Five fold Office or Five fold Gifting

The Apostolic today is hurting in function due to many false concepts and understandings. Not only did Jesus only commission apostles, but the fivefold “offices” in Eph. 4 are not listed as “offices” but listed as gifting. The word ‘gifting’ is the word “doma”.  “Doma” comes from a word meaning ‘to give so you have an advantage, to supply something that is needed, to extend, and to give to one’s care’. Now this is where we see the confusion in many ways.      

 First, the word ‘office’ is not seen in scripture to describe five fold ministers. It is a definition to describe man made systems of structure and organization. It describes a chain of human authority. The gifting described here is really given to the entire Body. It is a stewardship of the charisma of the Spirit and the grace upon them and how it is transferred to the Body. It is a stewardship role, and not an ownership role that the word ‘office’ applies.  By saying there are offices and not gifts, automatically brings a human authority structure to them, thus diminishing the gifting and loosing the spirit of jealousy.  This is why the prophetic and now the apostolic Doma are struggling to fit into the Body in function. The Body is also struggling as they are not getting full advantage as God has intended.   

 Second, the gifting or doma carries a certain charisma with it. It is a spiritual charisma or function.               1 Cor. 12 talks of this “Charisma” or gifting. All members of the Body of Christ carry “Charisma” or functions of the Spirit. Most people today describe themselves or the fivefold ministry by defining the “office” which has a certain human charisma perspective. This is the reflection of a man’s personality and its influence upon others rather than the Charisma of how that person yields to the Spirit and the Spirit’s flow through them.  In other words, people believe they are apostles based on their own Charisma and not the Spirit’s and based on seeing themselves in an ‘office’ instead of being a gift. This Charisma of a fivefold  gifting is the release of grace the gift carries being seen and not the personality of man trying to give definition to the gifting. It even goes beyond the “Charisma” that all the members are to move in as found in 1 Cor. 12. It is the stewardship of that Charisma so they not only function but accomplish the work of ministry which is the advancement of the Kingdom of God. I see many drawn to the personality of a person, over the personality of God or the Holy Spirit the person is allowing to flow through them. The main difference is the charisma of man stirs the flesh and emotions, the charisma of the Spirit stirs the Spirit within us to come alive to expression.       

 Lastly, all fivefold ministry has a certain grace with it. Paul discovered it and even said he had been given a dispensation or stewardship of this grace. The word ‘grace’ means more than God’s favor. It means ‘the ability of God to produce change’ be it negative or positive. That is exactly what occurs before we are saved, God’s grace is working on us and in some ways He has allowed very negative things to occur. We say’ by God’s grace we are saved’ never seeing the negative as God’s grace as well. When we get saved, we see the grace only in a positive light. But even the hard times can be God’s grace. Paul said it best when he said “God’s grace is sufficient for me”. This grace is required to perfect the saints for the work of ministry. It is required to bring us to unity of the faith.  When we try to operate or steward a grace that is not upon us, we do great damage to the Body of Christ. The outcome is lacking and many end up confused as the grace will produce results unless man gets in the way of its working. The reason we operate in a grace not flowing from us is we do not understand the ways of God, or the way His grace is working. For the most part, the mercy “charisma” tries to step into fixing situations not realizing God has allowed the situation to bring change, thus short changing the full impact and intention of God.  Many today are struggling in their calling because of trying to be in an office, overseeing themselves as a gift, defining themselves by their own charisma and not the Spirit’s, and by trying to steward a grace that actually belongs to another.  We must know the ways of God!


Apostolic Suffering

We all suffer many things in life. Some are self induced due to our poor decisions. We may suffer for what we believe or for righteousness sake. We may even suffer because of others actions or lack of actions. The Holy Spirit woke me this morning and began speaking to me about the suffering of true apostles.

Apostles’ suffering is different from the “fellowship of suffering”. Apostles experience all the forms of suffering and take on one more as well. The suffering they endure is beyond them personally or their personal suffering but it’s suffering because the plan and intentions of God are being rejected by his sons and daughters thus the entire plan of God is delayed or sidetracked wasting precious time. Apostles are strategists, visionary planners and know the intentions of God.  As wise master builders, they see how the pieces fit and what will be created. When people reject the investment of God and God’s plan for their life, they never stop to see how their life affects the overall larger plan of God He is trying to unfold. Apostles take on the suffering due to others’ decisions to reject God in these areas.

