The Orphaned Spirit in Culture

Here is a portion of my new book I am writing on… “Kingdom Discipleship, Changing the Culture of the Church”. My other books are on Amazon and Kindle under my name.

With so much of the cultures problems today coming from a fatherless generation it has created a culture of orphans or an orphan spirit that is dominate in society. Kingdom discipling will correct this problem. But mentoring and instruction will not because there is no commitment to lifelong investment. It is having vision for a person and who they can become. There are many good materials on the orphan spirit so I only want to touch it briefly and how it realties to culture so we understand what we must change.

If a culture is going to shift with truth then the way truth is presented and those applying that truth become key to cultural change. Especially in the church today we have very little spiritual fathering and much watered down instruction.  God designed families as a model of culture. Without true leaders being fathers investing into sons and daughters we will lose culture. In a nature once people do not reproduce at least to replace themselves the culture can be lost. The actual statistic is 1.62% barely maintains a culture and any less the culture will be lost. If we look at the church we see why we are losing our culture, we are not reproducing the right kind or number of sons and daughters.

Fathers are given to develop there sons and daughters, to impart to them, provide for them, encourage them, love them, and give them security. Much like a natural father would do. But just like a family requires a certain culture to accomplish this so does it require that culture was in the local family of believers. Without that culture present all you have is typical instruction. Rom 8.15 speaks of the spirit of adoption. The word adoption means to be seated as a son; it means God is pleased to associate in relationship. To be seated as a place and position and in this case to receive an inheritance. But in the same person speaks of the spirit of bondage. The word bondage can be defined as the state of a man cannot enjoy his inheritance. So Sonship is all about inheritance.

When we abandon our position we abandon our inheritance. That abandonment is best described as being orphaned. In the Hebrew the word orphaned means bereaved and lonely. In the Greek it means parentless or fatherless. Webster’s defines an orphan is one deprived of parents by death or desertion. In the Old Testament know one was orphaned as the priest adopted any person whose parents had died. An orphan spirit is contrary to the kingdom of God which is all about relationships. Without this key relationship being taken care of we cannot have a change of culture within the church. So what are the hallmarks of an orphan spirit?

  1. Inability to have lasting relationships –
  2. Hatred of authority, general distrust for leaders –
  3. General lack of direction for your life –
  4. Inability to make key, strategic decisions –
  5. Drawing near, then backing away from intimacy –
  6. A sense that they’re just going to reject you anyway –
  7. A gnawing sense of failure, never quite good enough –
  8. An inexplicable drive to succeed, win, prove yourself
  9. No home, No inheritance, No name
  10. Fight for everything

Satan first introduced the orphaned spirit to Adam and Eve. He knew that if he could bring these 10 things to bear in their life that he could be a control the culture of the Earth. For too long we have misinterpreted the gospel message of us receiving Christ, when in reality the gospel is about a father who came to find that which was lost. It’s about a father who came to break the orphan spirit off of his creation. I came to a great realization of my own ministry because of the fathering spirit upon me that everyone associated with our ministry has come because of an orphaned spirit that they had.

An orphan spirit has great emotional pain most the time started by traumas associated with loss. It can be a loss of security, a loss of trust, a loss of value, and also a loss of belonging. They can come to the point of not trusting their leaders or those in authority. They can experience rejection that leads to damaging them. Fear hopelessness sadness any critical spirit can set in.

With an orphaned spirit relationships are very shallow. Relationships in the business world can sometimes hold greater value than the family of God. When these relationships are shallow person is private, isolates, and become self-reliant. They are suspicious and very manipulative. They easily pick up the offense of others. The words that come out of their mouth are generally, God is all I need, God in me, and I don’t fit. They destroy the relationships and find fault with leaders and others as a defense mechanism for their own life.

An orphan spirit needs constant current encouragement. But when you try to correct them they generally abandoned. They look at the correction is attacking their identity because the identity of being a true child of God is not intact. They strive to be accepted and weigh the value from that affirmation of their own self worth and being a child of God. When there is not enough affirmation they soon abandoned the spiritual parents.

For most of those with an orphan spirit it may not be that actually happened but how the person perceived the event. They may have made circumstances to be larger than what was really there. But many times orphan parts expect leaders to do everything, fix everything for them but they do nothing for their leaders. They have three lies that they believe constantly. First they have a sense of rejection that no one loves them and wants them or accept them. The second lie is that they are useless and therefore was and have nothing to offer in their life does not count.

The third lie is that they will never amount to anything or are unable to cope with life. They believe they are incompetent and have tried and failed to look at their self as a failure.

If you look at this outcome of an orphaned spirit we soon see that this is prevalent in the current church culture we have today. It actually is even very current and prevalent in the leadership of the church we have as well. We have many leaders that never have settled their identity of who they truly are in Christ. They are orphans producing other orphans. If we truly want to change the culture of the church we must also accept the responsibility and role of changing those things internally that are affecting our culture. The orphan spirit is one of these things that must be addressed to change the culture of the church. It will require great investment and sacrifice of leaders and emerging leaders to see true spiritual sons and daughters come forth.

