Frustrated Apostles and Prophets

The building process for many apostles and prophets in this hour is very frustrating. Not only do we have many false concepts, wrong commissioning, self-appointed, network appointed and just plain out of Biblical order and alignment of being commissioned; we also have a frustration being carried by these two foundation gifts who are truly apostles and prophets. The frustration comes by not seeing the fruit of the efforts in what we are building after much hard labor has been invested. Building is not speaking at a microphone, nor doing a scheduled meeting. That does not make you an apostle. Apostles are by nature builders, and it’s not building churches, networks, or platforms. Apostles prefer to speak into hearts than to large audiences. That takes time to know what needs invested.

Both apostles and prophets have differing roles in building but desire the same outcome, the Kingdom established and its apostolic people functioning in destiny. What both gifts do is sustain and speak into the second heaven and create atmospheres for the people of God to enter. The prophet is mainly focused on intercession and then worship. The apostles are mainly focused on worship and then intercession. Both are positioned before the throne of God, one to hear a word and the other to implement that word.

Hebrews 3:1–6 (KJV 1900) — 1 Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus; 2 Who was faithful to him that appointed him, as also Moses was faithful in all his house. 3 For this man was counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who hath builded the house hath more honour than the house. 4 For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God. 5 And Moses verily was faithful in all his house, as a servant, for a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after; 6 But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end.

Moses was called by God to build a house and people for the Lord. In Exodus 19:6, it states this people will be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. The primary thing required in building is faithfulness. Apostles and prophets must be faithful in staying before God’s throne and in stewarding worship and intercession and the revelations and visions they receive. This faithfulness is also required in the people they are building and building with. Faithfulness is the building mortar that is proven which holds everything together. To build with those who are unfaithful, you risk the chance of having weakness in the body being built and the possibility that it will not hold the weight of what is put upon them. It’s setting up for a possible structure failure.

The same word seen in Hebrews 3 for building is also seen in Ephesians 4:13 equipping the saints for the work of ministry. It means ‘to furnish, equip, prepare, make ready, to construct, erect, with the included idea of adorning and equipping with all things necessary’. It comes from a root word meaning ‘according to the vessel, the implement, the man of quality, a chosen instrument’. In other words, God chooses specifically the building blocks being used to cause the corporate man to rise in maturity and fullness of function.

Frustration #1 Not valuing the same things.

Moses built by delivering the instructions he received on the Mount. He expected the people to be faithful with what was given and make those instructions reality in their lives. The apostles and prophets build the same way today. What they give out has had a high price paid for it to be received and then to be delivered. They expect no less with the Body of Christ. They expect the same valuing as they have. People may not all have the same passion, but they certainly must have the same value systems or there will be chaos and individual belief systems formed. Building without faithfulness will end in building a religious structure and not a living single corporate man expression. Without heavenly instruction, the building will only be in an earthy dimension and understanding.

The way people shift is by teaching on values and then they will change how they function once they see it. They also need those values modeled and implemented as a part of the life of a fellowship. There will always be new people coming along needing instructed but those who are settled on the values should automatically instruct new disciples on those values, not losing anything in the conversations as they are transferred along. God did not need any interpretation to the Ten Commandments or the law He gave to Moses. He expected them to follow it and so did Moses. Values maintain our foundations and enable right decisions to be made concerning assignments, vision, and implementation. Frustrations are formed from not valuing the same things, instructions given by God.

Frustration #2 Frustrating the Grace of God

Paul talked of not frustrating the grace of God from working in His life (Gal. 2:21). Many of us see that verse as pertaining to Paul’s actions. But perhaps he was really speaking to what he allowed himself to build with and how much investment he really did with certain people. He did not want that grace to be ineffective and wasted, nor did he want people to take advantage of it. In other words, Paul tried to steward other people’s actions affecting his life! But Paul not only said he was an administrator of that grace (Eph. 3:2) but that it has been given to be wise in the way he built.

1 Corinthians 3:10–11 (KJV 1900) — 10 According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. 11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Paul said he was a wise master builder; this is where we get the word ‘architect’. The root meaning of it is ‘the origin, beginning, first place, active cause’. In other words, what is built is traceable to an origin point in God. He said this grace (ability of God to create change, either by positive or negative actions) was given or commissioned. Grace commissions a person into building wisely and the execution of a strategic plan. I believe many prophets and apostles are frustrated by the frustration being applied by those who don’t fully engage, commit, don’t try to understand or are unwilling to take action.

Frustrations #3 Not Entering Creative Atmospheres

Along with maintaining their position before the throne, the Lord gives them both two things. Prophets receive visions primarily and revelation secondary. Apostles receive revelation primarily and visions secondary. God honors the prophet by using them to bring the visions into words for the Body of Christ. The same way God honors apostles by giving them revelation for the Body of Christ. Both are creating atmosphere to build the people of God, just in different ways and dynamics. Everyone has access to the spiritual realms including 2nd and 3rd heaven. But what sets prophets and apostles apart is that they can influence those realms. Prophets generally ask questions in those realms and apostles engage conversations in those realms. Both are affecting the atmosphere they step into and both are affecting the atmosphere they steward upon the earth. As it is in heaven, so isn’t it supposed to be in the earth? The frustration both have is creating atmospheres and opening them to the Body of Christ to participate in yet the Body doesn’t step into those atmospheres. These are heavenly patterns coming to the earth and the alignment of heaven with earth.

When the saints step into these realms, they begin to be qualified for God’s promotion in their lives and ministries. It causes deeper flow in meetings and brings great activation of the Body of Christ. When these atmospheres open, a supernatural breath of God begins to flow! When people step into these creative eternal atmospheres, they begin to move in the same fashion as the apostle or prophet is operating while they are in that atmosphere. Apostles and Prophets love these atmospheres. But what they love more is when others join them and move with them. This is the forerunner activation for awakening that we are yet to see. We haven’t trained people while they are in these atmospheres because so few are coming along and so few apostolic and prophetic people even understand how to bring people into these eternal realms. Frustrations occur because created realms are not taken advantage of.

Perhaps this blog did not encourage prophets and apostles with any real answers concerning frustrations except to maybe understand the valuable role they play and how God honors them. But my intention was to bring into the light and address the people of God more so and challenge them not to add to frustrations but participate in a willing, pleasing way to eliminate frustration. We can all have as little or as much of God as we desire. Apostolic and prophetic leaders are given to lead. They first go to places in the Spirit and then after blazing the trail, expect the people of God to also come down that path and hold that ground in the Spirit.