True apostles carry a suffering in how these decisions affect the heart of God and His intentions. They relate directly to missing elements within that plan, once present but now missing.  Each ministry gift relates to the suffering of Christ differently. True apostles take on the sufferings of Christ in this area, not so much his rejection but another aspect- the rejection of God’s plan. True apostles do not take the suffering personally, or in other words it does not affect them negatively nor is it a thing of “look at me suffer for what I am doing”. But true suffering by true apostles is done in humility and in secret and seldom talked about. They carry suffering as a battle scar and reminder of how men can reject God’s intentions at any time. For the most part even when things are going well for them, apostles are still suffering. It actually is almost a lifestyle as they see the end and desire to see it in fullness.

False apostles portray their suffering to try and get affirmation of their false identity and office. They believe if others see them suffer then that affirms them. Nothing can be further from the truth. Most who claim to be apostles and have suffering is because of their own decision to take on a false identity, an identity God never intended. Their suffering is personal and they take the circumstances in life personally. These false apostles see their personal suffering as part of an ongoing lifestyle to bring affirmation. After all, the only way they see suffering is through personal suffering for righteousness sake possibly, and relate to the rejection of Christ on the cross being rejected by men. They become self deceived in what true suffering is. They find themselves in a perpetual state of saying the right words but seeing no result. Thus suffering is the fruit coming from being self deceived and is possibly the worst kind of deception because it comes from the individual themselves so they cannot see it as easily as coming from an outside source. The kingdom is not advance but that does not affect them, not being affirmed does.

The true sufferings of an apostle cause them to be on guard to make sure God’s strategy and intentions are always going forward with multiple participators. If one drops, another is in place to take their role. This suffering has caused them to be a “wise master builder” in approach and contingency planning. They are suffering for the sake of the King and His kingdom coming to the earth. The things others see as suffering as they go through life, things all believers endure, hold no grip on them and are discarded as not truly suffering because no lasting fruit is being produced.

True apostles actually see suffering as part of the process of their own development and also the only way the truths of God will come to bear in the earth. True apostles suffer for the things that bring God’s intentions and plan to the earth. They are suffering for the Word’s sake. Suffering for the advancement of the Kingdom to their own demise. Suffering hardship to unlock the destiny and dreams in others. Suffering the loss of spiritual sons and daughters who were not willing to embrace God’s plan and strategy. Every true apostle has suffered the loss of these things and if they have not, then their apostleship may be in question. Most apostles suffer in silence as “the sufferings are not worthy to be compared to the Glory yet to be revealed”. So why would they talk of the suffering when a greater Glory is coming?

The Kingdom of God suffers violence and comes with opposition. It comes with a price and every apostle knows it. They know there will be loss. They know they will be misunderstood and rejected, but they also know the rejection is not towards them personally but of the Message and models they bring.

Definition of Five Fold Offices

With so much confusion and assumptions on the ministry gift offices in the body of Christ we have written up some definitions to better define these. Let us first state that all of the five fold offices stated in Eph 4:11 are not titles but functions. Second that promotion comes ultimately from God through other fivefold offices recognizing and affirming.  Third that a person gift makes room for him and the honor given is not honor taken by that gift.  We also state that a person can be in more than one office, but generally one will be more dominating than others. And lastly because a person has some tenacity towards a certain office does not mean that is the final or primary call. As with these offices they are have the dynamics of a true disciple and have already been and continue to do these dynamics. A divine calling and the fulfillment of that calling has a period of development.  Paul said “takes time to make your calling and election sure”. The word calling means invitation and the word election means the act of God choosing.

Ephesians 4:11-13 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; 12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: 13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:


We see in Eph 4:11 five gifting given. Verse 11 tells of  the office, verse 12 tells of the reason these gifts are given and also show how the trinity works with these gifts, and verse 13 parallels verse 12 in how these gifts function.  We believe there are five gifting producing 4 functions. We also believe these gifting are evident today and all five are needed and in operation.  Though some might be denied operation or tried to be not recognized, none the less, they do exist possibly with limited exercised authority do to mans denial.

 Five ministry gifts each have distinct operations

           1. Apostles – unity of the faith

          2. Prophets – knowledge of the Son of God

          3. Evangelists – bring us unto a perfect man

          4. Pastors – bring us unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ 

          5. Teachers – bring us unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ

 These gifts are given for three purposes 

  1. To perfect the saints                     Perfecting –  complete furnishing; equipping
  2. For the work of the ministry          Ministry –  service; ministering
  3. To edify the Body of Christ           Edifying –  build up; promote growth


It just so happens that this is the reason these gifts are given, but that it is also a process that is given. The gifts are not only doing these three things, but help the saints carry out these three things. To fully understand the gifts, we need to understand the meaning of the name given to each one.


