Vision: The Hammer of the Lord

8/24/18 1:15 A.M.
The Lord brought me a dream in the in the night season and while in the dream he gave me a vision, He then awoke me from the dream, but the vision continued. He continued to show me marvelous things until he said now go and write of this vision.
The vision was a gathering of many believers. They had come to a large outdoor music festival. They had their chairs and blankets. They had their families and friends. They had come to watch and be entertained. They loved God but had no anointing upon their life for service. They had not been trained or equipped or imparted to. There were thousands upon thousands and tens of thousands gathered before this outdoor stage. They covered the hills surrounding the stage area. Off each side of the stage stretching for miles was huge black curtains creating a defined gathering space in front of stage and outward each side of it.
Off to the side was a large circular auditorium. Within in was a few hundred. But it had started out as a few dozen. They had come as well, but they had come to declare and pray, they had come to dance before the Lord. They had come with one heart and mind and purpose. They had the mind of Christ. They knew the season of the Lord had come. The great season all flesh was longing for. They like the crowd in the field before the stage, they had gathered a crowd as well. I saw the doubling of God occurring repeatedly until dozens had turned into hundreds.
I told them all I must leave and go behind the stage at the outdoor gathering. For some reason black curtains hung on either side of the stage and behind it. The side curtains extend what seemed to be miles. I found and opening like a giant doorway and went behind the stage of those performing as those watching saw me disappear behind the blackout curtains unconcerned I had access.
Behind the stage a few others had gathered. They had heard the spirits voice beckoning them come. Some had strange instruments and others were artist. They were going with the music on the stage, but no one knew they were even there, nor could they hear their sound. But they were all releasing a single frequency. They were all had different giftings varying and all had deep calling, large callings, and I sensed had such substance developed but had been rejected for the most part by the ones in front of the stage and even those on the stage. It was not that the spectator shad even meet the people behind the stage to reject them, it was their spirits had rejected the message and giftings they carried. The ones behind the stage seemed content to be hidden. There was no competition behind the stage, it was not allowed behind the curtain. The Lord said, “Now lift my hammer and let it fall.”
I saw a large hammer with handle about 20 feet long. It was prepared by God for me. I went to it and saw a pad like a mattress was there as well. A large screen was up so we could see the people in front of the stage, it did not show the stage but the people. I lifted the hammer and dropped it upon the pad. It was all I could do to raise the weight 20 feet above me. I lifted it again and dropped it. Each time it became easier, but the head of the hammer seemed to begin to grow as well. Everyone was pleased. I couldn’t understand why the pad, but a man near me said, “it is not yet time but continue to drop it.” There was a frequency it produced that seemed to draw a few more threw the curtains from the front of the stage to the back. I continued to lift and drop and lift and drop until the pad was destroyed and I started to pound the earth with each blow.
Now there was several hundred behind the stage. Musicians of all types and those who could not play an instrument but were given something in their hand. The Lord said, “I am now forming my hammer to begin to release a sound into the earth to destroy all that is not of me.” I continued lifting and dropping and lifting and dropping. The power of the Lords hammer was coming from heaven to earth. It seemed when the hammer was lifted his power came upon it and when it dropped it was released. The frequency was starting to permeate the earth and I could see the side curtains miles away begin to shake. I could also see the great crowd of tens of thousands who had come to watch now beginning to shake as well.
