Building the Throne of God….Part 1

The Lord spoke to me a couple months ago and said to me, I want you to build my throne in Iowa.” I was a little got by the words and felt who am I do to such a thing. There is no way I can build Gods throne, only he can do that. But it took me on a journey to try and discover exactly what God was saying to me. Was it a type and shadow, was it literally, or did it have a hidden meaning?

Hebrews 4:16 (KJV 1900) — 16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

For starters a throne is a place of ultimate rule. It is appoint of governing and also decrees. It is representative of a nation, country, or a group of people. God’s throne is a place of divine power and final authority. Gods thrown is a place of grace. Not just grace in the normal understanding of saving grace or redemptive grace, but all graces associate with the 7 natures of Christ found in Isaiah 11:2-3. So to build a throne is to build grace. Paul actually came to the point of stewarding grace in Eph 3. 1-3 when he said he was given a dispensation of grace. So a throne is a place of dispensing grace as well. The grace is sitting waiting on an activity that activates it …. The nature of God in us is the catalyst.

The throne is also sovereign and represents the sovereignty of God. It is what everything in heaven and earth is revolving around. It is also a place that is supporting the one seated. It is not so much a chair of how we see a king sitting, but a place of resting upon grace. When the Bible speaks of God’s “throne,” the emphasis is on God’s, transcendence, his dignity, and sovereign rule. The fact that His throne is in heaven further underscores the transcendent nature of God’s existence.

The word transcendence means “to exist above and independent from; to rise above, surpass, succeed.” Being transcendent, God is both the unknown and unknowable, yet God continually seeks to reveal Himself to His creation. In other words the unknown seeks to be known. This transcendent nature that places Him beyond the reach of His creation is His holiness and His righteousness. So the throne to build will exist separated and part from all the other thrones. It will not be associated with manmade thrones and kingdoms but will be above it. It will surpass that which is currently being seen.

So I have begun to see I can’t actually build a throne as we would know it but I can build the things around the throne and also dispense the grace that comes from that throne. How strange of us to look at Moses tabernacle and David’s tabernacle and go back and try to copy these things, when God said he would build His tabernacle as he desired. In Hebrews it talks about the patterns of the heaven and its reflection on the earth. Perhaps we should be building according to the heavenly pattern instead of copying a past earthly pattern. Tomorrow part 2.


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