“The ACTS of the Apostles”

The Lord recently spoke to me about the book of Acts, specifically the title. He said “You’re about to see the acts of the apostles.”This had my attention and He said “True apostles are going to do true acts.” As I thought on it, I was reminded of how we define the apostolic and affirm many who are not true apostles. Looking at our current definition and comparing it to the early apostles, there is very little real similarity, at least in America. We have little suffering for the Gospel, or if there is, it is just life. No confrontations of government leaders. No imprisonment. No giving away of abundant finances. Few confrontations with demonic strongholds, or moral issues, or occultism, no teaching all night, or travailing in prayer with no agenda but for Christ to be formed, etc. We seem to do things from a distance within an arm’s length environment. I was just at a conference and the statement was given in a teaching setting that perhaps in America, we are living in a pre-Christian era as we have not seen true apostolic Kingdom Christianity fully formed in our nation and it is yet to come.

The Lord recently sent me on a journey. It was not a prophetic act but a redemptive act to close a gate of hades and open a new era over a region in the United States. He told me this is the acts of the apostles coming. They will be bringing forth the new that God desires and paying little attention to the past and even the controlling forces. I am not going to get into the significance of what I did but God told me He would give me a sign that the cleansing of the land has begun. I saw a green tarnished brass marker become polished clean and like new before my eyes. A real sign and wonder! Where are the signs and the wonders of the acts of the apostles? I tell you it is not running a ‘church’ like a pastor would and calling yourself an apostle.

I have started another book to address all of these things. The apostolic is not about list fulfillment but about living life in apostolic grace. It is seeing, living, and approaching things so differently it may seem odd to everyone. If we are in a type of pre- New Testament Christianity, then doesn’t that mean the apostles will be more on the outside of the status quo instead of being grafted into what is currently happening through our Christian ‘productions’? Maybe I’m the only one tired of all the confusion and devaluing of this grace over the last twenty years.

True apostles don’t need the accolades of men or men’s approval. They do demand order. They do expect action. They desire oneness. They refuse false doctrine. They speak truth that redefines. They will risk everything to advance. They are sought after for affirmation but many times their voice is not welcome. They are rejected for revelation. They are more prophetic than most prophets and they are always seeing a larger vision, working with greater clarity and perceiving with accuracy. They don’t have time for foolish things as these things are childish to them. They don’t build networks but build Christ. They don’t manage ‘churches’ but raise sons. They are pioneers more than revivalists.

The “Acts of the Apostles” is not a history book but a lifestyle book. Read it and see the interaction of the five fold grace gifts. See how the apostles advanced The Church by the endangerment of their reputation risking all as they died to gain Christ. It’s a book of how the character and nature of Christ was formed in the apostles to be formed in the Body to release the Ecclesia. It is a book of sending not gathering and hoarding. It is about infiltration into culture to change pockets of people, not gathering masses to convince them. They are Master builders of God’s expression through His Son. Isn’t it time for the “Acts of the Apostles” again?

Iniquity Affecting Awakening

I have been looking at why the awakening that so many are contending for is seemingly delayed. Also, why is there reluctance to fully receive the Kingdom of God, apostles, prophets, creative music, and all the other things God is emphasizing in this hour? A recent sharing I did on Facebook from another site was interesting in the varied comments on the topic. It was revealing of the iniquities we have in the Church. Today I inform you of part of the battle and I warn you not to contribute to the problem.
The reason so many things seem delayed is because of what people believe. The root of unbelief is iniquity which is twisted thinking or wrong thinking or lawlessness. It believes something in error that needs to have repentance. A wrong belief can cause the fruit of lawlessness or having your own belief system to interpret what you think to be true. This can even lead to being in self-deceived states and becoming unrighteous. Lawlessness is the outcome of iniquity and it can be defined as being unrighteous.

2 Corinthians 3: 16-18 Nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away. Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

2 Corinthians 4:4 (KJV 1900) — 4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

The veil that is to be taken away is iniquity. It blinds the mind or removes illumination, choosing to believe in error. Many are living in the reality of seeing the Glory of God in things around them, but the clear majority, even though participating in some great meetings, are still not seeing the glory of God. The reason is the veils of iniquity that have not been removed neither from understanding nor from their spiritual senses. Iniquity is not just a single iniquity but can be many different types of iniquities.
• Interpretation of truth
• How you view your position
• How you receive the Word of God
• How you perceive your assignment in the earth
• If you’re received or feel rejected
• How you understand any topic God is highlighting in this hour.
The main iniquities are working strongly against what God is emphasizing in this hour and what God is emphasizing is the truth needed to remove the iniquity. Iniquity is not just an overall veiling but there are degrees of iniquity. We get saved living in iniquity and acting upon it as sin. Sin is forgiven but iniquity is purged with mercy and truth. A person can get saved or be saved a long time in the Body of Christ and still be filled with iniquity. It is just being acted out in the Church and not in the world. These iniquities can be a vast number and all affecting many different things. Iniquity’s outcome is spiritual death. It can be all consuming and even rob strength from you.

Psalm 31:9–10 (KJV 1900) — 9 Have mercy upon me, O LORD, for I am in trouble: Mine eye is consumed with grief, yea, my soul and my belly. 10 For my life is spent with grief, and my years with sighing: My strength faileth because of mine iniquity, and my bones are consumed.

Iniquity is the distortion of God’s message over time and then passed to future generations. Iniquity is the place we process our thoughts to come to conclusions. Iniquity can even cause a righteous person to fall away believing they are fine with a mixture of the world thus creating a self-deceived state.
Righteousness is tied to the throne of God, while iniquity is tied to a principality trying to pervert or twist thinking to separate a person from God’s design for them. Righteousness is an attribute of the Lord that aligns everything up with the Kingdom of God. Righteousness of God contains within itself a powerful force that continually judges iniquity and fights against it to align everything with God.
Righteousness opens our way into heaven’s abundance and pulls everything connected with the Kingdom of heaven and all that it holds. This is because righteousness is intimately tied to the glory of God; because they go hand in hand, manifesting them simultaneously. So, righteousness and iniquity are in a constant pull or battle with ultimately iniquity battling against God’s glory!

The righteousness of God will remove iniquity from our being. The glory of God immerses us in everything God is and comes to the degree of righteousness is present. Glory requires holiness and righteousness produces holiness which draws God’s glory. The Glory burns and destroys everything that separates us from God. To achieve our sanctification, iniquity must be identified and eliminated.

Isaiah 60:1–5 (KJV 1900) — 1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, And the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. 2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And gross darkness the people: But the LORD shall arise upon thee, And his glory shall be seen upon thee. 3 And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, And kings to the brightness of thy rising. 4 Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: All they gather themselves together, they come to thee: Thy sons shall come from far, And thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side. 5 Then thou shalt see, and flow together, And thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged; Because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, The forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee.

This verse is actually all God is emphasizing in this hour. This light is your righteousness that draws the glory of God. This glory can only manifest itself when righteousness has begun its transforming power in a child of God. It is the drawing of spiritual sons and daughters and kings for cultural transformation.