The Lord said, “The hammer of the Lord is now beginning to shake everything that can be shaken. The whole earth will shake with my power and a realigning will now begin. The day of the hammer has started. The builders have come to not be known but hidden behind the veil, the intercessors have come to stay in the circular building until all has been accomplished.” I could see the intercessors were locked in a seemingly endless intercession and it was helping the frequency of the hammer upon the earth be sustained. The tension of the builders and what they released was not fancy words but was a frequency in the spiritual realm. They had learned how to tap the spiritual realm in a way with their hearts that caused far reaching results.
The pounding was growing, the intercession was growing, the crowd watching the stage was growing, the hidden ones behind the veil was growing. I continued the pounding seeing new results with every blow. “This that is hidden is my hammer,” said the Lord, “Continue to pound but let me take your eye to a new place.”
I was able to continue to pound but the Lord lifted me about 40 feet off the ground, and he brought me to the poles holding the side curtains that stretched for miles across the hills. The poles I just knew represented seasons. The Lord said, “bring your eye close to the top and look.” As I did I saw that each pole had a white crystal globe that formed a point. They were light a large light on the top. The Lord said “these are my poles of truth. Look down the line of the poles and what do you see.” I put my eye to the globe and looked and saw that all the poles and all the globes were aligned in a straight line behind it. The Lord said, “what you see is not multiple truth but that when aligned there is but one truth, and only one truth.”
Between each pole of truth there was a single large thick beam of cedar suspended at the top. Several inches thick and several feet tall. The Lord said, “these beams are my paths and the poles of truth are my ways. The poles are seasons of truth and the beams are generations connected to truth. Generations had touched truth to truth. They were always attached to truth from beginning to end.” The revelation of this flooded through me of the depth of what it meant. The paths varied from 50 to 100 to 500 feet, to even a mile in length. I could sense it was increments of 50, generations. I could tell the hammer of the Lord had brought an alignment of the truths within the earth to become aligned as one truth. I also knew it was aligning the people of God, that the alignments were not because of a person’s network or personality but because of truth.
I then saw something amazing. Each pole of truth a golden oil had appeared. And was running down from the top to the pole below. It seemed to be flooding from the globe of light at the top and was flowing completely around the perimeter of the pole and had flowed into the earth at the base. The Lord said, “my people have come to each truth and gathered around it, camping to not continue the path to other truths.” I saw the beams now begin to form golden oil to the point it was saturated and large drips had formed on the bottom of the beams. As the hammer of the Lord continued it was shaking the earth and thus shaking the poles of truth. They remained perfectly imbedded and the pathway beams so tightly joined (generations tightly connected to truth) to them the oil from heaven upon the beams began to drop into the earth. The redemption of the earth was underway.
The Lord spoke and said, “you long for the oil to touch you, and I long for the oil to redeem my creation fully.” I could see the oil was beginning to saturate the whole the earth. Alignment had come. The hammer of the Lord continued but now since truth had aligned the black curtains were gone the crowd of hundreds of thousands before the stage could now see the hidden ones behind the stage. They desired to leave the place of being entertained but to do so they had to cross under the pathway of God and let the dripping oil touch them. A new curtain had appeared a curtain of golden oil. They had to walk through a curtain of oil so thick they were completed covered in the oil.
The Lord said, “keep the hammer going for look at all it has aligned and what it has accomplished. My hand in this hour is upon the hidden ones behind the stage of men. They are my hammer. They are the hammer of the Lord.”


