Angelic Governmental Structure

Cover Angels helping us contend with spline

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Up to this point, we’ve been given a basic understanding of angelic activity, functions and categories. We have seen some patterns emerge in Scripture and also the function of angels in different dynamics interacting with humanity upon the earth. Now we will look further into this angelic structure that God designed and see that it is a reflection of God’s government that He wants the Church, had always planned for the Church, to function in.

What I’m about to share is the revelation the Lord has given to me concerning angelic government. For starters, I will say that angels are willing to hold what men refuse to hold. I believe it is the role of God’s fivefold ministry government to hold and function in some ways how the angelic host functions. We should be doing spiritual warfare, we should be messengers of God, we should be declaring the holiness of God and protecting it, and we should be burning ones. All of the dynamics that we have seen describing angels are actually somewhat a description of what God would want out of His fivefold ministers and leaders.

In the Old Testament, angels helped govern the spiritual condition but they were limited because of man’s free will operating in opposition to them. They have been given a measure of authority but not full authority. This is unlike man who has been given full authority, which is either rightly exercising it or delegating it, unfortunately, to satanic influences. As we see how angels operated in the Old Testament trying to bring the intentions of God, so should we, His fivefold ministers and leaders today.

In the New Testament, man’s will is more aligned because of the Holy Spirit and not in so much direct opposition to what and how God desires to govern. The Holy Spirit has become a great teacher, comforter, instructor, and revealer.  The Holy Spirit’s role has replaced much of what angelic messengers in the Old Testament would do. Perhaps this is why we do not have so many angelic encounters as they did in the Old Testament. But I do believe there is a balance for angelic activity in our life, as long as our life is in balance with the Holy Spirit. If we are more focused on angelic activity surrounding us than on the Holy Spirit, then we are out of balance and in danger of worshiping angels.

What we have seen so far is that angels are given angels under them to command. We see that there are chief angels as well as other angels. This points to a structure or a way of governing that God has put into place. Once again, we see that God has an overall structure that He wants us to follow and the pattern is repeated through families, the Church and fivefold ministries, and even into angelic functions.

Revelation 12:7-8  And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, 8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

But we also see that angels take and give orders. We see that there are other angels submitted one to another and working in harmony to bring the intentions of God upon the Earth. We have seen that there are angels overseeing other angels and even waiting for them to complete their assignment before their own assignment can take hold. We have also seen that there is no insubordination or unwillingness to perform certain assignments given. We see that once an assignment was given to an angel, they held fast until it was completed.

These things are all governmental or show governmental structuring. If angels are in a form of governmental structure, then so should we be. I believe we are falling far short as the Church or true ecclesia of God, in moving in full authority that we have been entrusted with. We can see from the previous paragraph, that many of those things that angels do, we do not do or fall short of completing.

Governmental positioning

There is a tremendous parallel of the different groups of angels and the government of God. Upon aligning them side by side, we begin to see just how much God is a God of order and structure. The longer I study all kinds of different topics the more I see you just cannot escape a governing body being established as oversight for the Body of Christ.

In Ephesians 4, we see there is a government that God has set up of the fivefold ministries. There are five distinct gifts with the reality of a fourfold function. As you look at the angelic structures, we also see the same pattern emerging of five distinct giftings. If we begin to parallel these, they look something like this:

Apostles – Archangels

  • Both are warriors and      conquerors.
  • Both have strategic      assignments.
  • Both oversee and direct others.

Prophets – Messenger angels

  • Both have God’s heart and      intention.
  • Both have foreknowledge.
  • Both bring a specific message.
  • Both bring a message that may      not be understood.

Pastors – Watcher Angels

  • Both are assigned to watch over      Earth and humanity.
  • Both are given specific      territory.
  • Both are not transient but are      more resident.

Teachers – Cherubim

  • Both are proclaimers.
  • Both are protectors of the truth.
  • Both are protectors of God’s holiness.
  • Both are called to protect what is precious to God.

Evangelists – Seraphim

  • Both are trying to bring men      into the holiness of God.
  • Both look at how sin holds back      man’s approach to God.
  • Both take coals from the altar      to touch the lips and heart of men.

Now I know that these things seem hard to receive but there are distinct similarities. There is also a governmental structure with angels. Each one is staying in their function and assignment. And each one allows others to function in their assignment.

I believe that there are primary corresponding angels to each office working alongside God’s government. I also believe these are untapped resources to help us align with heaven for a greater impact…….


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