In this hour, true apostolic teaching releases revelation and is confronting iniquity and purging mindsets. The Apostles did not just give knowledge but actually brought people into relationship with Christ, their righteousness. Today we have so many meetings transferring knowledge but not confronting iniquity. When you are confronted with whether you are righteous or not, you must examine your life and this allows the Holy Spirit to sift you. Why are apostles not received in this hour? Because people want their iniquities!

2 Timothy 2:19 (KJV 1900) — 19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.

Here is a simple iniquity we all participate in. We pray “in Jesus’ Name” not realizing we are doing it as an official representative of that Name. It is not an ending to a prayer; we simply tag it at the end. It is calling on all that Name represents to come and perform that which we just stated. When we pray a simple prayer over a meal, do we really need all of heaven to bless our food? It actually is the beginning of the invitation of Christ to come and unite with your spirit to accomplish together what you just prayed. If there is iniquity within you in an area, God cannot unite with you in that area.
Isaiah 59:2–4 (KJV 1900) — 2 But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, And your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. 3 For your hands are defiled with blood, And your fingers with iniquity; Your lips have spoken lies, Your tongue hath muttered perverseness. 4 None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: They trust in vanity, and speak lies; They conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.

It is a heart decision to give up iniquity and embrace truth – thus repentance. Repentance is not spoken of in the Church very often. We believe our knowledge of God is taking care of repentance. But there must be repentance – not in general but specifically confronting each area of iniquity. The response of righteousness will create greater degrees of righteousness. Again, we take the scripture that we are righteous in Christ as finished work. This is true after we have gone through a process creating righteousness. Again, this is another iniquity of removing a process to get the final results. Righteousness will bring holiness and holiness will reveal the glory of God.
Read the account of the Emmaus Road in Luke 24:25-32. Both groups were slow of heart and needed their eyes opened. These were Jesus’ own disciples. Even after all the time He invested, they still were not convinced. Jesus removed the iniquity of His disciples in a certain area by bringing truth that produced righteousness. Once the iniquity was removed, they returned and told everyone. It produced a true cultural awakening revealing God’s glory. I hope I’ve challenged you to search your hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the places of assumptions you might have formed..

Pioneers and Forerunners #2 – Graces of Vision

In my last blog, I spoke of the difference between pioneers and forerunners. Again, I received several good responses. I want to expand that blog since it has helped many people to understand what they are going through. It has also shown me the need to gather the pioneers to get mutual encouragement. I believe most of our conferences are for the forerunners.
Now looking again at pioneers and forerunners, we see that the pioneer is a visionary. They must see afar off and have a sense of direction. The apostolic and prophet graces fall directly into the category of pioneer. They are both visionary and bring new concepts of the future and new paths of spiritual travel. This is not to say there aren’t some pioneers in the other graces of pastor, teacher, and evangelist moving as well. It is just their numbers are very few.
Both apostles and prophets pioneer through the second heavens and make a new path to experience God in the throne room. They confront powers, principalities and oppositions of both demonic and men as they open new ways of seeing and strategy. They have an expectation after all the investment and spiritual work, that the forerunners and settlers will maintain the path and engage into the new discoveries. Both gifts are experiencing frustrations in this hour as they are not fully received nor are the pathways they have opened being received. Mainly pioneers are receiving the revelation from other pioneers. A secondary frustration is what has been opened in the purest form is then shifted or changed by man’s opinions or for man’s own gain. The capitalization of building a person’s own ministry on another’s revelation is doing much damage to many in the Body of Christ. It’s taking advantage of those who have labored in secret and giving them no honor, recognition, or placement in the Body of Christ.
Today we have seen new concepts of the truth being taught by very gifted teachers. These revelatory teachers are not gathering large followings nor settling as teaching centers, but are more transient teachers who are seeding the Body of Christ with revelatory truth. These teachers hang out with apostles and prophets and engage in conversations that are both revelatory and doctrinally sound. They are mature teachers and have deepened their teaching gift with ever increasing revelation.
But primarily, the teaching gift is in the forerunner ministry. They are stationary to grow and establish the Body of Christ. This type of teacher is not so much pursuing revelation to add to their teaching arsenal but is teaching more of the foundations to firmly settle the Body of Christ. They work with Pastors who are in the forerunner category settling people in faith. For the pastor who is frustrated with the constant need to settle people but wants to bring new revelation, they should probably look at their other graces and see if they might be more prophetic and need to shift into the area of pioneering.
It is very easy to see the pastoral grace is a forerunner or a settler type of ministry. The evangelist is there as well building the base of people by expanding the ministry with new converts to the Kingdom. Most pastors are forever consumed with the personal problems and life journeys that people are going through. But the gifting of the prophet and apostle can benefit them greatly. They bring vision and strategy to the people of God pulling them out of their focus on their problems and onto a Kingdom destiny. People who engage in a vision higher than themselves generally see their problems as small and allow them to fade away in their importance. Pastors are in more need of true apostles to give them strategy and bring the Kingdom. True apostles come to partner with and not take over or have them join a network. The days of networks are coming to an end and the time of divine alignments by relationships is upon us. Since I dissolved the network I had years ago, (I had about 80 ministers in it) it became very freeing to not build a structure but to build leaders. I know a lot of people but not everyone I know has been integrated into my network because it does not exist!
So, the understanding of pioneers and forerunners is critical to understand how to function and how to place and value certain things. Take prophecy: there are varying degrees of prophecy. Some is very directive and others are encouraging. The most important words to shift direction on are the prophetic words of prophets and apostles. Other words may be more for the forerunners of places that are establishing the Body of Christ and encourages many. Teaching can be both foundational and revelatory. Revelatory teaching opens vast areas to expand as foundations. Assignments. Many new territories take both apostolic and prophet grace to open while at other times, it’s simply taking what is already established and adding to it.
If we look at the book of Acts, we see the both the pioneering spirit and the forerunner spirit. The first 11 chapters are about the Church in Jerusalem and how it functioned as a forerunner. There were new concepts of taking care of social injustice and new ways of living life in relationship with God. Healing, miracles, and the supernatural are all shown as different from the religious structures. Foundations were laid to build a future upon, based on the fresh revelation of Christ. Acts 12 unfolds as the transitional chapter. Its prophetic symbolism is vast. Peter is locked in prison. Look at it like this; Peter is not locked in prison but the revelation that Peter carried is imprisoned. The Church is praying and crying out for Peter to be released. They are praying for what Peter is carrying to be released. A cry for more revelation. Revelation is released and revelation comes out of prison. Revelation enters a city and it finds a praying Ecclesia! Remember, Peter played a key role of saying Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God. Peter spoke after Pentecost and explained what was happening. Acts 13 onward is about the pioneers and the expansion of the Kingdom. We see the revelation they received dictated the course they were to go. New territories and new revelation came. Yes, we need the forerunners establishing, but we also need them connected to the pioneers to sustain the new territories they are attaining.

Kingdom in Fullness?