Apostles  – one who is sent           

Prophets –  interpreter of oracles that are hidden           

Evangelist –  bringer of good tidings           

Pastors –  Shepherd ; herds man                       

Teachers –  one fitted to teach; master; doctor


 Let’s give definition to each gift in a descriptive way of function.

Evangelist is one who is sent to save souls and present the gospel message. We see evangelist where the lost are and they are not listed in the order of the church in 1 Cor 12:28. Marks of an evangelist are salvations and healings and miracles. They have an ability to touch hardened hearts with God’s love for them to receive salvation. They also are found in the midst of environments that breed sin. The word is only used three times in scripture. The best example of an evangelist is Stephen. Philip started his ministry as a deacon in the helps ministry, in Acts 6:1, and moved into calling in Acts 8:26-40. They are generally drawn to pastors. They are trans-local traveling by themselves as a rule.


Characteristics of an Evangelist


  • Supernatural advertising of signs and wonders, words of knowledge
  • Preach Gospel of Jesus only
  • Must preach the Word – not church doctrine
  • Have ability to bring people to an individual decision
  • Free people
  • Do not have responsibility inside church walls
  • Are active – always in motion
  • Are aggressive and are Bold – do bold and crazy things
  • Transient – Move around
  • Called to the world not the church – called outside of the church walls
  • Has an Anointing for the lost finding opening to hearts
  • Burns for lost souls – wins them to Christ – most driving force in them
  • Intolerant to churches laziness for outreaches and witnessing
  • Have great faith to believe God for money because churches do not support them
  • Long for mass salvations
  • Preach simple message of salvation
  • Don’t care about opposition confronting the enemy head on
  • People have joy and rejoice after the evangelist speaks


Pastor The word pastor is only used one time in scripture yet we ahv made it the primary function today. Pastors are nurturers and must lay their lives down for the flock. They are healers of the broken and are given oversight to make sure the needs of people are being met. Just like a herdsmen there are also under-shepherds or pastors in almost every body of believers. They may not be recognized but are active meeting needs and ministering healing to others. Pastors are drawn to teachers to evangelist and then to teachers. Pastors are most effective one on one and modeling Christ. Not all pastors will be dynamic teachers but will be dynamic in showing love. They were never to be placed as final oversight or vision casters to the people. They are always given to a set group of people.


Description of office of Pastor


  • Pastors have a love for people.
  • Must have compassion for people and the church.
  • Have a giving attitude instead of taking
  • Return love for hate when criticized
  • Looking for the one hurting and focus on them until healed or whole
  • Never give up on people because they have a large heart
  • They see the good, finished and complete person.
  • They have a special grace for the office
  • They have a teaching gift and ability to share life experience in counseling
  • They are over protective of their sheep
  • They have long patience
  • Shepherds should be among the sheep
  • They are settled and remain for the long haul.
  • Need wisdom, knowledge, and discerning of spirits, not for leading a body but for ministering the hurst of the people.



Teacher The office of Teacher is one that stirs others to know the truth. It is more than explaining, it carries an anointing that brings change. Teachers love truth and love to study. They are avid readers and study topics in multiple ways. They are generally scribes and historians. They expand on what apostles release and prophets speak so others can clearly understand. They teach line upon line.  They carry a divine, supernatural ability to impart knowledge above the natural way of doing. True teachers will never teach doctrinal error, but will study in-depth before giving new insight. They are an office with a main thrust to study and give away what they have learned. Teachers explain things from many different angles so the person is sure to understand.

Teachers are willing to be taught. They can be local and trans-local in ministry assignments as they are given to the body as a whole. They generally travel by themselves and sometimes with apostles and prophets. 