What Season Is It

With the end of the year, there is always so much discussion concerning the next year we are stepping into. Everyone asks “What is God saying about this next year?” It’s as if the Gregorian calendar suddenly releases God’s voice to speak something new or different than what He has already been saying. We try to analyze the year by the Hebrew numerical system and the meanings of letters. We then put our faith into what these definitions mean trying to empower them, but also limiting what God can do. We usually come down to the same conclusion. The past year was not so good and the next year is going to be better.
What we don’t realize is that we are making an indictment upon ourselves concerning our own walk with God and our expectations. We, in a subtle way, are saying we are not happy with the past and we are hoping that future is going to be better. We shift our faith off what we have believed for to something new to believe. Many times we never come back to the original intentions of God for our life to complete it. I wonder if some of this comes down to a humanistic viewpoint. Humanism is when we believe God exists to make me happy. I did not live as happy as I wanted to last year and I hope I will be more happy this year. We shift what we are believing for and it always is shifted to what is going to bring happiness to us. When I said yes to the call, I gave up my rights. I said I would go where He wanted me to go, and say and do what He wants me to say and do. If it was up to me, I would be doing something different and living someplace else. It would then be what pleases me. But my decision of Lordship is not about me but always about what pleases Him. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. That should fill us with delight!
Maybe we don’t need to look for a new word but see how God would expand upon what is already in motion. Maybe we still have assignments we did not complete that need to have our attention. When we dismiss the past season we actually nullify our foundations to build upon. The question I have is: how many of the prophetic words given last year are now fulfilled? Did they come to pass? Were they truly a prophetic word or exhortation? As I am getting older in the faith, it is easier for me to not be moved by just another prophetic word, or a generic ‘fits all’ type word. I’m moved by the words that hold the fire of God and His breath on them. Words that give hope but prick the heart with reality that must be attained. Words that don’t set direction as much as set the fear of God to be resident in the heart.
I can tell you the season we are in and we should all be able to recognize it. We are in a season of the expansion of the Kingdom of God. We are in a season of awakening. We are in a season of God dealing in our hearts, convicting us of our sin and our transgression. He is purging our iniquities with mercy and Truth. He is confronting our unbelief, redefining our identity, and fine tuning our assignments. He is bringing us into holy community and sonship. He is connecting and forming us in a family, a tribe, and a holy nation. He is setting the stage for a display of His Kingdom.
He is dealing with the Church to see themselves as a sovereign people living in a sovereign moment to do a sovereign work. Thus revelation will only come as the Church truly tarries before the Lord until His nature is formed and this grace is released. He wants us to carry more than anointing but His breath and the understanding of the very origin points of God’s intentions and principles. He is truly taking us deeper into the seriousness of the Kingdom.
You see nothing has changed for me because the calendar page flipped. Sure it’s great to get exhortation and encouragement, that’s what most of the words are at this time of the year. They come to encourage us to fulfill what already has been spoken prophetically. They might remind us the prophetic destiny that is before us.

Building the Throne of God …. Part 2

Let me begin by giving a vision I had of the throne. I have had several thrown room visitations and I will only speak of the most recent one. I was in a meeting in Paducah Kentucky with Apostle David Kelly and Freed Center. During the worship I had a vision of the throne and Jesus seated there. I knew the vision would part of my journey and I also had a sense it was for the speaker John Alley. I alter would find out just how far reaching this vision was.

In this vision I was taken to the throne. Jesus was seated there and before him were 5 steps representing grace. A large stone table was before him just beyond the bottom step. On this stone table were two large scrolls. Each a single scroll with handle son both ends. The paper in the middle was not paper but was liquid granite spinning. These scrolls seemed to be availed to anyone wishing to reach out for them.

I saw the Lord bend over while seated and lift the scroll on his right. When he did the fiery spinning granite would continue to spin and suddenly a tongue of fire would come out several feet protruding in the direction of the other scroll. When it went out it then would become solid granite and had writing on it that could be seen from the throne. The lord would begin to drop the scroll and the tongue of granite would repel back into the fiery spinning scroll. The Lord would pick up the other scroll and in same manner it would all occur again protruding towards the other scroll as well. Then he would place that scroll down on the stone table as well.

Then he would lean backward and simply call for the scroll. He was calling for it because he wanted to stay at rest. The scroll he called for would lift from the table and beginning to fly around the throne all ablaze and spinning. It would come into his hand and then he raised it. The Lord said, “When you raise this scroll in your hand it will become a living scepter by which to rule from.” Then he would release the scroll and it would flay and return. The second scroll again was repeated through this process and the same words of it being a living scepter was spoken when he raised it.

Then I saw the Lord reach down to the table and pick up both scrolls at once. The tongues of fire came forth just like before but now the two joined in the middle and interlocked. They became hard like granite again and I could hear the angles say you can stand on this now. The words appeared on each scroll and when they came together in the middle they became a single sentence to be read. I knew this meant a seamless grace could be found in the Old and New testaments. God was showing me something of great magnitude about the throne, his seven graces, his seven natures and what he desired to bring forth.