We have a lot of Kingdom language, verbiage and even definitions. The question is why then are we not seeing more of the Kingdom displayed? There seems to be a vacuum between what we proclaim and what we actually are experiencing.

Perhaps the problem is we are not in alignment within this Kingdom. We are citizens of the Kingdom, children and heirs of the King, but not really functioning in fullness. As with all things of God, there is always an order and a set structure to that order. Nothing is done randomly and nothing is done without connection to another thing in some way. This is a pattern from heaven itself.

I believe the reason we do not see Kingdom displayed is we are not aligned apostolically. The apostolic is the structure in which God has chosen that the Kingdom would be displayed. Apostolic government demands a response just like the Kingdom, but also makes a way for that response to take place. Apostolic is more than a titling, but is actually a grace given for Kingdom activity to be released. In recent years, both the apostolic and Kingdom are seemingly appearing simultaneously. This is because the two are directly connected and you cannot have one without having the other. Thus if we deny one, we deny the other.

As I see lots of events, conferences, prayer gatherings, etc, the things I am looking for are Kingdom and its expressions. The Kingdom of God is eternal and thus all things connected with it are eternal as well. This means we are looking for things that carry eternal weight, not things that are temporal. So prayers look different, they are not begging God but decreeing the intentions of the Kingdom. When we beg God, we don’t know our rights or citizenship. We actually are praying from a temporal perspective instead of an eternal one.  Kingdom knows authority and operates in it. This is why apostolic is so critical. Apostles know who they are and what they are carrying. For the most part, apostolic led prayer is being limited and not allowed to fully function.

As we move into functioning in the Kingdom, it is not about having Kingdom principles, but activating those principles into reality. Apostolic equals activation. It is more about the breath of God that brings life and creates than anointing that sustains life. The breath is advancing and the Kingdom is always advancing and expanding. Apostolic is also about advancing over sustaining. When we have the right leadership and allow them to lead into true Kingdom, then we will see the advance we are looking for. This grace gift of the apostle will release the Kingdom in fullness. Right now we are seeing in part.  Until then, we will continue to sustain with the anointing and gifts of the Spirit.

The apostle is a sent messenger carrying a mandate to bring forth the Kingdom of God and put it on display. If the Kingdom is truly functioning, then apostles would probably not be sent into that region. But if we do know that an apostle has been sent, then we should know the Kingdom is in need of being brought to the forefront as well. Apostles do this with apostolic proclamation that comes by decrees or revelatory preaching that reveals Kingdom dynamics and life giving flow. This style of preaching is not making statements about God which is what most preaching is, but making the Word of God, His Word, revealed in the present moment. This unlocks the Kingdom in fullness. Those that are sent have the Spirit without measure or limitation. The depth of the Kingdom can be displayed through their lives if they are received and given freedom to minister without limitation as well.

Apostolic structures help release what is eternal and is not concerned with what is temporal. Since apostles are visionary, they see the Kingdom in the fullness of what it can be and anything else then that needs to be adjusted. Apostles know how to place people into the Kingdom to function the best and also how to develop them for that Kingdom. Hence again, leaders who have not had apostolic oversight in development will probably lack in Kingdom understanding.

Perhaps because we have not embraced apostles and released them, we are not truly seeing Kingdom.  I believe we are seeing the Kingdom in some promising ways but far from what we desire and see in the early Church. At the same time, we are seeing the apostolic in some promising ways but far from what we desire and saw in the early Church. Both are interconnected and can only function in fullness when both are allowed to have full expression.


Apostolic Teams and Companies

Since I have been teaching on this subject over the last few weeks in our School of Ministry and web stream, I decide to write a condensed version as a blog so more people can have these insights.

We see in the Bible, that there were apostolic teams sent into regions to bring impact and that Paul traveled with a company of people as well.  Let me first say that all apostolic teams/companies always travel with an apostolic leader. Apostles lead these teams with strategy and vision and a deep knowing of the overall destiny and assignment of the group. Apostolic teams focus on pioneering movements. They cultivate a set of core values that empower such a movement. Apostles gather other fivefold ministries to come alongside and travel into a region with the intention of aligning that region with Kingdom dynamics and to leave a deposit behind that would have an ongoing effect. That team is decided based on what grace gift is needed to create the impact.

At times, along with these teams, there might be an apostolic company. The company is made up of those of same passions and understanding to help model the overall value being imparted. They are already moving in the overall movement and come to demonstrate that for others to see. They speak the same things and articulate the core values. Apostolic teams and companies are not easily formed or brought into existence. They require great investment and long term investment to be able to carry the same vision, heart and voice. The greater the time of developing, the greater the effectiveness that will be seen.

Sometimes both an apostolic team and company are needed to bring the shift that is required. The team is made up of those carrying the message by the breath of God and the company is there to reinforce that message. Generally the team has seasoned fivefold people that are also seasoned in the message. The company will be those who have been impacted by the message and are possibly future leaders. All apostolic teams are part of the company but not all the company is part of an apostolic team due to overall calling and grace function.

Apostolic teams are focused. Apostolic teams are not apostolic because the team members are prophets or apostles but because they are apostolically led. We easily see this pattern in the scriptures and we don’t see teams or companies being sent without apostolic oversight. Apostolic teams must understand God’s strategy for the present moment of time. That strategy is then released into the company formed under them. The team is built to establish the Kingdom and the company is supporting their endeavors.

If an apostolic team is sent into a region by God that means God is endeavoring to release new Kingdom dynamics into that region. He brings a group of men and women either by team or company to show the depth of how important the message is that they are carrying. If God has sent such a group, then He must have a tremendous desire for that region to embrace that message. He has prepared hearts in advance of the team or company coming to embrace that message. The apostolic team knows the right timing and season that is occurring so they know when to go with the right message.

What makes the team and company dynamic effective is how they move in faith when they go into a new region. This faith walk they have has already been cultivated and has been challenged by the apostolic leader. The apostle may not fully know the way the vision will occur but does see the vision in fullness. The apostle is going by faith and expects the company/team to do so as well. This allows the Holy Spirit to be depended on and for faith to be activated. The team/company trusts the apostolic leader even though they may not fully see or understand. This empowers the apostle to move to greater dynamics of faith thus releasing the team to move deeper as well. This is the empowering to shift a region or city by released authority and faith creating Kingdom in places not seen before.

These apostolic teams and companies can only truly function in fullness in areas they have been invited or sent by God directly to break something open. Generally the apostle has a deep knowing in their spirit of the intentions of God. They mobilize those under them to fulfill this intention. The apostle trains them knowing what is required to do the assignment. This training is by instruction, activating, and by having vision for the individual knowing how they fit the overall plan of God locally. The local training is the proving point for being part of a team or company to be sent out later.

