The Call For Freedom

The one thing all humanity desires deep down is to be free. People work to better themselves everyday around the globe to attain greater freedom in living. People create money sources and business to “buy” time to do what they want to really do. People look for ways to escape their sin consciousness and generational curses and iniquities with addictions, looking for short lived freedom. At the heart of Christianity is the answer of Christ who frees us from all the worlds bondages restricting our freedom.

We as a nation are to be a model to the nations, is currently going through a crisis of freedom. The current battle going on is will we remain free or will we allow bondages to begin once again to take away what has been so costly paid for. As I write this, it is the day after Lincoln gave his Gettysburg address. At a time, a nation was divided over freedom, he took a stance and stated that all men are to be free. It was an overall perspective of answering the God placed desire in all men to be free. But the evil of men’s hearts to control and dominate was the enemy of this freedom. Today we are running some very exacting parallels. I can see we are in the midst of a civil war over freedom. We are a divided nation. We are pitted within families of being divided of which side we stand on. This division was implemented by a virus much like the virus of slavery.

A few years ago, the Lord told me “Your message this week is written on the capital wall. Go to the state capital and get your message. “I went to the capital and began my search. I read everything hanging on all the walls. I read plaques and things posted on every floor and almost every public room. I was coming up with nothing. As I kept ascending to the very top floor in the rotunda, I finally found it. Written around the very top was the words, “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. “ The words “a new birth of freedom” is what stood out. I would later learn this was Lincolns last line of the Gettysburg address. The lord spoke to me and said “This will become the rallying point for awakening and reformation you seek. This will be the common sound that will united and draw people to a common cause.” I assumed for my state, today I see it for the nation.

The longing in men’s hearts is to be free. As a nation now with the recent election held in the balance, it is not about who will be president, but men’s freedom held in the balance. When they killed Lincoln, they thought they had won over the freedom he was bringing. But it only gave resolve to follow through that the nation would not be lost to binding men’s lives. Soon after that time the democratic party was birthed to change law to bring slavery back, to steal freedom from men. The history of that party is seen in different ways of taking freedom away and creating a dependency on programs, governmental control etc. That’s why their platform is contrary to biblical morality and principles that God established for his creation.

Now here stand the church and its leaders, divided due to influences of the culture and political affiliations. Many including leaders, not understanding Godly principles and their role upon the earth. This alone has caused freedom to be stolen. This has caused men to lose hope of being absolutely free. But also standing, the ecclesia, the active authoritarian body of Christ is also present, who are standing for truth to be seen, for freedom to prevail. This group has been marked standing for truth and crying out against the abominations upon the earth. (Ezekiel 9) This same group is crossing thresholds into heavenly realms to begin to legislate from a higher perspective. To be a voice and declare freedom. We must not cower down or remain hidden or silent.

We are indeed being marked and even separated of who will be carries of truth. Once this marking is completed then we will be asked to let go of what is in our hands and cross the threshold again. In Ezekiel 10 the one marked had to put his inkhorn down and take the fire from the alter and scatter it to the cities. This is the awaken and reformation we so desperately need. So in this hour perhaps we should be firming declaring from the other side of the threshold “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”


1 thought on “The Call For Freedom

  1. Yes! Your words are so encouraging to me.It has been an honor and privilege to have been a representative for the State of Iowa and the Nation in a Frequency Declaration Prayer group from April through Election. Continuing to declare God’s word and intentions for this State and Nation.

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