In the vision I knew I could also take the far handle and lift the scroll at any time as well and it would become solid with writing. The throne is knowing the time and seasons and also the intentions of God. It also is declaring with all boldness the scepter of His word. Ruling with that word and allowing that word to be flaming sword by which we rule. It is place where the priests of God who carry his nature release his expression. These priests are beginning to be woven into a single garment and covering for our state. They as a remnant, a holy community, a covering much like the covering of these flying flaming scrolls. They have been set aside to handle the holy things of God. The flaming spinning whirlwinds of heavens scroll. These priest will rule and reign and decree with all authority standing on the word as they read a seamless grace. They will steward that grace seeing the new wineskin of Sonship being birthed to hold the new wine of Holy Community. Tomorrow part 3.

Investing the Revelation Again

Tonight I got into a conversation with my wife about all the people we have invested into over the years. As I began to reflect on the investment I have made, not just in conferences and speaking to people along the journey of life, I also started to once again remember the past investment of all the sons and daughters we invested into as well. Perhaps I should explain that so you fully grasp what I mean.

We started and ran a school of ministry for over 12 years. We had a high attendance of 45 students teaching 450 hours in a first year and 70 additional hours in a second year. This along with 2 services a week and hours weekly in mentoring and spiritual father the students. Because we housed students and our offices were right there, and with our open door policy we spend a lot of time investing. It would be equal to almost 10 years of teaching in a weekly church service done in one year. In other words a lot of investing and more than most leaders could ever imagine. These students for the most part became my sons and daughters.

Over time some students left and moved on with life. Some to go out and only be involved in life. Still others to do ministry and have impact around the world. A few went backward to old mindsets. Over the years I have been asked a single question repeatedly. How do you keep investing when so many seem to later deny the investment in their lives and dishonor you in their decisions? I hear this about every 3-4 months minimum. Well first they dishonor Gods investment in their lives and second the next person coming along deserves the same chance of investment as the previous ones. You see it’s not me to decide what to do with the investment, it is up to the individual. They will one day have to give an account for was given to them.

Recently we had a prophetic word “do it all over again”. My first thought was “really God are you serious.” You see before we started over 50 schools internationally. We did 3-4 major conferences a year drawing a couple hundred people. We ran a daily school, traveled overseas at least 2-3 times a year with teams and traveled speaking in conferences. All in all raising a family, birthing ministries and coming along side leaders all at the same time was quite the task. I have started down the journey again and even though most think things are moving I feel we are just getting started and are at the beginning stages.

Today the investment continues but this time it is different. This time God has brought me not a bunch of young adults but more mature and seasoned. He has brought me leaders from across the nation who are serious about investment and who immediately put it into practice. God is bringing the prequalified. In all honesty I feel honored by those I’m currently investing into, following my post, listening to my message, and reading my books. It is very different this time in many ways. The influence of Gods working grace in my life makes me feel humbled and very much serious about the next steps to take as we will “do it all over again”.

But what I am investing now is greater wisdom and revelation than any time in the past. Within the last 2 years I feel what I am releasing now does not compare to what was invested in times past. It seems like all of the past was training in “how” and now is the release of “what”. Now what I am believing for is the “who”.

The prophetic word said “Young people would come from all over the nation and live here at the BASE to be spiritually fathered”. I’m believing for another group of young adults, another group of radical warriors, a group that has been presorted instead of post sorted. I believe for those God would relocate here to be a part of things not just for a season, but possible long term in building a Midwest center, a major ministry in Iowa. God has put in my heart to build his throne here in Iowa in the heart of the nation, the first place his throne is really built is the heart. To build a dwelling, to build a spiritual community, to build a people into true sons and daughters who are active not just in faith but in impact.

Here is some thoughts from my book Awakened Heart!


Here is some thoughts from my book Awakened Heart!

