I wanted to write a personal blog today. We all have just got done with Christmas and this year seemed to be more special in the midst of heartache. With my wife’s dad passing a few weeks prior to and then 4 days prior to Christmas I did her grandmas funeral, has caused again the evaluation of life.

Family is what is most important and this year seemed to be a greater appreciation of each other. I enjoyed my kids being home more than ever. Having all of us together is a great joy and maybe one of the greatest.  Memories flooded me this year of years ago, as I reflected on the struggles of raising 3 teenage boys, launching a ministry and trying to hold balance. In some ways you want to relive certain times to do things different and in other places to be able to hide the memories deeper. As you’re around your grown kids you see the places you should have shored up, but you also see the great accomplishments you made with the core values they carry. Even though their life might not be where you want it to be, the core values will eventually get them there.

As we all get older we see that life is more fragile than we care to admit. The moments seem to tic by into years and suddenly you realize there is not that much time left. We re-evaluate thinking looking backward will possible fix things now, but evaluation is not to see the wrong but the right we have done. Re-evaluating is actually the looking to see the road markers that solidifies we are on the right path in life and decisions.

We need to be living each moment to the “fullness of life”.  As a Christian the new life we each has been given is to leave lasting impact on others. For myself there seems to always be so much crowding in, taking precious moments that cannot be given back unless the Lord redeems the time. So many make demands on me and sometimes the demands are not necessary. It is time to only do what I am really to do. I see so much untapped potential in myself and have decide I must crowd out the distractions and begin to crowd into the untapped areas. It is time my later years far exceed the former and a greater weight of glory I would carry.


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