Prophetic Vision 1/12/2022

Like Bob Jones would give the Shepherds Rod sometimes the Lord speaks to me like this. Recently this happened to me again as I was meditating on many things concerning the life of the Body of Christ, the disconnected ones, the order needed, the power required, and I was seeking asking God what will it take to align and re-order all of this to your intention. This is what was conveyed.

The Mavericks

First, I saw two groups of people. Mavericks and those who are rogue. The 2 groups were the same. The Lord spoke to me and said, “the mavericks are my sent ones. They do not fit the status quo but are still connected into the body and submitted to me. They love my church and are not critical of her. They have an assignment and an empowerment to challenge my bride out of slumber.” I then saw the other group the rogues. The Lord spoke to and said, “this groups is to themselves. They have gifting and anointing but are not submitted to any leader. They believe they know all things and are critical of my church. They have created their own way not within my prescribed order. ” I could see both groups operating in the same moment. Both were having results, the mavericks more so than the rogues. It seemed confusing that both could have results. Then I saw the eternal results of both groups. Not the actions but what was created in hearts who were around each group. This clarified the impact of the unseen of the Mavericks vs the rogues. The Mavericks had imparted things eternal while the rogues had only brought what was more temporal. The disconnect of the rouges coming from attitude disqualified them to carry the eternal.

 The War

I saw a great war in the heavens going on. An ancient war with ancient demonic forces. These forces have been reserved for this moment of time, to wear out the saints. I saw the deceiver and accuser. I saw how many in the body of Christ have played into the deception and even the accusation. Their judgements of the church and the bride have empowered the demonic forces. The dissatisfaction they experienced coming from others and how they felt treated, was in reality, their own dissatisfaction with their own selves. This was making them rogue in living their faith. Their faith was empowering the deception. I saw a lying spirit and how all of this was empowering it. The empowering was so great in this hour it was as if it was becoming a principality over regions and nations. I saw fear gripping tightly upon areas of hearts. It was the whispering spirit collaborating with the lying spirit. I heard a voice speak and say, “the great war has come.”

The Ecclesia

I then saw the church, the Ecclesia. I saw a new way of battling with a new sound and a new sword being formed. I saw the church standing looking up , vertically, and speaking to demonic forces. Then I saw the church rise and speak horizontally. The church was being repositioned and it was critical to be both aligned and in order. The alignment was a multiplier. The order brought a confidence. I saw the Ecclesia step into position in the second heaven aligning itself with its destiny. They were also coming into order and began to reorder all things, beginning in the second heaven. The Ecclesia begin to wrestle with and contend face to face with demonic forces. The war was going to be differnet because a different ecclesia was emerging. Aligned and order to produce a bowing down of demonic forces and a giving way of demonic influences. But the Ecclesia was carrying a new sword. A sound never before heard.

The Sound

I saw a sound that had never been before, coming forth. A harmonious, synchronized sound. A sound that was coming from union and not unity. A sound recognized by both believer and unbeliever. A sound known in heaven but becoming known in the earth. It was the sound of war, but not of the battle, or call to war. Even though the battle was on you could not hear the sound of it like past battles. But the sound the Ecclesia carried was the dominate and only sound. It was the sound of ultimate victory contained in the ecclesia. The sound was soft and deafening at the same time. It was authoritative. It contained the power and breath of God. It had come to do business and the sound demanded a response that would have to give way. It was a new weapon of war. A new sword forming.

The Order

I saw an order coming into the earth again. This order was the ways of God. The order was defining the realignment of past structures. A structuring of governmental legislating. A way that would produce a path. The Path was part of the order. It was the outcome of the ways. The sound of the Ecclesia was the order. The order was coming to release authority. I saw wave upon wave of authority being released upon the earth, as another part of the order and path of God was being found and walked. The more this repeated the stronger the sound and the order became. Men’s hearts were giving way to the order as a more excellent way.

 The Tree

I saw a new tree coming into existence. It seemed to be a short brushy type of tree but held great promise. I sensed it would produce a new fruit or food source. I thought this could be a supernatural  source possible for healing properties. Then I saw the bark and leaves of the tree being used as a tea and many being healed. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “this is all of this and so much more. This is the tree of Life being restored. In the next season the focus and embrace of the life-giving source will become more dominate in the body. As it comes it will bring healing where there seems to be a lack.” I saw the tree being rooted into the earth again. I saw it spreading outward creating  a huge umbrella under its limbs and it became the covering for many. This tree of Life was and is Christ.

 The Intensity

I saw the intensity. It was a force coming of such power. The intensity was overwhelming to think of. Its power could utterly destroy in a moment of being unbalanced. It seemed the sound and order the Ecclesia was carrying was the balancing required. The intensity was fearful and reverence instilling. It became an actual wall of power that could be felt that swept entire cities. It was known by all, felt by all, but none could see it. It was complete and stood to the heavens and reached horizon to horizon. But it was not a fixed wall but moved slowly as one single intentional force. It was obvious nothing could stand in its path, and nothing would even consider it. Everything seemed to have been set in order and alignment and because of that and the sound of the ecclesia everything was magnified thousands of times.


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