Hope for Tired and Rejected Leaders

Easter, the cross, the tomb, the resurrection. Power of God upon the earth. Promise of God fulfilled. A kingdom birthed. Freedom in grace has come. Yet in the midst betrayal, rejection, and even those closes failed.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it. As I’m reading the account of history like so many, I want to point out some silent sufferings that all leaders go through and to bring hope to your labor of love. He speaks to the betrayal of Judas. Sitting amongst them with all the privilege yet to sell the greatest privilege for 30 pieces of silver. Can you imagine what Christ is thinking. This is what my life, my words, my messages and experiences are worth to this one. Yet he believed in him all the same.

He turns to Peter and says to him “When you’re fully converted” Matt 22:32 then strengthen your brethren. He saw a man still not convinced, still doubting still not full committed. Yet he saw a greatness within him yet to be seen. An assignment for his future given even unconverted! Imagine how he wished he could finish the process he started in both of these. To see the outworking all the investment and be satisfied he had done the work. Yet at times leaders have to say I have done all I can.

Then as he goes to the garden and in the greatest transition of heaven to earth, the moment of the secret of his life and ministry is being revealed, the disciples could not tarry an hour. As Jesus prayed in the in the garden for the cup to pass, sweating blood as he now begin the final process of being poured out, knowing he must fulfill his purpose upon the earth. The disciples could not overcome their flesh and sleep. The greatest moment Jesus needed them to be connected, yet he went the course by himself. Imagine even seeing the drops of blood yet not inquiring. I imagine Jesus like so many leaders asked the question to himself, when is it enough? I have poured myself out and it’s not good enough.

But what I see is Jesus could have seen failure. Failure of ministry. Failure to convey truth. Failure to grow leaders. But he was focused not on what was temporal, or his eyes saw. He was focused on what he had placed in the spiritual realm, what was eternal. Perhaps these men would eventually capture it, perhaps not. But it was placed in the spiritual realm and others would now have a chance to capture it. I learned a long time ago, what you say and do is not for who is in a room, but what you place in the spiritual realm so others can catch it.

As leaders we go through times of the cross and resurrection. At times we are at critical moments and those around us don’t understand the importance of a moment. I am telling you I understand. But my hope is not in people. It is in knowing and doing what is eternal. It is placing things in the spiritual realm for those who truly desire it. Just like the disciples were not convinced so many today are not as well. Jesus didn’t try to convince them, he made them think on the things he spoke with conviction. The power of resurrection is also the power of conviction and as Jesus moved in resurrection power. The early leaders found the same path also releasing the spirit of conviction to change mindset by metanoia, actions of the hearts, and the laying down of worldly pursuits for that which was eternal. Take heart leader. Move in resurrection power in your words and deeds. Stay focused on the eternal for the it all that will remain when all is said and done. Let God sort the ones who are to come along.


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