Teachers function to do the following;


  •      1. Inspire – light a fire
  •      2. Lay a foundation, then build upon that foundation
  •      3. Build upon other Ministries
  •      4. Always build up
  •      5. Teach you into correction with out you knowing it
  •      6. To counsel, teachers will hand you a tape or book
  •      7. Convey Word of God in depth
  •      8. Are teachable
  •      9. Have a love for books
  •      10. Hunger and thirst for knowledge and truth
  •      11. Get a revelation from a Prophet then teach on it
  •      12. Are very organized people
  •      13. Have love for Word of God
  •      14. Leave you desiring more  
  •      15. Transfer truth
  •      16. Teachers who are pastors of a church, repeat in three to five year cycles


Prophet Prophets speak from revelation the heart of God in a matter. It is not by perception, but by inspiration. They are foretellers and reveals of the intentions of God. They move in the inspirational gifts of 1 Cor. 12 of words of wisdom, prophecy, words of knowledge. It is not by perception, but by inspiration.

This office requires a consistent manifestation of at least two of the revelation gifts on an ongoing basis.

Most prophets also experience prophetic dreams and filled with symbolism and visions. Prophets speak more than individual prophetic words but prophetic words or messages that shift spiritual atmospheres over regions. They generally are draw to apostles. #1 job of prophets is not to prophecy but to train the people to hear God. When people can hear God in a region it is just as great or greater than a prophet releasing word over a region! They are generally trans-local as they are given to the body as a whole. They travel by themselves and with Apostles.

 Attributes of the office of Prophet 

  • Many think all a prophet does is prophesy
  • Need to be a preacher or teacher of the Word
  • Laying on of hands goes with it
  • Generally healing goes with it   — Luke 4:27
  • Generally the Miraculous goes with it    —   II Kings 5:33
  •  Many people think Prophets should know everything
  •  Many people think that any time they want, a Prophet can give a word – only as Spirit wills
  •  Prophets are only human
  •  Prophets hearts are broken over sin
  • Prophets speak words in season
  • New Testament Prophets speaks words of correction sandwiched in love
  • Prophets speak directional confirming words
  • A prophet of God is a messenger of Gods will not doctrine.
  • A prophet initiated no messages or sermons from his own will in the name of the Lord.
  • A prophet speaks only new revealed words from God.
  • A prophet has to be commanded by God to speak.
  • A prophet is not allowed to speak any error in Gods name.
  • A prophets predictions in the old Testament had to come true or he would be branded a false prophet and be executed, thus limiting his ability to learn from his mistakes and limiting his ability to again mislead the people of God.
  • Prophecy is the very Voice of Christ speaking to the church!


Apostle – With so much confusion and lack of understanding we will spend a little more time on this gifting. It is a governmental gift given to bring the church into order and increased authority and anointing. Most Apostles are intolerant of doctrinal error as it makes their jobs harder. There has always been apostles we have just not recognized them nor the humility they operate in will promote themselves as such. Apostles are forerunners and introduce new dimensions of spirit life. They are kingdom focused over an individual body. They are transient and given the body as a whole. All apostles are fathers but not all fathers are apostles. They see the gildings in people and have an ability to bring those gifting out.  Since they have been called to perfect the saints, they see all truth and not just one aspect of truth.  While pastoral truth deals with the individual life, Apostolic truth deals with overall effect on the body.  Pastoral truth produces self serving servants, Apostolic truths produce body serving sons. Apostles is actually the only office Jesus appointed and the only office commissioned in scripture.

An apostle is sent with a message and specific assignment and mandate given by God directly for a specific people, specific cause and purpose directly concerning the Kingdom of God. This message releases people from the past confront the present and establish the future. The fruit of apostleship is evident by their love for correct doctrine and are intolerant of false concepts and teaching. They are writers of books, establishers of schools and training, and have put in place dynamics that continue to expand and grow when they are no longer around. Birthing a church does not make a person an apostles, an evangelist can do this. Running a large church does not make a person apostles, a good administrator can do this. All apostles have lived a life of suffering for righteousness sake to establish the kingdom. All apostles have seen the lord and this defined their personal lives and molded their sprits.  All apostles have a cross section of voluntary followers, more than a local congregation, who have benefitted from that apostles and have functional relationship with them.  Apostles are counselors to to other ministries and investors into emerging ministries. These gifts are attracted to Apostles because they know the Apostle will know how to place them and how to make them grow into the gift they are to be. The main thing to realize is Apostles are given to bring order, establish churches or ministries, and bring out the other ministry gifts. They carry resurrection life and apostolic grace that sets them apart. They are given to the whole body of Christ and so are trans-local. They travel by themselves and with prophets. Every apostle has something of significance they are apostling.