Some of the main things an apostolic company will do are confront principalities over regions. They discern the things opposing the move of God and confront with intercession in advance, and public decrees while in the region. These teams empower upcoming gifts in the region they go to. They confirm callings and empower leaders into greater authority. They come to support what is occurring but also to challenge into greater positioning.

Apostolic teams also carry one thing that really sets them apart and that is revelation. The team and company are both a living example of the revelation they are carrying. The team can release current revelation directly from God and also knows how to flow in the Spirit to make a harmonious meeting without breeches. They sense the Spirit’s desire for meetings and know how to steward those moments. The apostolic company traveling with them also has revelation but may not be able to fully present it. They may not know how to fully steward a meeting, so they once again rely on the team and the apostle they are under as the final authority.

Apostolic teams and companies show the functioning single corporate man. They show how to function together as the Spirit leads. They also show how unity multiples grace and authority, and causes impact. Conferences today are taking the place of apostolic teams but are not truly apostolic teams by Biblical pattern. The group called to speak at a conference has not been connected before the conference and have not necessarily been sent as a team or are under apostolic authority. They may act more as individuals trying to work together than a group appearing as a single flowing Body.  Apostolic teams and companies need to be released and embraced again so regions and cities can be impacted.

Exposure of False Prophets and Apostles

            Today there is much talk of Apostles, prophets and the Apostolic move that is now unfolding upon the earth and within the church. With every move of God, there is a constant vying for positioning coming from a spirit of jealousy and competition. This spirit always comes with new moves of God as people who are insecure of their calling and anointing are threatened by the next move. Sometimes it is a feeling of being exposed, sometimes it is a power struggle of having control over their life and others lives as well. I would like to talk about some of the things I see happening as the apostolic movement is emerging.

            I believe what we see now is only a forerunner of the true apostolic movement that is to come. Many are trying to be Apostles with only partial understanding as people have declared these things falsely over people, or they have received some teaching on the subject and think they are an expert concerning this area. I have come to the conclusion that we are indeed living in a progressive revelation that continues to unfold. Because of this, those who are truly doing apostolic work “ have not been this way before” like Joshua, and the answers to define things are not yet fully comprehended. All true apostles eventually come to a statement that they are not exactly sure what this will look like at the end, since God is the one unfolding things and we are only stewards or managers of the “mysteries of Christ”.

            The prophetic movement has come to point to the next movement which is apostolic. The pattern in the Bible is Moses a prophet pointed to Joshua an apostle, Samuel to David, John the Baptist to Jesus and Jesus to the 12 apostles. Each could not define the next movement, but only give some expression of what it would entail. Each of these also had false prophets trying to point to false apostles as well. Today, we are no different with false prophets and apostles trying to operate. False is never birthed outside of the church but within it. True Apostles will point out these false prophets and apostles, and give time for repentance before God brings judgment against them.

            A Biblical example that best exemplifies the things we need to be on guard for is found is 1 Kings 1-2. I encourage you to read the story as you read the following understanding.  David had reached an old age and it was time to pass the mantle of leadership to a new generation, much like today. False is always birthed right before a transition is to occur. Absalom, his son, was killed by Joab, David’s commander of the army, because of rebellion in his life. (2 Sam 18:15). This story has several people involved representing different areas. Here is a list and how they play out so we can see the spiritual pattern. Bathsheba represents the church going before the king and being the king’s bride. Zadok, the high priest is a true prophet from God. Abiathar the priest is a false prophet from God. Adonijah, David’s son, is a false apostle, Solomon is a true apostle, Joab is an intercessor, (The commander of the army who acted out what he thought was right by killing Absalom. Most intercessors who are not submitted act out what they should only be praying about) and of course, David, a true Apostle, who will pass the mantle to the next apostle. It is assumed we all have a good understanding of the dynamics of apostolic ministry of conquerors, builders, and kingdom mindsets. In 1 Kings 1:5 the false apostle, Abiathar, makes a false proclamation concerning his office and destiny. All false people do three things, they proclaim their ministry without affirmation, they gather others to support them in their proclamation, and they promote themselves over the kingdom of God. In verse 7, we see an unholy alliance being formed with a self appointed false apostle, Adonijah, a false prophet, Abiathar, and Joab, an intercessor, who is to be watching out for David as the one in charge of security and the army. The false always tries to bring leadership from the true into to add affirmation. In verse 8, we see the true do not associate with the false but maintains a distance. The false only seek confirmation from the false. They do not expose themselves by coming into a relationship with those who are true. The true will not associate themselves with the false also, as it would mean they approve of their actions. In this story, the false are not submitted, not appointed, and not approved or recognized by Godly authorities already in place. In verse 9, we see that these false leaders produce false sacrifices to affirm themselves. Adonijah did not offer spiritual sacrifices like David gave for example, but offered a fleshly offering. This occurs at the stone of Zoheleth (means serpent) by Enrogel (mount of the fuller), which is one of the two main streams that fed Jerusalem. This is symbolic of the true and false, both spiritual, vying for our cities and regions. In verse 10, we see that those who are true were not invited. We see the deception of those who are false doing things in secret and not openly before others. We also see them try to gain control of the springs of the cities, regions and even nations by going to the sources, in a spirit of competition.

            In verse 11-27, Nathan, the true prophet, spoke to Bathsheba (the church) and revealed what is going on in secret. Today prophets will begin to speak concerning hidden motives and affections. The church needs to listen with new ears and understanding. Bathsheba received direction from the prophet and went before the king to speak concerning the passing of the mantle to the true apostle, Solomon. Nathan, the prophet, backed up Bathsheba as everything must be established with two witnesses. In Mosaic law, accusations had to be done in such a matter for it to be addressed. Today, the true prophets are speaking and telling the church “hidden things” so we can go before our King Jesus and speak these concerns. The King will always give us confirmation that His promises are true (Vs. 28-31). Once we put these things into motion, God will orchestrate that which is true. David called for Nathan and the true priest and made public declaration of the true apostle and rightful heir of the throne.  They had an authorized procession. This brought great joy into the land. The true causes rejoicing, the false does not release joy in the land.  They took the horn of oil from the Tabernacle, set Solomon in place, and sounded a public trumpet to declare the new King (Vs.39). This true anointing and decree was something the false could not do. We may announce that we are anointed, but only if we truly have been appointed by the Lord and not ourselves.