Today as I came into the office, the Lord spoke to me and brought to remembrance a visitation that I had with him within the last year. The Lord spoke to me a great mystery concerning expectation. It forever has changed my concepts of faith and approach towards God. The Holy Spirit has quickened to me to share this with you in this week’s teaching. I trust it will be a great blessing for you.
Psalm 62:5-7My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. 6 He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved . 7 In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God .
Many of us have seen this Psalm before. We read it as if our expectation is towards God, when in reality it’s says our expectation is from him. The word ‘expectation’ means hope, ground of hope, things hoped for, or outcome. David spoke this decree based on the foundation of his faith. He declares who God has been in his life. We see later on that Solomon, David’s son, also talks of expectation in Proverbs.
Proverbs 24:13-14 My son, eat thou honey, because it is good; and the honeycomb, which is sweet to thy taste : 14 So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul: when thou hast found it , then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off .
Solomon declares that when wisdom becomes a part of our soul there shall be a reward, and that reward is that our expectation will not be cut off.
In this visitation, God woke me up at 3:30 AM . He had been preaching to me while I slept and then gave me these points to share with others. He also gave me the Scriptures to go with each section.
1. Expectation releases the supernatural deposit within us. It comes from within the vessel be it a vessel that is unsaved or saved Acts 1:1-7— 2:1.
The Lord showed me that saved or unsaved, that he had deposited expectation within every vessel. That we did not have the ability or the expectation within ourselves to seek him or hunger after him before we knew him. That this expectation deposit was what enabled us to experience salvation. This expectation enabled us to understand our need for God. He had put that expectation within every man, woman, and child to know God. Like David, every person has a hope within them. Even the vilest person has this deposit of hope or expectation abiding within. God showed me that no matter what a person says, excuses they make, or actions they display, deep within, is his expectation for himself that he deposited. The Lord showed me this is a key to unlocking any person’s heart.
2. Fresh expectation always will produce the suddenlies in our lives. Mal 3:1, Acts 2
Lord showed me that every ‘suddenly’ in our lives did not just occur but was the result of the release of expectation within us. He showed me that expectation also had creative ability within it that released the suddenlies that we see in Scripture. He showed me that as we walk in life, we always have an expectation of the day. That expectation is releasing things around us and putting them in motion towards us. But he showed me that a fresh expectation is what releases the suddenly. Fresh expectation is a collision of our faith with God’s hope.
3. Expectation sometimes comes for a service as people begin to gather, that is why messages sometimes do not come until the last moment. Acts 3:5
The Lord showed me that many times messages must change at the last moment before being presented. It’s due entirely to people’s expectation that they release. He showed me that leaders must be willing to change their message at any given moment because people’s expectations are shifting. He showed me that when everyone’s expectation becomes the same that is when His glory can invade. This synergy is when everyone’s faith and hope collide, allowing God to descend in a certain way to meet with everyone as if they were one person, body, or voice.
4. When expectation shifts from an event to a daily lifestyle then revival has come to the people of God. Some can be in revival while others are not. Acts 3:5
The Lord further expanded this by this statement. He showed me that revival, awakening, or reformation is depended upon a daily expectation more than a weekly event. The reason we are not seeing the results that we are looking for in the Church is because most of the Church only has an expectation for a single service each week. Revival, awakening, or reformation all has the makeup of daily expectation. The Lord showed me Paul’s daily expectation and how he walked in it. The release of daily faith caused the revival, awakening, and reformation of the early Church to occur daily not weekly.
5. Awakening is the when the expectation of the Church exceeds the unbelief of the community. Acts 12
The Lord showed me a community that has been completely changed because of the Church. He made the statement above and spoke to me that the Church’s expectation has to exceed the unbelief of the community. He showed me that when we realize the expectation is not from us but from him, he would change our perspective of what we would believe could really happen within a community. The awakening in a community is not about unbelievers getting saved at the church, but the Church coming into her realization of who God really is. He showed me how Peter was put in jail but that the Church’s expectation of God was greater than what held him. Even then, unbelief was rampant in the Church. He showed me expectation of the few gathered to pray exceeded the unbelief of the many. He told me not to worry about the numbers. But to make sure that the few were in unity and had the same expectation.
6. Expectation is hope. Faith is putting expectation in fullness. This is why expectation releases revival. The Church’s hope in God and His ability to perform His covenant exceeds the world’s state of hopelessness. Heb. 11:1
The Lord showed me that expectation carries the same dynamic and power as faith. He showed me that when we activate our faith we are actually putting in motion the expectation that he already has ownership of within our heart. This great hope exceeds the hopelessness of the world. Hopelessness carries a certain degree of power but expectation released is as if the power is doubled because faith is involved. He showed me that expectation is based upon our understanding that we know He is about to perform His covenant. The Lord showed me that many understand the covenant but many do not understand how the covenant goes into action. He spoke to me that it is about faith and expectations are the keys that unlocks covenant.