Apostles function

 Has been commissioned, ordained, and sent with purpose and mission

  1. Pioneers and risk takers
  2. Carries the spirit of resurrection and reformation — brings life and spiritual flow
  3. Depend on God’s approval and not mans.
  4. Set things in order and maintains spiritual flow
  5. Minister out of their experience and not out of their head. They pull people out of their comfort zone
  6. Ahead of their time — visionaries
  7. Attracts other ministry gifts
  8. They produce like minded sons and daughters of the same faith
  9. Apostles draw other gifts to them, train them, and then release them into ministry.
  10. Have unique spiritual authority in the body of Christ and over territories
  11. Apostles have a specific assignment. One of the most distinguishing marks of Apostles is the ability to embrace all other ministry Gifts.


Attributes of an Apostle


  • Teacher and preacher of the Word
  • Spiritual Gifts – flow in all gifts
  • Deep personal experience
  • Ability to establish churches or ministries
  • Spiritual leadership
  • Are sent by the Holy Ghost
  • Father figure – spiritually mature
  • Broad oversight – vision of body as a whole
  • Walk in spiritual authority
  • Called to a region or a people
  • Have the ability to draw other gifts to them
  • Have heart for the people
  • Are a spiritual covering – cover other gifts
  • Have patience
  • Signs and Wonders follow them
  • Mighty deeds
  • Have vision for the church
  • Labor night and day
  • Look upon self as Father and congregation as children
  • They are taught by God
  • They minister in the power of God, not the wisdom of men
  • Their fruit manifests the living God
  • They lead by Christ’s example
  • They please God, not men
  • They don’t flatter men
  • They are gentle with the saints
  • They are holy, righteous, and blameless
  • They exhort, comfort, and chasten as necessary
  • Their glory is the glorious church
  • They endure hardship and persecution for the church’s sake


This is not an all inclusive teaching on this subject and has been brief on purpose. There are many resources to draw from on this topic and these are just some guidelines to help people start brining definition.

Visitation – “Authority Within Set Time”

This morning the Lord woke me at 3:00 AM. This is always the time God has chosen to have in-depth conversations with me. It never fails as I come out of sleep with a “knowing” the spirit is near for conversation and I turn to look at the clock it has always been exactly 3:00 AM. It is never a minute less or more.

The Lord began by saying “I want to talk to you about your authority, specifically your authority as an apostle”. He then proceeded to speak, first about the authority we all have as believers. We have as sons and daughters have positional authority because of the spirit of adoption. We have the same rights and privileges as Jesus who is our savior/ redeemer and spiritual brother. But for those of us with a governmental position in the kingdom we have a governmental position with authority to go with that function as well. I understood all he was saying, but the Holy Spirit was relaying foundation. This was what the Lord began to speak to me about.

He said that all authority is ordained by him and is positioned in the earth for a set time. That the authority on the earth 100, or 1000 or even 10 years ago was effective for that chronos upon the earth but would not be effective for this season. (We are talking governmental authority of a fivefold office and not individual authority which is consistent no matter the time or season of the earth) That every season also has been assigned men and women to have positional authority for the time they have been set in place. That many desire to have authority from another era, but it would be non effective today. There is an authority that is to operate NOW in the earth and if operated will have the same effect.

He then showed me a policeman, a president, and army general. How those in times past with the season of the earth they each were positioned in and how their authority operated. Then he took them from the past forward and showed them trying to use authority and how people listened but did not respond. He then took people from the present time and showed them trying to speak with authority in the past and how it was not relevant.

The Lord then spoke and said “if you would use your authority as an apostle daily you would see the umbilical cords coming from second heaven be cut off people’s lives in a drastic way and they would become more free. (All things in second heaven are spiritual but not all things are from God.) You have the authority to wield like a great sword above the heads of people and can cut off chains of bondage.” He then showed me the cords trying to bring the wrong kind of life into people. He showed me the outcome that authority is positioned between heaven and earth as a covering and protection from demonic attack from second heaven. When that authority is not in place then people are subject to bandage’s, circumstances and other things.

He also showed me every day was also a set time within others measures of time. He showed me how authority was connected with time but not just a season of life, or a year but even down to a single day. That in some things the single day required authority for that day and that day alone. That certain things required movement in that moment to change the spiritual condition and climate. I was challenged but what he was saying and showing me.

