before any opportunity arises.

Faithfulness produces a stewardship that will yield fruits of experiences in God. That stewardship is not just assignments or task to complete; those are only testing tools to reveal to others a person’s heart. The real stewardship is a persons life, their hidden driving forces and motives behind their actions. These play into true faithfulness. Faithfulness is not a persons own will power to perform. This stewardship of a person’s life is what God wants celebrated. Those experiences which come from the stewardship of a life full of truths will teach Gods principles more than any laid out man breathed dissertation can every bring.