Visitation – “Authority Within Set Time”

This morning the Lord woke me at 3:00 AM. This is always the time God has chosen to have in-depth conversations with me. It never fails as I come out of sleep with a “knowing” the spirit is near for conversation and I turn to look at the clock it has always been exactly 3:00 AM. It is never a minute less or more.

The Lord began by saying “I want to talk to you about your authority, specifically your authority as an apostle”. He then proceeded to speak, first about the authority we all have as believers. We have as sons and daughters have positional authority because of the spirit of adoption. We have the same rights and privileges as Jesus who is our savior/ redeemer and spiritual brother. But for those of us with a governmental position in the kingdom we have a governmental position with authority to go with that function as well. I understood all he was saying, but the Holy Spirit was relaying foundation. This was what the Lord began to speak to me about.

He said that all authority is ordained by him and is positioned in the earth for a set time. That the authority on the earth 100, or 1000 or even 10 years ago was effective for that chronos upon the earth but would not be effective for this season. (We are talking governmental authority of a fivefold office and not individual authority which is consistent no matter the time or season of the earth) That every season also has been assigned men and women to have positional authority for the time they have been set in place. That many desire to have authority from another era, but it would be non effective today. There is an authority that is to operate NOW in the earth and if operated will have the same effect.

He then showed me a policeman, a president, and army general. How those in times past with the season of the earth they each were positioned in and how their authority operated. Then he took them from the past forward and showed them trying to use authority and how people listened but did not respond. He then took people from the present time and showed them trying to speak with authority in the past and how it was not relevant.

The Lord then spoke and said “if you would use your authority as an apostle daily you would see the umbilical cords coming from second heaven be cut off people’s lives in a drastic way and they would become more free. (All things in second heaven are spiritual but not all things are from God.) You have the authority to wield like a great sword above the heads of people and can cut off chains of bondage.” He then showed me the cords trying to bring the wrong kind of life into people. He showed me the outcome that authority is positioned between heaven and earth as a covering and protection from demonic attack from second heaven. When that authority is not in place then people are subject to bandage’s, circumstances and other things.

He also showed me every day was also a set time within others measures of time. He showed me how authority was connected with time but not just a season of life, or a year but even down to a single day. That in some things the single day required authority for that day and that day alone. That certain things required movement in that moment to change the spiritual condition and climate. I was challenged but what he was saying and showing me.

He then showed me the relationship to chronos time and authority of fivefold offices. When Gods government does not know the times and seasons of the earth it affects how they use their authority. He showed me the standing still of the sun so a battle could be won. He showed me most fivefold ministers do not use authority because of not knowing the season of the earth they are in or their position in God. Most of the body is held in a bondage that could easily be broken if His ministers would take position as true covering and not a dictatorship demanding submission. I know for me I have grown weary in battling so many things over the years with so few willing to battle along side or battling for the wrong things.

The Lord knew my thoughts. He said “I know, but it’s time to rise up again. Now you will see how much more effective you will be! Your season is coming to fullness not completion! The understanding gained will cause the reach of the sword to be extended! It is a season of time the few can reach far. They will be given a further reach, reaching over areas where others will not rise up. It is a season of a blanket of authority will be placed over the people of the earth. ” I know there is a strength coming to those who are weary. It will be a fresh breath to lift us! We are starting to feel this breath carry us at the BASE.