He then showed me the relationship to chronos time and authority of fivefold offices. When Gods government does not know the times and seasons of the earth it affects how they use their authority. He showed me the standing still of the sun so a battle could be won. He showed me most fivefold ministers do not use authority because of not knowing the season of the earth they are in or their position in God. Most of the body is held in a bondage that could easily be broken if His ministers would take position as true covering and not a dictatorship demanding submission. I know for me I have grown weary in battling so many things over the years with so few willing to battle along side or battling for the wrong things.

The Lord knew my thoughts. He said “I know, but it’s time to rise up again. Now you will see how much more effective you will be! Your season is coming to fullness not completion! The understanding gained will cause the reach of the sword to be extended! It is a season of time the few can reach far. They will be given a further reach, reaching over areas where others will not rise up. It is a season of a blanket of authority will be placed over the people of the earth. ” I know there is a strength coming to those who are weary. It will be a fresh breath to lift us! We are starting to feel this breath carry us at the BASE.

He then showed me America and the saved and unsaved. The church accepting that which holds no authority because of the lack of knowledge and understanding. Assuming that what is seen is the best of what can be attained. He then showed me the unsaved. Amazingly they had taken the role and position of the church accepting that which holds no authority because of the lack of knowledge and understanding. Assuming that what is seen is the best of what can be had.

I challenge those of you in ministry to extend your reach of authority. Shake off the weariness we all experience and see how God will shift you to cut cords of bondage. Get an infusion of His breath and gain  strength. We are about to take land we have never held before!

Kingdom Centers Defined

I have been mediating on some things recently after reading a post by my friend Jim Becton.  I know we have the right message but it seems we are having a hard time getting the structure really set to grow and advance. There is always a given message, then a structure exists for that message to be demonstrated, then a culture forms around the message and structure. The structure does not necessarily mean a physical building but more so a community or an outlet for the “doing”. These then creates a hidden outcome which we call culture.

Today in Christdom we have a congregation setting and an Ecclesia (Biblical Church) setting existing at the same time. Traditionally the congregational structure exists for the people to serve it. The ecclesia exists to serve people. Traditional builds is life around the congregational setting and the Ecclesia builds its life around equipping people to do works of service as weekly missionaries into the world setting.

However, what has occurred is most Christians ministering inside the four walls (programs) while the unbelieving world outside is ignored. Apostolic churches will have teaching and some training, but their mindset is to go outside the walls to demonstrate Jesus in all walks of life. They in essence are emerging kingdom centers, a local community, a congregation ‘called out’ [ekklesia] of the world. A community that has decided to live in the power and values of Jesus [Acts 2:42-47].

A kingdom center looks different than an apostolic church. It encompasses a much larger area of influence than a single local church meeting. It would be a regional center where individual local meetings can come together in true Holy Spirit unity to demonstrate true Christian unity of the Body of Christ to the unbelieving world by a community living out the power and values of Jesus.

What happens at a kingdom center is the following.

  •  Receive continual prophetic revelation for what God is doing and wants to do in the region. This helps prevent stagnation.
  • To bring in five-fold ministries, and insights from around the nation and world to maintain knowledge of what God is doing in other places; to bring teaching and instruction the Holy Spirit is revealing.
  • To combine resources for large works that God would like to do in the region. These works would be beyond the resources of a single meeting.
  • To train and send out apostolic teams to local meetings in the region, state and nation when a need arises.
  • To be a place where Christian music and art can be brought together and demonstrated to the world.
  • To be a house of worship where Jesus is exalted; where prophetic songs are birthed; where singers, musicians and worship leaders can be trained and sent out.

A kingdom center is really a stewardship center that serves a region. It has a visionary apostolic leader appointed as oversight not of people, but gifting in people. Along with prophetic gifting and insights a team ministry is formed that actually becomes a stewardship center of how Gods is forming the kingdom over a region. This stewardship is walked out by:

  • As a hub interconnecting house churches, home meetings, churches, networks, ministries and saints with the city and regional Church.
  • As a training center encouraging, supporting, and equipping church planters, strategic leaders, and intercessors representing every sphere of society and the five-fold ministry within a specific geographic region.
  • As a strategic operations center communicating, coordinating, and facilitating the gathering of spiritual intelligence and supporting the strategic councils formed to represent the 7 spheres of society and the five-fold ministry.
  • As a resource center where the gifts, talents, abilities, and anointings in people are assessed and deployed into their community.
  • As a supply center where resources are received and distributed.
  • To facilitate the mobilization of people and the implementation and coordination of the plans developed by their councils.
  • To connect para-church ministries, including but not limited to healing rooms and crisis pregnancy centers, with the Church in the city/region.
  • To assist in any capacity that supports the Church’s role in presenting the gospel of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in character and power.

