Leadership Principles

I decided to write up a list of leadership principles. I probably could write another 30-40 but generally the first things written will be the most important. So I kept the list short. Be blessed!

Leadership principle #1    What you build it with, you must maintain.  People come for the dynamic created. If the dynamic changes, then people will either have to change or they will leave. This is why leaders are slow to change.

Leadership Principle #2    If leaders do not lead, then gifts reign. Gifts seem to function more freely when leaders are not in place. But probably what is functioning is not true or full gifting but mixtures of both the Holy Spirit and the human spirit.

Leadership Principle #3     It is better to create than to inherit a ministry. When you inherit a ministry, you inherit all the problems you did not create. Thus, you do not know the root of what you are facing. You can only be responsible for what you have created or allowed!

Leadership Principle #4    All problems in ministry are due to weak relationships. Weak relationships cause disputes, murmuring and gossip.

Leadership principle #5    All people come through the doors of a gathering because they have a problem. The sooner you discover the problem the healthier the Body gathering will be.

Leadership Principle #6    The greatest thing a leader can do is to teach their people to hear the voice of God for themselves.  If this is done, counseling is nonexistent, mistakes are few and advancement is great.

Leadership Principle #7   The greatest role of a leader in a service is not to deliver a message but to make sure the flow of the Holy Spirit is not interrupted and stays on track.

Leadership Principle #8   The greatest gift a leader should seek is the gift of discernment. Not only will the motive of hearts be seen clearly to receive help and avoid problems but it fine tunes the spirit within to be in tune with God.

Leadership Principle #9    A leader hears all hearts concerning a matter but only moves with what God has told them. Hearing all hearts shows value and concerns that need addressed. Obeying God allows him to move to resolve the issues brought up.

Leadership Principle #10   It is better to have an empty hole in ministry roles than fill a role with someone whose heart is not in it. Forcing a person to minister in areas they are not passionate about will only create management problems and frustrations.

Leadership Principle #11   A leader’s promotion is determined by their faithfulness. It is not capability that determines but whether they are faithful to complete assignments. You choose servants over those doing nothing, sons over servants, and those faithful from sons.

Leadership Principle #12    Building with Sons and Daughters. They have the same heart and vision. Building without them is like building a stone structure without mortar. Too large without the glue holding it together and it could collapse. They are your eyes and ears.

Leadership role #13    Never undermine those you have set in places of authority. If there is a problem in an area as a leader, you address the leader over that area and not the problems directly. This empowers that leader and does not violate the structure you have set up.

Leadership role #14   True ministry is done from your overflow.  This makes ministry effortless and the people are not getting the dregs of the bottom of the pit but the overflow of the freshness of God from the uppermost place.

Leadership Role #15    A leader leads from a position of strength by humility. One man’s humility may be another man’s pride and one man’s pride may be another man’s humility.

Leadership principle #16    A leader has vision for what people can become and not the current state they are in. Without vision of who God says they are, you cannot develop them to reach potential.

Leadership principle #17     A leader has to be solid in their call and office to avoid being threatened by other strong gifts or callings.

Leadership principle #18    A leader cannot lead others into things they themselves have not experienced.  If you are in depression then you lead others into that. If you are in victory then you lead them into victory!

Leadership principle #19   A leader is willing to do anything they ask others to do. A leader is a servant to all thus they will lead by serving and not demand others to serve them or do tasks they are not willing to perform.

Leadership principle #20   A leader has no rights or personal preferences in making ministry decisions. They are not owner but only stewards of what God has entrusted.

Leadership principle #21   A leader is the only one with all the information.  Many do not understand why a leader would say or do certain things. Most people have a part of the picture but a leader has the entire picture and all the facts.

Leadership principle #22   A leader covers a spiritual son or daughter’s mistakes. They do not cover up sin but help make the mistakes a learning experience. This is done by transparency and walking out the answer together. It creates willingness to grow deeper and with more confidence in the future.

Leadership Principle #23    A leader can only impart what they have experienced. Experience is the truth applied and proven by action. This creates dynamics to impart into others’ lives that are proven. Without experience, a leader only has concepts.

Leadership Principle #24    A leader is never prepared for all situations. There is no way to have a plan for all things you might experience. But a leader is principled so when things do occur, they fall back on the proven principles of God’s word and apply them, thus giving answers.

Leadership Principle #25   A leader knows the law of reproduction. Not only do you reproduce the good things in your life into others, you also reproduce the ugly. A leader strives in their own personal life to be sure they deal with issues so they are not reproduced in others. 

Leadership principles #26   A leader continues to receive instruction. The moment a leader stops being teachable then that leader is headed towards stagnation and decrease.

Leadership principle #27   A leader must forgive all offenses but does not forget all actions. Offenses will come and how we respond determines the future state of our heart. We do not forget the wrong actions of others so we become victims again, but those actions are not held against the person. A leader seeks God on how the actions can be changed by instruction.

Leadership Principle #28    A leader’s greatest success is the spiritual sons and daughters left behind and not the physical structures or idols they may build.

Leadership Principle #28   A leader faces all opposition as an opportunity to prove God.

Leadership principle #29   A leader must have the scars of battles and the fellowship of sufferings to have compassion of heart and exhortations of victorious success.

Leadership principle #30    A leader evaluates both strengths and weakness to determine the ability to complete what is started. They then mobilize the strengths and allow God to step into the weakness. 

Leadership Principle #31    A leader is a good listener. Listening reveals the hearts and motives and causes a leader to gain advantages in conversations and the ability to minister to people.

Leadership Principle #32    A leader is not threatened by other ministry gifts. To do this, they are sure of two things, their identity and their calling.

Leadership Principle #33    A leader knows they will not live forever so they are always looking at who will sustain and continue the work that is started.

Leadership Principle #34    A leader can share their heart and risk exposure because they are secure knowing they only need to please God.

Leadership Principle #35   A leader will always cause others to rise to greatness and even surpass them as a leader.


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