I want to post concerning the awakening we have been experiencing over the last 8 weeks. We are seeing a genuine awakening that has transpired. I want to tell you about what it is marked by and what we are seeing happening. But first let me attempt to define awakening. 

There is a great difference between awakening and revival. Revival means ‘to be brought back to a former state of being that has been lost, to revive’.  Awakening means ‘to come out of sleep or to have something suddenly revealed in an enlightened way that changes your focus’. Revivals are focused entirely upon the individual and meeting the needs of the individual through the gifts of the Spirit. Revivals are very internal focused and are short lived. Awakening is focused entirely upon the revealed Christ and Kingdom by the life of the Holy Spirit. Awakening is outwardly focused in function and the effects are long lasting.

One of the greatest things that awakening brings forth is truth, bringing function, through yieldedness, to a greater purpose. It brings clearer identity and definition to the intentions of God for the moment of time upon the earth. Awakening brings revelation that causes a person’s spirit to be made alive in a way that is sustained. Awakenings all start with a remnant people who then begin to reform, that causes a greater group to be awakened which then leads to society transformation. What everyone is looking for is the larger sweeping awakening and not many are seeing the remnant awakenings that are occurring right now. The greater is coming and the remnant is already occurring!

So what is going on with us at The BASE? We are seeing an activation of people where it is almost the entire Body contributing in some fashion in a meeting. We are seeing so many people bringing prophetic direction at times you wonder how it will all fit in the gathering, and when it is done, it does! We are seeing a strong moving of the gifts of the Spirit that are not hit and miss but accurate with instantaneous healings and results occurring.

In our last awakening meeting, there was activation of singing in the Spirit. It was modeling the supernatural in a natural way. The Lord spoke to establish a heavenly choir. We asked those who flow with singing in the Spirit easily to come forward and face the people. About 15 came. We then placed 3 mics and they all began to sing in the Spirit and passed the mics around so 3 led from the mic at any one time and all carried and led at some point. They sang over the congregation for about 30 minutes. We then had those in the congregation who had become free in this to come forward and join the others and the number about doubled. We also had someone filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time. The activation brought many who had not sung or struggled to be freed into this beautiful heavenly symphony.

The Lord told me several years ago that when you see three generations flowing together, that is the move He is bringing. We are seeing this as children dance and worship with us. All ages are moving. You know you have awakening when without prompting or no one around the children, they are praying for each other. We had about 15 kids this past meeting and when someone stepped into the lobby, the children had been praying for each other.

You know there is awakening when an entire room full of people show up hungry.  This last meeting the room was packed. There were not enough chairs and we had to set up more.  Some came as far as 2 ½ hours to encounter God’s presence. This was the first time in such deep veins of the Spirit for some people, but God met with them and they felt relaxed enough to participate. Some raised their hands for the first time in worship, others danced for the first time.

We have had another ministry and some spiritual children move here to be part of what is unfolding. We had another man tell us he is moving from another part of the state to be here. I have another spiritual daughter in Georgia who will end up here as well. A traveling ministry has connected with us and told us that in all their travels for 3 years they have seen some places that have freedom but no place has it as deep as what they see going on with us now. You know you have awakening when people relocate their lives to be a part of it.

Awakening is when the worship songs go from singing about God to singing to God to singing God’s intentions. The Way, the Truth, the Life. Our creative prophetic worship has deepened and the prophetic stream is connecting people into a deep place in God. What I am saying is we have flowed in creative spontaneous worship for almost 8 years and this is now different and deeper. It has been awakened.

Prayer time is awakened as well. A whole room of people in our last meeting turned and faced a 12 foot map of our state. We cried out to God for over 20 minutes for God to move and bring awakening. Many went and laid hands on the map and a fish net with piles of names written on paper placed within it. The names are of people needing salvation/return of prodigals/awakened. When we concluded this, many continued to be gripped with a burden for our state and its souls.

You know awakening is present when you can experience messages that confront and issue sobering challenge without the concern for offense. We, as a ministry, went through a season of those who were not really with us and God replaced them with people who love seeking truth. We gained some extremely solid people who are also extremely serious. I say that to encourage those of you who are getting pared down in this hour- the serious ones are coming! This changes the revelation delivered to a deeper place. We are seeing a steady stream of visitors. Many are now joining us and not just visiting. I love the group we have and the spiritual family and community that have formed and could see no other type than what has emerged!

You know awakening has come when leaders are confronted with the truth of their fruitfulness in ministry and though they may not change, they are now wrestling with decisions they must make. We are seeing this as we have presented a new model for Sunday gatherings, with the merging of congregations to be the Church of a city. Some are interested and others are wrestling. We are walking this out as it too, is also part of awakening.

You know awakening has come when the breath of God has come and is blowing new life into you and out from you. This is how I describe the corporate gathering times. It is fresh, exciting, and free flowing. It is seeing the strategy of God is people, and the resource is His presence. Riches that have no end on both accounts!  It is looking out into a room full of people who almost all are dancing and rejoicing before God. This is the motion of His creativity being released and seen in this unhindered expression of appreciation.

Awakening is when young teenagers come into a meeting and the presence of God is so heavy they are caught away in it. To see them pray for each other, weep before God and worship and it is their first time. To see a young teen boy so gripped with the state of our nation he comes to me as I’m leading the meeting to ask me if he could lead us in prayer to see things change. A heart so pure and motive so clean, with no agenda but change, no pride but humility and simple prayer that touches the heart of God. A boy who has no real deep understanding but His spirit is alive unto God and energized in His presence. This is the way our last awakening meeting occurred! All of these things in one meeting!

When congregations come into one sound and one voice and one heart, this is awakening!

When people are living for nothing else than His presence, this is awakening!

When people will abandon all and forsake the accolades of men, this is awakening!

When Truth is proclaimed and game playing stops, this is awakening!

When we desire all to participate, but cherish what is present so we allow nothing to taint it, this is awakening!

When each corporate gathering has greater intensity than the last and is building, you have awakening!

When holiness is the standard, and the breath of God is what can be tangibly seen, this is awakening!

This is the awakening we are experiencing!


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