Why Leaven?

Matt 13:33 Another parable spake he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.

 Many are living their Christianity in a non fullness lifestyle has come to be the new normal for many. Without knowing what can be, most are never realizing they are missing out, or don’t know there is truly more. Still others there is denial of the more, it does not mean it does not exist, but this only means they  have decided to ignore it. Believe it or not a sign of Kingdom evidence is the rejection of the message of the Kingdom. Since the kingdom is like leaven we must realize it will require much confronting. The word leaven actually means mental and moral corruption. The kingdom is a mixture and has mental and moral corruption and if not confronted, which is what has happened, this corruption could leaven all the way through. These iniquities, which defined as twisted thinking, has caused many to live far below the intentions of God. Let me explain probably the biggest wrong thinking which is the devil has a kingdom to. There is only one kingdom, Gods, and all things are in that kingdom. There is no kingdom of darkness only darkness hiding in Gods Kingdom.

 The bible says there is the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven. The kingdom of God includes both believers and unbelievers. Both can feel the influence of the kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven is only for those who believe, as we define heaven as the placement of Gods throne and access to it. The church or ecclesia is the voice within the kingdom of God. The Ecclessia has authority in that kingdom through its voice. Authority only works if we work it so our voice must be worked. The church is not the kingdom nor are we in the religious mountain, unless we are in a structure that is not bring a life giving flow, then that structure is in the religious mountain. We are the mountain of the Lord, called to be above all other mountains, or belief systems.  Now with the understanding of the kingdom established, let’s look back to the leaven within the kingdom.

 The Lord has revealed to me how this leaven is working in Gods kingdom. There is a familiar spirit operating within Gods kingdom. It is demonic in source, and is not typical as in times past of demonic lies as demons whispering to Christians, but it is functioning through Christians who have not been taught Gods word properly. These Christians are whispering in the ears of other Christians, things that sound like God, but are not coming from God. A mixture of truth. With so much lack of discernment in the body almost all things are considered to be true, and more detrimental optional. Thus the confusion results of what to put the hand to, commitment to, how to interpretation truth, isolation from the truth, and also what to belief to be true. It has caused a mental and moral dilemma and made many things as either/ or  and formed many open belief systems. It has thus corrupted many of the people of God and affected how leaders conduct spiritual business. We end up as leaders scratching our heads over how people can think certain ways and react in certain spiritual situations. How can you say this is the best thing going and yet not participate. A familiar spirit whispering. How can you say apostolic is needed and understand the value, yet walk away from apostolic. How can you be taught the kingdom and the spirits flow and go back to a lifeless structure? A whisper coming from a person who has moral or mental corruption.

 Let’s face it we all have these type of things that have happened. I don’t mind someone if they move on and their life is more fruitful, but most of the time it is not. Most of these types of situations end with a type of denial of what is being offered. I understand the unwillingness of change but isn’t  that not saying the mental corruption carries a higher weight than the truth.

 This principality over our nation and even our states needs to be broken. There is a  remnant in this kingdom. There are hungry ones, pressing in. There are prodigals about to come in. There are pockets that have disconnected to the un-fullness lifestyle and want the fullness. Finding these is part of the challenge. Paul was able to find them when he entered a city by allowing the Spirits activity to flow through him. To me this is the key to unlocking all things. The nature of God coming to cities, the breath of God released in cities.  We must be consistent in carrying his nature and releasing his breath. We must not be discouraged by those who only attend a meeting once but somehow encourage them to attend until they get it. Paul taught and taught and taught. But he and Jesus both confronted. They confronted 2 things. Moral corruption and mental corruption. They did it by uncompromising truth. We must realize we will always have this mixture in the kingdom, but we need to live far above it, seeing is there but not allowing it to affect us. We need to take final authority over these demonic forces for the sake of our people. We have been positioned to confront these forces, steward demonic forces holding them at bay so the spirit of truth can come and change people and the word not being stolen by the whispering.  This will be require work to come to this point, but a great work of the spirit will follow.


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