He then showed me America and the saved and unsaved. The church accepting that which holds no authority because of the lack of knowledge and understanding. Assuming that what is seen is the best of what can be attained. He then showed me the unsaved. Amazingly they had taken the role and position of the church accepting that which holds no authority because of the lack of knowledge and understanding. Assuming that what is seen is the best of what can be had.

I challenge those of you in ministry to extend your reach of authority. Shake off the weariness we all experience and see how God will shift you to cut cords of bondage. Get an infusion of His breath and gain  strength. We are about to take land we have never held before!

Prophecy Over New America 2013 and Beyond

This is the most accurate prophetic  word that I have read concerning America after the election. I ask you to read it and pass this on to others so they can be encouraged as well. It comes from well known apostle, Jonathan David, from Malaysia. I had the privilege of ministry conference with his spiritual son several years ago. From that point I started following is your father Jonathan David, for the past 12 to 15 years and seeing nothing the accuracy on prophetic direction that he gives. Since we are not hearing to clear word from our national prophets, God speak to us from other nations as they are looking from the outside in. For me I follow leaders and other nations more than our national leaders as the direction and perception is more clear and pointed without the fluff and feel good words that many bring here in the US to maintain their followings. I trust that this word encourages you as much as it does me. It resonates deep in my spirit as a roadmap for the next few years.

Prophecy Over New America 2013 and Beyond

“Redesign, Realign, Rebuild and Restore America”

The Church in America has assumed that there has been a systematic power shift from God’s House to the White House. The enemy has had deceived the Church to believe this lie and force them to accept the place of defeat in the spirit realm. This is further compounded by the Churches divisive line around political ideologies and personalities. The church  has taken their basic human right to chose who they are to vote into the self agenda and humanistic realm.

The Church in America must rediscover her place, position and power in the affairs of their Nation and the nations of the world. God is summoning the Church in America to regain her place as Head over the Nation. She is to believe that her Lord is on the Throne and He has not abdicated His rule. Kingdoms may come and kingdoms may collapse BUT He is still on the throne. The church sits before Him in honor and this reality must hit home among the Christians across America.

The Christian supporting the different political parties see their human right perspective as the deciding factor rather than the prophetic aspects of God’s purposes and destiny for this land. Until the Church recognizes that and pull together as One Voice, One People, One Race, One Nation, for One Purpose and One Destiny, the White House will symbolize the illusive power of men over the kingdom of God.

The Church will become the Tipping Point to stop the power struggles in the political arena. The Church from all across America must unite as One Voice and be His Representative to lead the Nation into this Decade of Acceleration.

The Church must stop dividing itself and weakening its hold on National agenda and Destiny. The Church must pull together if America is to regain her place, position and power in the Spiritual Realm and before the Nations. Thus saith the Lord, “I will kindle a fresh fire in the heart of the Nation, a new love and passion for the land. A fire that will burn every dry tree and every green tree until all are consumed by its engulfing flame. I will ignite this fire and spread the flames across the nation.There will soon be a breaking down of these divisions that is keeping My House divided. A sovereign Move and a fresh Fire will consume these barricades of men and boundaries of ancient powers. I will cause them to become united on the kingdom Agenda for this Nation.I have not finished with America yet. There is a final move that I will bring across America to “Redesign, Realign, Restore and Rebuild America!

This Move of God will give America an opportunity to Update and Upgrade. Each Church denomination and strategic ministries will need to come into the Kingdom agenda and mandate; particularly the Charismatic, Faith and Prophetic Movements will converge and become the leading force for this Decade of Destiny (2012 – 2022). No longer will it be said that the Charismatic Movement are just superficial, the Faith Movement just indulgent and the Prophetic just futuristic. The Lord will cause this thing to come about suddenly that they can see the bridge to connect with each other and in doing merge to become upgraded and updated; to complement and complete each other. It is this coming together on the Kingdom Platform that will restore the power, honor and trust in what God is doing in His House. The politicians and political realm will bow to Mount Zion, and Mount Zion will be the highest of all mountains (domains and governments). This coming together of the SAINTS and SONS that will cause thekingdoms of the earth to serve the Lord (Ps 102:22).