            What happens to the false? He cried out to God not because what he did was wrong, but because he was caught in the act. He feared Solomon but not God. His focus was notKingdom of God focus but kingdom of earth focused. In verses 50-53, Solomon puts the judgment upon themselves. If they be wicked, let them die, if worthy, then not. He allowed the false to be exposed over time, even though he knew them to be false. Solomon, like David, was able to separate family from ministry and place judgment into God’s hand and not his own. Today, these same things are occurring through imprecatory prayers. These are prayers that David prayed concerning his enemies in a way that left judgment up to God concerning them. We see them scattered throughout the book of Psalms. False ministry is always given the time to repent. In this case, there was no true repentance and Adonijah said in 1 Kings 2:13-18 and still proclaimed what he coveed  in his heart concerning the kingdom. He desired to have what the king once had, even if he could not have the kingdom then at least the king’s handmaiden who was still a virgin. (Vs.22) Solomon named all those who supported him and his endeavors. In vs. 23 he declared Adnijah is condemned by his own words and in verse 24 declared that he be put to death. He also address Abiathar the priest, and spoke to him that he will not die but be removed from office. Because as a priest he could not killed but could be disciplined. The final one was Joab, who ran into the tabernacle thinking this would protect him from certain death. But Solomon ordered him to be killed, as well.

            What we see from this pattern, is that the false will be exposed and will be brought down. Their ministries will die, they will be removed out of office. They will be given time to repent but God will decide the final outcome of all things. It is a time to recognize true callings from the false. We should  not associate with those who are false. We also need to realize that God will use men, not in a vengeful way, but in a spirit of humility, to expose and deal with false ministries. When these things begin to come to pass, we will know the mantle is about to be passed to the next generation. Lately, I have had to confront some of these very things. It is not pleasant. For David and Solomon, it was not pleasant but it was all part of Kingdom necessaries.    

Five fold Office or Five fold Gifting

The Apostolic today is hurting in function due to many false concepts and understandings. Not only did Jesus only commission apostles, but the fivefold “offices” in Eph. 4 are not listed as “offices” but listed as gifting. The word ‘gifting’ is the word “doma”.  “Doma” comes from a word meaning ‘to give so you have an advantage, to supply something that is needed, to extend, and to give to one’s care’. Now this is where we see the confusion in many ways.      

 First, the word ‘office’ is not seen in scripture to describe five fold ministers. It is a definition to describe man made systems of structure and organization. It describes a chain of human authority. The gifting described here is really given to the entire Body. It is a stewardship of the charisma of the Spirit and the grace upon them and how it is transferred to the Body. It is a stewardship role, and not an ownership role that the word ‘office’ applies.  By saying there are offices and not gifts, automatically brings a human authority structure to them, thus diminishing the gifting and loosing the spirit of jealousy.  This is why the prophetic and now the apostolic Doma are struggling to fit into the Body in function. The Body is also struggling as they are not getting full advantage as God has intended.   

 Second, the gifting or doma carries a certain charisma with it. It is a spiritual charisma or function.               1 Cor. 12 talks of this “Charisma” or gifting. All members of the Body of Christ carry “Charisma” or functions of the Spirit. Most people today describe themselves or the fivefold ministry by defining the “office” which has a certain human charisma perspective. This is the reflection of a man’s personality and its influence upon others rather than the Charisma of how that person yields to the Spirit and the Spirit’s flow through them.  In other words, people believe they are apostles based on their own Charisma and not the Spirit’s and based on seeing themselves in an ‘office’ instead of being a gift. This Charisma of a fivefold  gifting is the release of grace the gift carries being seen and not the personality of man trying to give definition to the gifting. It even goes beyond the “Charisma” that all the members are to move in as found in 1 Cor. 12. It is the stewardship of that Charisma so they not only function but accomplish the work of ministry which is the advancement of the Kingdom of God. I see many drawn to the personality of a person, over the personality of God or the Holy Spirit the person is allowing to flow through them. The main difference is the charisma of man stirs the flesh and emotions, the charisma of the Spirit stirs the Spirit within us to come alive to expression.       

 Lastly, all fivefold ministry has a certain grace with it. Paul discovered it and even said he had been given a dispensation or stewardship of this grace. The word ‘grace’ means more than God’s favor. It means ‘the ability of God to produce change’ be it negative or positive. That is exactly what occurs before we are saved, God’s grace is working on us and in some ways He has allowed very negative things to occur. We say’ by God’s grace we are saved’ never seeing the negative as God’s grace as well. When we get saved, we see the grace only in a positive light. But even the hard times can be God’s grace. Paul said it best when he said “God’s grace is sufficient for me”. This grace is required to perfect the saints for the work of ministry. It is required to bring us to unity of the faith.  When we try to operate or steward a grace that is not upon us, we do great damage to the Body of Christ. The outcome is lacking and many end up confused as the grace will produce results unless man gets in the way of its working. The reason we operate in a grace not flowing from us is we do not understand the ways of God, or the way His grace is working. For the most part, the mercy “charisma” tries to step into fixing situations not realizing God has allowed the situation to bring change, thus short changing the full impact and intention of God.  Many today are struggling in their calling because of trying to be in an office, overseeing themselves as a gift, defining themselves by their own charisma and not the Spirit’s, and by trying to steward a grace that actually belongs to another.  We must know the ways of God!


Apostolic Suffering

We all suffer many things in life. Some are self induced due to our poor decisions. We may suffer for what we believe or for righteousness sake. We may even suffer because of others actions or lack of actions. The Holy Spirit woke me this morning and began speaking to me about the suffering of true apostles.

Apostles’ suffering is different from the “fellowship of suffering”. Apostles experience all the forms of suffering and take on one more as well. The suffering they endure is beyond them personally or their personal suffering but it’s suffering because the plan and intentions of God are being rejected by his sons and daughters thus the entire plan of God is delayed or sidetracked wasting precious time. Apostles are strategists, visionary planners and know the intentions of God.  As wise master builders, they see how the pieces fit and what will be created. When people reject the investment of God and God’s plan for their life, they never stop to see how their life affects the overall larger plan of God He is trying to unfold. Apostles take on the suffering due to others’ decisions to reject God in these areas.

True apostles carry a suffering in how these decisions affect the heart of God and His intentions. They relate directly to missing elements within that plan, once present but now missing.  Each ministry gift relates to the suffering of Christ differently. True apostles take on the sufferings of Christ in this area, not so much his rejection but another aspect- the rejection of God’s plan. True apostles do not take the suffering personally, or in other words it does not affect them negatively nor is it a thing of “look at me suffer for what I am doing”. But true suffering by true apostles is done in humility and in secret and seldom talked about. They carry suffering as a battle scar and reminder of how men can reject God’s intentions at any time. For the most part even when things are going well for them, apostles are still suffering. It actually is almost a lifestyle as they see the end and desire to see it in fullness.

False apostles portray their suffering to try and get affirmation of their false identity and office. They believe if others see them suffer then that affirms them. Nothing can be further from the truth. Most who claim to be apostles and have suffering is because of their own decision to take on a false identity, an identity God never intended. Their suffering is personal and they take the circumstances in life personally. These false apostles see their personal suffering as part of an ongoing lifestyle to bring affirmation. After all, the only way they see suffering is through personal suffering for righteousness sake possibly, and relate to the rejection of Christ on the cross being rejected by men. They become self deceived in what true suffering is. They find themselves in a perpetual state of saying the right words but seeing no result. Thus suffering is the fruit coming from being self deceived and is possibly the worst kind of deception because it comes from the individual themselves so they cannot see it as easily as coming from an outside source. The kingdom is not advance but that does not affect them, not being affirmed does.