A kingdom center acts outs its assignment by instruction and equipping people into greater revelation and understanding of identity and purpose. Most kingdom centers do not want to pastor people or micro-manage things, or control people, but see a larger picture of what is needing done due to apostolic and prophetic insights they have been graced with. The structure built from the community exist to:

  • To established the five-fold ministries, to equip, empower and release the people of God into their missional callings.
  • To see the call of God in both the church gathered [Sunday] and the church scattered [Monday – Saturday] are in mission. Mission shapes their reason for existence, their ministry training and their lifestyle through the week 24/7.
  •  There is a dynamic engagement between the people of God in mission and the recognition of market place ministries and the commissioning of people into their callings and destiny.
  • The apostolic center is a teaching/training centre networking with other churches, which are like minded, forming a learning community. Those churches are regiona and national.
  • A focus on the Kingdom of God – the declaration and establishment of the king and His kingdom in the world – the ever present mission context – through the commissioned people of God.
  • A focus on overall assignment being completed in a region

So within the context of message forming community establishing culture and the aspect of stewardship of the things of the kingdom, every kingdom center is formed and birthed with a distinct missionary call, grace and ability to affect change in a region. Most Kingdom Centers emerge from an apostolic church that has developed a fuller Kingdom mindset. There are some Kingdom centers that have been established for the set purpose of being a center within a region not emerging from a church. This occurs mainly by relationship and authority that has been demonstrated. Many Prayer Centers have Kingdom center dynamics but most have no leadership training or five fold developments, vision other than prayer, or other dynamics of a true Kingdom center.

We at the BASE emerged from an apostolic church reaching Kingdom fullness and transitioned into a regional Kingdom Center. When we reached being a kingdom center within a region of our state we were most effective and had great influences.

But now we have transitioned by a relocation of our center to our capital. This type of transition poses many different challenges. First we carry with us an already established authority along with other dynamics. This means we are not a new work but already established. But for those who did not see the years of process it is hard for them to accept the depth of what is represented. It also is hard to portray this to others in a short or even singular encounter with the Kingdom Center. For us we have a rich proven accomplishment that God done through us that most have never seen and may not even hear of.

A second challenge in a relocation is not making assumptions of past accomplishments are to be duplicated in a new location. There are dynamics but maybe not all things are to be duplicated. A couple examples are our School of Ministry which operated 5 days week, 3 hours a day, 9 months. We had over 45 full time students being taught over 550 of apostolic instruction. Today we have 2 hours per week.  This is a big shift. Moving from a small town to large city shifts time. Where many people’s lives flowed around the ministry in the smaller population, in a larger setting time is divided by travel and distance and distractions so involvement is different.


One thing as I look at the overall missional call upon us is there is a greater authority and grace resting upon us than we realize. For God to relocate us over rising up a center tells me many things. It shows the apostolic mindset present within a city. It also shows the desire of God to bring certain dynamics that must be needed to a city. The thing we have learned is that whether people participate with what is offered, or even want to recognize it, does not diminish our existence, what we have to offer, or assignment as a Kingdom Center.

Can Pastors Develope You Into Your Calling?

I’ve been thinking about the current pastoral model we see in the church and the future leadership it develops. I’ve come to one conclusion; it just cannot develop people into fulfilling their call into ministry. The pastoral model in its very nature is passive and not aggressive. Ministry requires aggressiveness to even be a self-starter. It also requires aggressiveness when situations arise that require an uncompromising position. I see so many that are sitting in a pastoral models frustrated with their life and with the call upon their life because no one knows how to fully develop them. The pastoral model has the ability to develop people into a helps ministry and serving ministry capacities. But how exactly does a pastor develop an apostle or prophet, for in the most part they don’t even understand that office or function nor recognize it.

Pastors are mostly focused upon the individual needs of a person, while the other four ministry gifts listed in Ephesians 4 are focused upon the corporate body as a whole, this brings a large limitation in the pastoral gift to develop the other fivefold ministry gifts. This is not saying there is not a need for pastors, as there is a need to minister to the individual constantly. Without the hope and vision that an apostolic oversight would bring a person may end up stuck in their current situation without a hope of the future.