I foresee when these three movements converge that others in Christian Church will recognize it is the Time for America’s Transformation. They will shift their focus from Mega churches and Mega Ministries to the Omega. He will find pre-eminence and prominence in their pursuit of the future. I foresee America has a final phase to make good what God started on her soil. The nation will rise once again. I foresee that the American Economy and its currency will rise up stronger than it is now; though the growth will move from sluggish to slow to healthy. It will not hit the “Unusual” realm and strength in the next few years (3-5years) but will become once again the currency to be reckoned with. I foresee the ability of the American people to rise above every crisis and rebuild America will cause the Nations to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit.

The prophets of doom who have been sent to prophesy America’s downfall were motivated by the spirit of jealousy stemming out of the nations. Why is it that America has been given all these blessings and prosperity and fame with no price tag or sufferings; so the evil spirits of men have said. Let us strike her to her knees and see if she will still bless and honor her God. The time of calamity and trials are just times of transition. God will give America the grace to rise from one pit to another but she will eventually prevail.

God is summoning America to bear the fruits of repentance and return to her passion for God and for His purpose. As the American Church at large turns to God the power shift at the White House will be felt. Out of Zion will go forth the Sceptre (Ps 110:1-2) not just from the White House!

Since the second Iraq war, America has been stripped of her honor, dignity and place among the Nations. God will remove the curse of the shedding of innocent blood even that of Americans as well as others caught in these wars. When Abraham went to Egypt, he brought back Hagar. But he became obedient as time went by and God commended him to Isaac (Gen 26:1,5). However the Hagar issue still plagued his descendents. God will turn around in His favour to protect this Nation from the ill decisions of its leaders. Policies after policies have kept this nation in debt, in decline and in distress.

This Election will bring no significant change to reroute us towards America’s destiny. However a change of style and policies will put confidence back into America and in the heart of the nation. There must be drastic increase of employment and jobs must be created and filled by the competent. America needs more than just policies but the will and power to implement them accurately. We need more than talk we need the ones who can walk the talk. We need someone who understands the business arena because that’s the only thing that is NOW keeping America from sinking further. We need someone who will train others NOT to be dependent on the government but we need proclaimers who will say, “my own hands have ministered to my own needs”.

“Democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote for themselves largesse from the publictreasury. From that moment on the majority of voters will always vote for the candidate promising the most benefitsfrom the public treasury with the result the democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policies”

Alexander Fraser Tytler

 We need to protect the goose that lays the golden eggs as they are keeping things intact because of their self effort and interest for the well being of their own enterprise. We need to find ways to educate the larger populace to rise above bailouts and handouts. This entitlement mentality is destroying economies across the nations. TheGovernment is not our Shepherd BUT the Lord is. We do not want more of the same for the future. We need change that will cause the people in the streets rolling up their sleeves for work and productivity. We can then create the conducive environment and technology for greater efficiency and effective delivery. There is a new generation in America who has seen the future as God is enlightening their eyes so that they will crossover to takeover. This generation will not die in the wilderness but crossover to posses the land. They are sitting outside the walls of Jericho so that God can finish His work in them, removing the reproach of sin, sickness and satanic influence. Then they will be ready to eat the harvest of the land. They will know how to till the land and work on the ground and produce their own crops and prepare their own meals. That’s the New America.

We will welcome that finishing generation that has power to prevail and grace to govern. This Decade of Acceleration will see the rising of a new breed without greed. They will be like Gideon set upon the national interest and not wrapped up in self agenda (Judg 6:13).A New America needs A New People, A New Passion, A New Church and A New Nation. America this your time to come out from decline and rise up into your former glory. The latter glory will be even more that the former.

God bless America

God’s Servant,

Dr. Jonathan David