THE SALVATION ARMY “Articles of War”


Having received with all my heart the Salvation offered to me by the tender mercy of God, I do here and now acknowledge God the Father to be my King; God the Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, to be my Saviour; and God the Holy Spirit to be my Guide, Comforter and Strength; and I will, by His help, love, serve, worship, and obey this glorious God through time and through eternity.

Therefore, I do here and now, and forever, renounce the world with all its sinful pleasures, companionships, treasures, and objects, and declare my full determination boldly to show myself a soldier of Jesus Christ in all places and companies, no matter what I may have to suffer, do or lose by so doing.

I do here and now declare that I will abstain from the use of all intoxicating liquor, and from the use of all baneful drugs, except when such drugs shall be ordered for me by a doctor.

I do here and now declare that I will abstain from the use of all low or profane language and from all impurity, including unclean conversation, the reading of any obscene book or paper at any time, in any company, or in any place.

I do here declare that I will not allow myself in any deceit or dishonesty; nor will I practice any fraudulent conduct in my business, my home or in any other relation in which I may stand to my fellow men; but that I will deal truthfully, honorably and kindly with all those who employ me or whom I may myself employ.

I do here declare that I will never treat any woman, child or other person, whose life, comfort or happiness may be placed within my power, in an oppressive, cruel or cowardly manner; but that I will protect such from evil and danger so far as I can, and promote, to the utmost of my ability, their present welfare and eternal Salvation.

I do here declare that I will spend all the time, strength, money and influence I can in supporting and carrying on the Salvation war, and that I will endeavor to lead my family, friends, neighbors and all others whom I can influence to do the same, believing that the sure and only way to remedy all the evils in the world is by bringing men to submit themselves to the government of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I do here declare that I will always obey the lawful orders of my officers, and that I will carry out to the utmost of my power all the orders and regulations of the Army; and, further, that I will be an example of faithfulness to its principles, advance to the utmost of my ability its operations, and never allow, where I can prevent it, any injury to its interest, or hindrance to its success.

And I do here and now call upon all present to witness that I have entered into this undertaking and sign these Articles of War of my own free will, feeling that the love of Christ, who died to save me, requires from me this devotion of my life to His service for the Salvation of the whole world, and therefore do here declare my full determination, by God’s help, to be a true soldier of The Salvation Army till I die.


3 thoughts on “THE SALVATION ARMY “Articles of War”

  1. I here and now accept everything I’ve read and furthermore will from this moment, institute all it’s requirements into my life. This now becomes the standard by which I conduct myself until the day I depart and go to live with my Father, and His Son JESUS CHRIST.

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    • I sign up to live according to the articles written herein!! I Scott Rich submit my heart and life to uphold these articles to the best of my ability at all times and in every place. I vow to be quick to repent of any failure and promise to remain teachable at all times. I commit to a lifestyle that reflects the true Love of GOD even when it’s being rejected. I will listen and obey the Holy Spirit and uphold the directions and instructions written in the Holy Bible. I vow to be a follower of JESUS CHRIST at all times, and to enforce and uphold HIS teachings, even when I’m alone. I vow myself into a prayerful lifestyle and will learn to tame my tongue! I will give money willingly and joyfully as the Spirit leads and will always look out for and help the poor and needy. I will preach the gospel of JESUS CHRIST at all times and will use words if absolutely needed. I commit myself to these articles of war this day and for the remainder of my life! Scott Addison Rich

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