Awakening Nature


Recently I was in a service and an invitation was given. As people started ministering to the individual the entire room was focused on them and no longer on the Lord. The Lord spoke to me and said this is not awakening. It seemed odd to me because the attempt was being made to meet the need. Then I noticed what he was speaking of. The focus was on the one and not on HIM. The lord said I have ways to meet the need as you remain focused on me. We were trying to meet the need by anointing and even by knowledge of God and not from the nature of God. You see the anointing still ahs a mixture because it is the enablement of our flesh to engage into supernatural. The nature of God is pure and has no mixture, thus the results are very different. You see revival is the activation of the gifts, awakening sir the activation of the nature.  This is a great paradigm shift of how we do ministry.

I was in a prayer meeting and people love how I pray. But I don’t pray very often. I don’t just pray to be praying or to show how eloquent I can pray. I only want to pray what the father desires to be prayed. I only want to come into alignment with Jesus intercession. The anointing enables me to know that, but when I pray I pray from the nature within. That’s why the prayer is so powerful. That’s why people are drawn to the prayer, because it is not me praying but the nature praying. When we pray from the nature we see almost instant results. This is the new prayer paradigm that is coming as well.

We are looking for a certain thing to confirm that awakening is here or not. Many are trying to look at awakening with certain elements or things we are looking for that confirms awakening. We want to see the signs of holy laughter bring a return of joy, healings bringing a return of health, miracles, etc. We want to see outpourings like past revivals. We want to see mass salvations. Yet these are the signs of revival which is restoring things to a former state. Revival deals and focuses on individuals. Awakening focuses on a corporate body.

A Christian that has actually experienced an awakening to those things, their authority, or maybe the unlimited possibilities of God will begin to produce these signs of healings, miracles, prophecy etc. These signs are actually signs of being a Christian that is living to the full or one who has been awakened to the fullness of God. These things are actually the fruit of an awakened heart and not the actual awakening. The actual awakening is not actually seen.

The awakening is a hidden work that occurs in the heart. It is unseen. It is a holy place. A holy work. A work of wrestling for the nature of Christ to be formed that the breath of God would flow outwardly creating and releasing those around. It is an unpacking and unfolding of the nature of God to be allowed to be more dominant than our nature. That’s when the awakening we are all really looking for becomes most prevalent in touching society.

But before society and culture are impacted by this unseen force there has to be the voices of awakening to come forth first. Those who have decided to not live a normal Christian life of ease. Those who desire the very depths of God and are willing to let God deal with them, even severely if needed, to be able to remove the obstacles in their hearts. God is now taking the remnant we have been seeing formed over the last few years, who refuse the seeker friendly, institutionalized structures and is now given them the assignment of confronting the hearts of men. But this confrontation is not with words of men’s wisdom. Nor is it convincing words or begging words, or a memorized 4 spiritual laws or other techniques of the past. This confrontation is coming from the very nature of God within. The nature confronts. The nature carrying Gods breathe and when the words spoken from that point, it changes the heart.

You see the disciples’ were still unsure of who Jesus was even after resurrection. People are the same today looking at the church even after we have been resurrected into new life. The disciples were not following Jesus the man around for 3 years. They were following Jesus the nature of God around. It was the nature and how it was projected that caught there interest and imagination. God does not anoint a person he anoints the message inside the person and thus the person is anointed. The same today is true. People do not need to follow us or be draw to us, that’s the problem with the church and especially our celebrity leaders. No we need them to be drawn to the nature of God within us. It is what will cause hearts to be changed in a moment of time and the answering of the call like the early disciples who left all and followed him (the nature of God).

We have been given the honor (Doxa glory) from God to carry His nature so that other hearts would be awakened. Much like Peters shadow where we walk they feel HIM. Where we talk they understand HIM. You see quantum physics has discovered that just like our brains put out a wave, so does our heart. They call it your heart brain. The wave from our brain is about 6”, the wave from our heart is about 8 feet. So as Peter walked by and His shadow healed it was the nature of God healing. This “Zone” as I’ve been calling for the past two years is when our spirit bears witness to others, when we actually have fellowship with someone requires us to be this close for exchange of conversations, ( we don’t fellowship yelling across a room) and it’s when others gets in our zone they will feel him.

Charles Finney carried this degree of the nature of God. He could get on a train, or enter a building and everyone around could feel the presence of God. Many would sob uncontrollably. Others would enter into repentance without any words spoke. There are other stories of men on ships in New York city coming back from sea with the presence of God so heavy that when they ported much of the city of New York could feel a deep sense of conviction.

So the simple truth to be the voices or carriers of His presence that cause this kind of awakening of hearts is for us to enlarge our capacity for him. To allow more and more of our heart to be changed and convicted. To open up the secret doorways in our hearts, to Gods Holy Spirit to search us and if needed, to sweep us clean. These are the voices of awakening that are rising now. It is more than words. It is those purged so there is indeed more of him and less of us.


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