The true sufferings of an apostle cause them to be on guard to make sure God’s strategy and intentions are always going forward with multiple participators. If one drops, another is in place to take their role. This suffering has caused them to be a “wise master builder” in approach and contingency planning. They are suffering for the sake of the King and His kingdom coming to the earth. The things others see as suffering as they go through life, things all believers endure, hold no grip on them and are discarded as not truly suffering because no lasting fruit is being produced.

True apostles actually see suffering as part of the process of their own development and also the only way the truths of God will come to bear in the earth. True apostles suffer for the things that bring God’s intentions and plan to the earth. They are suffering for the Word’s sake. Suffering for the advancement of the Kingdom to their own demise. Suffering hardship to unlock the destiny and dreams in others. Suffering the loss of spiritual sons and daughters who were not willing to embrace God’s plan and strategy. Every true apostle has suffered the loss of these things and if they have not, then their apostleship may be in question. Most apostles suffer in silence as “the sufferings are not worthy to be compared to the Glory yet to be revealed”. So why would they talk of the suffering when a greater Glory is coming?

The Kingdom of God suffers violence and comes with opposition. It comes with a price and every apostle knows it. They know there will be loss. They know they will be misunderstood and rejected, but they also know the rejection is not towards them personally but of the Message and models they bring.

Definition of Five Fold Offices

With so much confusion and assumptions on the ministry gift offices in the body of Christ we have written up some definitions to better define these. Let us first state that all of the five fold offices stated in Eph 4:11 are not titles but functions. Second that promotion comes ultimately from God through other fivefold offices recognizing and affirming.  Third that a person gift makes room for him and the honor given is not honor taken by that gift.  We also state that a person can be in more than one office, but generally one will be more dominating than others. And lastly because a person has some tenacity towards a certain office does not mean that is the final or primary call. As with these offices they are have the dynamics of a true disciple and have already been and continue to do these dynamics. A divine calling and the fulfillment of that calling has a period of development.  Paul said “takes time to make your calling and election sure”. The word calling means invitation and the word election means the act of God choosing.

Ephesians 4:11-13 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; 12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: 13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:


We see in Eph 4:11 five gifting given. Verse 11 tells of  the office, verse 12 tells of the reason these gifts are given and also show how the trinity works with these gifts, and verse 13 parallels verse 12 in how these gifts function.  We believe there are five gifting producing 4 functions. We also believe these gifting are evident today and all five are needed and in operation.  Though some might be denied operation or tried to be not recognized, none the less, they do exist possibly with limited exercised authority do to mans denial.

 Five ministry gifts each have distinct operations

           1. Apostles – unity of the faith

          2. Prophets – knowledge of the Son of God

          3. Evangelists – bring us unto a perfect man

          4. Pastors – bring us unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ 

          5. Teachers – bring us unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ

 These gifts are given for three purposes 

  1. To perfect the saints                     Perfecting –  complete furnishing; equipping
  2. For the work of the ministry          Ministry –  service; ministering
  3. To edify the Body of Christ           Edifying –  build up; promote growth


It just so happens that this is the reason these gifts are given, but that it is also a process that is given. The gifts are not only doing these three things, but help the saints carry out these three things. To fully understand the gifts, we need to understand the meaning of the name given to each one.


Apostles  – one who is sent           

Prophets –  interpreter of oracles that are hidden           

Evangelist –  bringer of good tidings           

Pastors –  Shepherd ; herds man                       

Teachers –  one fitted to teach; master; doctor


 Let’s give definition to each gift in a descriptive way of function.

Evangelist is one who is sent to save souls and present the gospel message. We see evangelist where the lost are and they are not listed in the order of the church in 1 Cor 12:28. Marks of an evangelist are salvations and healings and miracles. They have an ability to touch hardened hearts with God’s love for them to receive salvation. They also are found in the midst of environments that breed sin. The word is only used three times in scripture. The best example of an evangelist is Stephen. Philip started his ministry as a deacon in the helps ministry, in Acts 6:1, and moved into calling in Acts 8:26-40. They are generally drawn to pastors. They are trans-local traveling by themselves as a rule.


Characteristics of an Evangelist


  • Supernatural advertising of signs and wonders, words of knowledge
  • Preach Gospel of Jesus only
  • Must preach the Word – not church doctrine
  • Have ability to bring people to an individual decision
  • Free people
  • Do not have responsibility inside church walls
  • Are active – always in motion
  • Are aggressive and are Bold – do bold and crazy things
  • Transient – Move around
  • Called to the world not the church – called outside of the church walls
  • Has an Anointing for the lost finding opening to hearts
  • Burns for lost souls – wins them to Christ – most driving force in them
  • Intolerant to churches laziness for outreaches and witnessing
  • Have great faith to believe God for money because churches do not support them
  • Long for mass salvations
  • Preach simple message of salvation
  • Don’t care about opposition confronting the enemy head on
  • People have joy and rejoice after the evangelist speaks


Pastor The word pastor is only used one time in scripture yet we ahv made it the primary function today. Pastors are nurturers and must lay their lives down for the flock. They are healers of the broken and are given oversight to make sure the needs of people are being met. Just like a herdsmen there are also under-shepherds or pastors in almost every body of believers. They may not be recognized but are active meeting needs and ministering healing to others. Pastors are drawn to teachers to evangelist and then to teachers. Pastors are most effective one on one and modeling Christ. Not all pastors will be dynamic teachers but will be dynamic in showing love. They were never to be placed as final oversight or vision casters to the people. They are always given to a set group of people.


Description of office of Pastor


  • Pastors have a love for people.
  • Must have compassion for people and the church.
  • Have a giving attitude instead of taking
  • Return love for hate when criticized
  • Looking for the one hurting and focus on them until healed or whole
  • Never give up on people because they have a large heart
  • They see the good, finished and complete person.
  • They have a special grace for the office
  • They have a teaching gift and ability to share life experience in counseling
  • They are over protective of their sheep
  • They have long patience
  • Shepherds should be among the sheep
  • They are settled and remain for the long haul.
  • Need wisdom, knowledge, and discerning of spirits, not for leading a body but for ministering the hurst of the people.



Teacher The office of Teacher is one that stirs others to know the truth. It is more than explaining, it carries an anointing that brings change. Teachers love truth and love to study. They are avid readers and study topics in multiple ways. They are generally scribes and historians. They expand on what apostles release and prophets speak so others can clearly understand. They teach line upon line.  They carry a divine, supernatural ability to impart knowledge above the natural way of doing. True teachers will never teach doctrinal error, but will study in-depth before giving new insight. They are an office with a main thrust to study and give away what they have learned. Teachers explain things from many different angles so the person is sure to understand.

