Visitation – “Authority Within Set Time”

This morning the Lord woke me at 3:00 AM. This is always the time God has chosen to have in-depth conversations with me. It never fails as I come out of sleep with a “knowing” the spirit is near for conversation and I turn to look at the clock it has always been exactly 3:00 AM. It is never a minute less or more.

The Lord began by saying “I want to talk to you about your authority, specifically your authority as an apostle”. He then proceeded to speak, first about the authority we all have as believers. We have as sons and daughters have positional authority because of the spirit of adoption. We have the same rights and privileges as Jesus who is our savior/ redeemer and spiritual brother. But for those of us with a governmental position in the kingdom we have a governmental position with authority to go with that function as well. I understood all he was saying, but the Holy Spirit was relaying foundation. This was what the Lord began to speak to me about.

He said that all authority is ordained by him and is positioned in the earth for a set time. That the authority on the earth 100, or 1000 or even 10 years ago was effective for that chronos upon the earth but would not be effective for this season. (We are talking governmental authority of a fivefold office and not individual authority which is consistent no matter the time or season of the earth) That every season also has been assigned men and women to have positional authority for the time they have been set in place. That many desire to have authority from another era, but it would be non effective today. There is an authority that is to operate NOW in the earth and if operated will have the same effect.

He then showed me a policeman, a president, and army general. How those in times past with the season of the earth they each were positioned in and how their authority operated. Then he took them from the past forward and showed them trying to use authority and how people listened but did not respond. He then took people from the present time and showed them trying to speak with authority in the past and how it was not relevant.

The Lord then spoke and said “if you would use your authority as an apostle daily you would see the umbilical cords coming from second heaven be cut off people’s lives in a drastic way and they would become more free. (All things in second heaven are spiritual but not all things are from God.) You have the authority to wield like a great sword above the heads of people and can cut off chains of bondage.” He then showed me the cords trying to bring the wrong kind of life into people. He showed me the outcome that authority is positioned between heaven and earth as a covering and protection from demonic attack from second heaven. When that authority is not in place then people are subject to bandage’s, circumstances and other things.

He also showed me every day was also a set time within others measures of time. He showed me how authority was connected with time but not just a season of life, or a year but even down to a single day. That in some things the single day required authority for that day and that day alone. That certain things required movement in that moment to change the spiritual condition and climate. I was challenged but what he was saying and showing me.

He then showed me the relationship to chronos time and authority of fivefold offices. When Gods government does not know the times and seasons of the earth it affects how they use their authority. He showed me the standing still of the sun so a battle could be won. He showed me most fivefold ministers do not use authority because of not knowing the season of the earth they are in or their position in God. Most of the body is held in a bondage that could easily be broken if His ministers would take position as true covering and not a dictatorship demanding submission. I know for me I have grown weary in battling so many things over the years with so few willing to battle along side or battling for the wrong things.

The Lord knew my thoughts. He said “I know, but it’s time to rise up again. Now you will see how much more effective you will be! Your season is coming to fullness not completion! The understanding gained will cause the reach of the sword to be extended! It is a season of time the few can reach far. They will be given a further reach, reaching over areas where others will not rise up. It is a season of a blanket of authority will be placed over the people of the earth. ” I know there is a strength coming to those who are weary. It will be a fresh breath to lift us! We are starting to feel this breath carry us at the BASE.

He then showed me America and the saved and unsaved. The church accepting that which holds no authority because of the lack of knowledge and understanding. Assuming that what is seen is the best of what can be attained. He then showed me the unsaved. Amazingly they had taken the role and position of the church accepting that which holds no authority because of the lack of knowledge and understanding. Assuming that what is seen is the best of what can be had.

I challenge those of you in ministry to extend your reach of authority. Shake off the weariness we all experience and see how God will shift you to cut cords of bondage. Get an infusion of His breath and gain  strength. We are about to take land we have never held before!


4 thoughts on “Visitation – “Authority Within Set Time”

  1. Habakkuk 2:3 (AMP) 

    3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end [fulfillment]; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait [earnestly] for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day.

    God places a spark in each of our hearts to fan. Each of us were created with purpose and for a purpose. The spark He has placed in your heart to help others and serve Him wasnt by mistake. When God created you, He called you out by name. When He called you out He equipped you.

    He places a vision in each of us to love and serve as Christ served that is as unique as the numbers of hair on our heads and the pattern of our fingerprints.

    Dont give up on the design, the vision, He has given you to love and serve others through His love inside you. It is for yet an appointed time. Doors will open. Training opportunities will unfold right before your eyes. You will be surrounded by the right resources and the right people at the right time…

    If you put the kingdom of God first and hold onto spark He placed inside you to serve and love His people… God will bring that vision, that desire to serve, create, nurture and love others.. to pass in His timing.

    Just hold on. Write down the plans He has placed in your heart. Keep a journal of encouraging words and all the milestones you pass along the road to the fufillment of His promises to you. Every time you become discouraged, re-read it out loud to yourself and rejoice.

  2. I actually began to discern these same times through being submitted to a spiritual father. The team I was leading at that time began to evolve into apostolic team ministry to bear witness of the Apostle’s ministry that I was submitted to. From team ministry, I began to see the Holy Spirit working in our members to establish them on common ground where everyone mutually shared in these same times. It was here that community was birthed in my own life and ministry and I began to enjoy the grace that flows out of this relationship. When I saw the blanket, I saw it descend on people and the presence of God’s glory through this work freed people. My own experience in this first came through a horizontal relationship within the father to son order. Even though I was made able to enter in through the oil that flows down, it was the presence of the Melchizedek Priesthood order that cause me to rise up and stand shoulder to shoulder with my Apostle so that others could also enter in. Once again, through community, I began to see the ecclesia in her glory.

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