The key of course is the spirit of adoption Romans 8:15 talks about. It is having spiritual parents, who reflected God who will totally accept you and not disown you. You see you cannot disinherit an adopted child. They have an equal share in the will and testament of the parents. This gives the adopted child unshakable confidence that they will always belong and have a place that they can call home. Our spirit ceases to feel orphaned when we have confidence that we belong to a family – God’s family. It enables us to connect with our brothers and sisters, and yield ourselves fully to those in authority in the church. The spirit of adoption says I belong, I’m included, I am no, I am desired, I am wanted, I am cherished, and I am treasured. This has to be done more than by instruction and teaching but by modeling and living this out in relationship.

So the moment of time we are in this hour is God is indeed turning the sons and daughters towards their spiritual fathers. It is a season of sons and daughters pursuing their fathers and fathers pursuing them. Malachi chapter 4 talks of turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children’s father least he comes in smite the earth with a curse. The word curse means to be utterly destroyed. But it has a far greater meaning. It actually means to be ineffective in service. The verse is not talking about the Earth being ineffective in service, but about the sons and daughters not being effective in service, thus the whole Earth feels the effect of. Which means cultures and societies are going to be directly impacted by whether we fulfill this verse of truly fathering in investing in the next generation of sons and daughters.

Romans 8:18-19

18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us . 19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God .

The glory that God wants to reveal through his sons and daughters is a glory that has on her splendor opinion and praise within it. These are all descriptions of the word glory that is revealed in us is true sons and daughters. It is a Doxa glory which is a glory of the most exalted state where God honors that which is being talked about, specifically the sons and daughters.

Part of the problem that we have with the current structure is that people are not really looking for fathers looking for grandfathers. Grandfathers affirm and bless but generally spoil. But true father’s affirm and bless but also know how to develop their children to the fullest potential. Grandparents may create an inheritance but an inheritance is only passed from fathers to children. Part of this inheritance that we are to receive and pass on is a greater weight of glory. It is the manifestation and revelation of the relationship that we have with the spirit of adoption. 

Romans 8:19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God .

The whole Earth is groaning and waiting for this manifestation of this adoption. The word manifestation means the disclosure of truth and instruction. It also means events by which things or states or people are brought into view. That description of that word is a total description of a culture emerging upon the Earth. A truth is come to establish a doctrine to form a culture to changes society. It is truth manifest that creates the change. In this case the greatest change that will touch the Earth and all creation is the manifestation of the truth that we are truly a sons and daughters. This above all things is how we will change the culture of the church.

This Adoption is based on 3 things

  1. Revelation  —- privilege
  2. Relationship —- place
  3. Legal document — covenant

Romans 8:14

14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God . 

Led = 1a to lead by laying hold of, and this way to bring to the point of destination: 1b to lead by accompanying to (into) a place.

This is about joint partnering with the Holy Spirit in relationship. It also is about being led by the Holy Spirit not just in an event but a process for destiny.  It is about the revelation of being a true son and daughter so cemented in our heart that we could never doubt, not even for a moment. 

John 1:12-13 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name : 13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God .

Something born means something has been fathered. We are fathered by God! Spiritual fathers are only extensions of father God. In some ways they are tools that God uses to be the example of his fatherhood upon the Earth. When read receive the provision of what God has done through his son he gave us the legal right to become his sons and daughters. That means what he has his ours and what we have is his. He took our sin, and we take his inheritance. That once again is a transfer of culture that is resting in heaven and the earth.

Today we have prodigal sons and daughters setting in the church. Much like to prodigal son in Luke 15:14 the orphaned spirit has led them to join himself with the citizen of another country. It is caused them to be hired out as servants but into the spirit of bondage not being able to enjoy their inheritance. A fear is gripping them of returning back or father. When the sun came to himself he received the revelation that he was truly a son. He knew that no matter what he was still be accepted and loved. Return back to his father and the father turned to him with expected eyes to meet him. Just recently have had several spiritual sons and daughters return back that for some reason had left enjoy themselves to something else.

In Philemon 1:10 Paul appeals to Philemon for his son Onesimus who was begotten (won over to sonship) to the Apostle Paul while he was in chains suffering for the Gospel. The word “begotten” comes from the Greek word “gennao”, which is a term used of a men who has fathered children. Onesimus was not just made a believer in Jesus Christ, but Onesimus was literally won over to the Apostle Paul’s way of living. This process of fathering goes beyond leading someone to and instructing them in Christ. A man can biologically make a child and give the child instructions or advice (that may not be followed), but Paul’s begetting of Onesimus refers to a father who lives as such an example before their children that the whole heart of the individual has been won over to their way and example of living in Christ.

But God wants us in this hour as fathers to turn and apply covenantal blessing upon their sons and daughters. God desires that spiritual fathers would nurture the seeds of prophetic promise and impart their own spiritual maturity and wisdom and faith and until their children reach the age where they in turn can beget spiritual sons and daughters. This is the long-term goal of changing the culture of the church. The church is not just a program but is a true relationship of investment. It is walking life out together as sons and daughters who share the common faith of their fathers. That truly is a cultural shift.


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