The only way to truly develop the call upon a person is to be sitting under an apostle that has prophetic insights and prophetic people around them to be able to speak into the individual’s life. Apostles understand the corporate vision and the moment of time that God is moving in. They understand how to help align a person’s life to be productive in the current season. They also have vision to see what a person can be in God and how to develop the gifts that are setting dormant. Apostles are not concerned about mistakes an individual would make, very different from a pastor, but are concerned about the individual being developed to their full potential in reaching their ultimate destiny. For the most part many pastors lack an understanding of how to bring people into these dynamics, and thus the pastor becomes frustrated and so does the person sitting under them.

The biblical pattern of the New Testament is that apostles and prophets help develop the fivefold ministry gifts and release them into ministry. The apostles knew what gifts were needed and where they were needed to be sent. Apostles looked at not just the fulfillment of an assignment but also development at the same time a person was given an assignment. This on-the-job training is what set the early church in motion and caused an ongoing growth. Today in most pastoral models there is a length of time required before anyone is given a task.

I feel we are lacking very much in solid leadership due to the fact so many people are setting in pastoral models, frustrated, frustrating pastors, and living way below their potential. How many true apostles and prophets are sitting in these gatherings week after week and reaching the ceiling of growth that they cannot grow by. Eventually they would either have to leave these settings, compromise what they believe, or deny the call of God upon their life. I am not saying that needs to be a mass exodus out of churches, but what I am saying there needs to be a shift of people being committed to places such as kingdom centers and schools of ministry that can grow them up spiritually. They need to break soul ties and unhealthy commitments for the sake of the call. Many times decisions are made in which spiritual gathering to go to, or be committed to primarily, by humanistic and social relationships and not by Holy Spirit led God inspired relationships. Not all relationships we have are “fun” relationships but God has stated that “He has placed us in a body that pleases Him”. He knows what will bring us to the fullest potential. Thats why He also said to not deny the assembling together.  Many times we have not allowed God to place us or if He does try and place us, we decided differently through the means of justification.

For those truly with a call into ministry you do need a pastor in your life, just they are not the primary source of spiritual input. This has to be those who can truly develop you. Myself I have a pastor who I speak with when I need pastoral perspectives and counsel for myself personally. But my primary source of spiritual development is by apostles and prophets, then by teachers.

Comparison of Congregation Verses Apostolic Center

This was such   good teaching I decidedd to post my notes from listeing to it. May we all gain understanding.

Comparisons of

Congregation Church to Apostolic Center

By Peter Wagner Sept 2012

The Apostolic reformation is now growing faster than the world population. This movement actually started in Africa around 1900 as churches moved from denominational oversight to independent African Churches. Current Apostolic Kingdom Centers are moving to the forefront to become places of regional impact. Denominational structures are territorial. Apostolic Centers are regional. Apostolic Centers are hubs for other like faith churches and ministries. All things in the following charts are not black and white but are Peter Wagner’s observations of ideals and patterns that have emerged.

Congregation (typical church)

Apostolic Center (Ecclesia)


Reflects inward dynamic

Reflects outward dynamic


Pastor    – cares for needs

Apostle – mobilizes people


Elders supervise the pastor

Final authority a group

Elders support the Apostle

Final authority – Apostle


Little authority designated to people

Large amounts of authority designated   to people.


Pastors and teachers

Apostle Prophet Pastors teachers evangelist


Pastor Employee

Apostle lifetime leader


Leadership style is conformity

Leadership style is creativity


Rules/ followers

Expression/ risk takers


Tries to not make mistakes

Plans for mistakes


Mono Task



One speaker

Many speakers


On the congregation

On the kingdom


Self and the structure

People connected with the kingdom


Self centered = small vision

Kingdom centered = large vision


One mountain forming culture –   religious

All 7 mountains forming culture


Pastor supports the church

Center supports the Apostle


All social expectations must be meet,   worship, prayer, care, etc. This comes natural.

All social expectations must be meet,   worship, prayer, care, etc. This must be worked at.


Fellowship groups

Ecclesia, legislative body


More passive and peaceful, weaker

More aggressive and stronger


Petition, self needs

Decreeing and Kingdom needs


Avoid demonic confrontation

Creates demonic confrontation


Intimacy, bedroom type, loveaholics

Throne room, productive, workaholics


Planned out, love songs

Free flowing Throne room songs





Interpret the written word

Written word and prophecy


Maintenance decided by committee

Advancement decided by apostle


Saints trained to fit into program

Saints trained to find destiny


Jobs assigned by gift

Gift creates opportunity


By people you meet

By common vision