Teachers are willing to be taught. They can be local and trans-local in ministry assignments as they are given to the body as a whole. They generally travel by themselves and sometimes with apostles and prophets. 


Teachers function to do the following;


  •      1. Inspire – light a fire
  •      2. Lay a foundation, then build upon that foundation
  •      3. Build upon other Ministries
  •      4. Always build up
  •      5. Teach you into correction with out you knowing it
  •      6. To counsel, teachers will hand you a tape or book
  •      7. Convey Word of God in depth
  •      8. Are teachable
  •      9. Have a love for books
  •      10. Hunger and thirst for knowledge and truth
  •      11. Get a revelation from a Prophet then teach on it
  •      12. Are very organized people
  •      13. Have love for Word of God
  •      14. Leave you desiring more  
  •      15. Transfer truth
  •      16. Teachers who are pastors of a church, repeat in three to five year cycles


Prophet Prophets speak from revelation the heart of God in a matter. It is not by perception, but by inspiration. They are foretellers and reveals of the intentions of God. They move in the inspirational gifts of 1 Cor. 12 of words of wisdom, prophecy, words of knowledge. It is not by perception, but by inspiration.

This office requires a consistent manifestation of at least two of the revelation gifts on an ongoing basis.

Most prophets also experience prophetic dreams and filled with symbolism and visions. Prophets speak more than individual prophetic words but prophetic words or messages that shift spiritual atmospheres over regions. They generally are draw to apostles. #1 job of prophets is not to prophecy but to train the people to hear God. When people can hear God in a region it is just as great or greater than a prophet releasing word over a region! They are generally trans-local as they are given to the body as a whole. They travel by themselves and with Apostles.

 Attributes of the office of Prophet 

  • Many think all a prophet does is prophesy
  • Need to be a preacher or teacher of the Word
  • Laying on of hands goes with it
  • Generally healing goes with it   — Luke 4:27
  • Generally the Miraculous goes with it    —   II Kings 5:33
  •  Many people think Prophets should know everything
  •  Many people think that any time they want, a Prophet can give a word – only as Spirit wills
  •  Prophets are only human
  •  Prophets hearts are broken over sin
  • Prophets speak words in season
  • New Testament Prophets speaks words of correction sandwiched in love
  • Prophets speak directional confirming words
  • A prophet of God is a messenger of Gods will not doctrine.
  • A prophet initiated no messages or sermons from his own will in the name of the Lord.
  • A prophet speaks only new revealed words from God.
  • A prophet has to be commanded by God to speak.
  • A prophet is not allowed to speak any error in Gods name.
  • A prophets predictions in the old Testament had to come true or he would be branded a false prophet and be executed, thus limiting his ability to learn from his mistakes and limiting his ability to again mislead the people of God.
  • Prophecy is the very Voice of Christ speaking to the church!


Apostle – With so much confusion and lack of understanding we will spend a little more time on this gifting. It is a governmental gift given to bring the church into order and increased authority and anointing. Most Apostles are intolerant of doctrinal error as it makes their jobs harder. There has always been apostles we have just not recognized them nor the humility they operate in will promote themselves as such. Apostles are forerunners and introduce new dimensions of spirit life. They are kingdom focused over an individual body. They are transient and given the body as a whole. All apostles are fathers but not all fathers are apostles. They see the gildings in people and have an ability to bring those gifting out.  Since they have been called to perfect the saints, they see all truth and not just one aspect of truth.  While pastoral truth deals with the individual life, Apostolic truth deals with overall effect on the body.  Pastoral truth produces self serving servants, Apostolic truths produce body serving sons. Apostles is actually the only office Jesus appointed and the only office commissioned in scripture.

An apostle is sent with a message and specific assignment and mandate given by God directly for a specific people, specific cause and purpose directly concerning the Kingdom of God. This message releases people from the past confront the present and establish the future. The fruit of apostleship is evident by their love for correct doctrine and are intolerant of false concepts and teaching. They are writers of books, establishers of schools and training, and have put in place dynamics that continue to expand and grow when they are no longer around. Birthing a church does not make a person an apostles, an evangelist can do this. Running a large church does not make a person apostles, a good administrator can do this. All apostles have lived a life of suffering for righteousness sake to establish the kingdom. All apostles have seen the lord and this defined their personal lives and molded their sprits.  All apostles have a cross section of voluntary followers, more than a local congregation, who have benefitted from that apostles and have functional relationship with them.  Apostles are counselors to to other ministries and investors into emerging ministries. These gifts are attracted to Apostles because they know the Apostle will know how to place them and how to make them grow into the gift they are to be. The main thing to realize is Apostles are given to bring order, establish churches or ministries, and bring out the other ministry gifts. They carry resurrection life and apostolic grace that sets them apart. They are given to the whole body of Christ and so are trans-local. They travel by themselves and with prophets. Every apostle has something of significance they are apostling.


Apostles function

 Has been commissioned, ordained, and sent with purpose and mission

  1. Pioneers and risk takers
  2. Carries the spirit of resurrection and reformation — brings life and spiritual flow
  3. Depend on God’s approval and not mans.
  4. Set things in order and maintains spiritual flow
  5. Minister out of their experience and not out of their head. They pull people out of their comfort zone
  6. Ahead of their time — visionaries
  7. Attracts other ministry gifts
  8. They produce like minded sons and daughters of the same faith
  9. Apostles draw other gifts to them, train them, and then release them into ministry.
  10. Have unique spiritual authority in the body of Christ and over territories
  11. Apostles have a specific assignment. One of the most distinguishing marks of Apostles is the ability to embrace all other ministry Gifts.


Attributes of an Apostle


  • Teacher and preacher of the Word
  • Spiritual Gifts – flow in all gifts
  • Deep personal experience
  • Ability to establish churches or ministries
  • Spiritual leadership
  • Are sent by the Holy Ghost
  • Father figure – spiritually mature
  • Broad oversight – vision of body as a whole
  • Walk in spiritual authority
  • Called to a region or a people
  • Have the ability to draw other gifts to them
  • Have heart for the people
  • Are a spiritual covering – cover other gifts
  • Have patience
  • Signs and Wonders follow them
  • Mighty deeds
  • Have vision for the church
  • Labor night and day
  • Look upon self as Father and congregation as children
  • They are taught by God
  • They minister in the power of God, not the wisdom of men
  • Their fruit manifests the living God
  • They lead by Christ’s example
  • They please God, not men
  • They don’t flatter men
  • They are gentle with the saints
  • They are holy, righteous, and blameless
  • They exhort, comfort, and chasten as necessary
  • Their glory is the glorious church
  • They endure hardship and persecution for the church’s sake


This is not an all inclusive teaching on this subject and has been brief on purpose. There are many resources to draw from on this topic and these are just some guidelines to help people start brining definition.