The Challenge

The challenge before many of us in this hour is to go deeper in the Lord. The urgency we feel in our Spirits is His urgency upon our life. What is setting upon us is more than just another good meeting, or another blessing. It is a history changing course being set in our hearts first so it will manifest out of our lives. It’s the game changer, the final play, the desire of all nations! For some they have no idea what I’m talking about . As I have recently looked over many of my notes of the revelation God has given me over the last few years, a few things stand out as must be, and needed to be fully grasped. In each of these areas I have done in-depth teaching and many of them I have series developed. Following is just a couple thoughts out of hours of teaching in each area. What I’m trying to do is show a pattern that God brings revelation that is connected in purpose and has a final result. For many of us we hear revelation and it is all we can do to absorb that certain truth. Is entirely different to see the connecting of many revelations is many true’s in a preset purpose in God. Following is some of the truth the Lord is given me and how I see them connected.

Ascending the Mountain – The Purpose

The revelation of building Gods house and ascending the mountain of the Lord. Issiah 2:2-3.  We have begun a process within this grace we steward of knowing his ways, (transitions of God) and walking in his paths (transformations of God). Without us understanding these two things many people abandon the process of God’s grace coming into their life to create the change that would enable them to ascend the mountain for greater revelation. God’s ways are indeed higher than our ways, and his thoughts higher than our thoughts. For most people you cannot even have a discussion of how God’s ways are or how his paths unfold. For many it seems a mystery, and for others the lack of understanding the depth of the vastness of God and God’s true concern over lives keeps us from embracing the process of ascending the mountain. I was recently given the word that my time in the Valley have now ended, and the Valley was now full. The Lord would take me up the mountain again to ascend before him as the Lord was taking me to the place of Mamre. Mamre means place of vision and seeing. Is also the place of Hebron, the place where alliances are formed. These two dynamics have both the ways and paths of God in them. They will have transitions and transformations. Let us create alliances with each other in the place of vision and seeing as we are upon the top of the mountain of the Lord.

Holiness – The Requirement

The almost non-talked about topic but yet is key to see God truly. Without holiness no man will see God. Holiness is a separation in the setting apart from the things of the world so God can use us more fully. Holiness is a dedication. It is a lifestyle. Is the way we conduct ourselves both in private and in public. This consecration is a consecration of the heart, then the mind, the body. Let us truly see the consecration in each other’s lives let us allow that dedication to draw us together having one heart and one purpose.

Melchesidec – The Positioning

In this hour of the Lord is trying to rise up mature sons and daughters. The maturity level will be a reflection of his heart upon the Earth and just how far the Lord can do a great work within a person. They will be the ones that will indeed steward the second heaven and inner the third heaven to give fresh revelation and visions from the Lord that will change the outcome of things upon the Earth. They will move with signs and wonders and with great power and authority that will cause demonic forces to even quake. It is a priesthood that is always existed but has been hidden. Right now the hiding of this priesthood is occurring, as God is forming from the inside out. When the process is complete in the individuals the outward signs will show the hidden work completed. This positioning with the Lord will enable these Melchizedek priesthood know the times and seasons and what the Lord wants to do with, and in those moments. Let us truly take our position as mature sons and daughters so we know the times and seasons and God can flow through us with great signs and wonders.

Stewarding Grace – The Authority

Stewarding the second heaven and engaging the revelatory realm is needed in this hour. The grace Paul administrated that released others or could hold others in the processes of God until change truly occurred. Some in this hour are in these processes of grace, as some maybe unknowingly have stewarded grace over their lives. I have lived in this place as my heart was right before the Lord and my motive pure. I saw God move so deep in what I released over individuals it was scary to see the outcome and your awareness of what you were doing carried great responsibility. This went so far in one case I asked God to take a major cult leaders life through imprecatory prayer and the man was dead in 24 hours. I could feel the weight of what my faith was holding to happen. There’s an apostolic grace that is released in this hour to understand the deeper things of God. God is not concerned that all would be convinced to come into this time, but God is looking for those who have a hunger for him and a desire to see his kingdom come forth upon the Earth. God’s long-suffering enables him to endure when so many turn their back and turn away from what he is offering. God’s foreknowledge allows him to know that there will be a few and a remnant that will embrace what he is willing to give. As we move from understanding the graces more than just something that saved us, or keeps us, or as a favor with God, but is truly something God gives to us not just to bless us but that we would partner with him in stewarding change upon the Earth. Let us take our rightful position of authority and rightfully steward grace that creates change.

Four Breaths and Seven Glories – The Encounter

We are now beginning to enter the breaths of God coming upon the Earth and into his people. These breaths found in Ezekiel will bring the life that so many are desiring. As a trumpet sounds with a certain breath, there is a certain breath and sound now going forth upon the Earth. Each breath that is released will move and shift the glory of God from one place to another. We are right now at the first breath moving us from the place of captivity into a new place in the Lord. This first breath will reveal the glory that we have not yet seen upon the church. I believe each of the seven glories that we see in Ezekiel and the movement of them is directly related to the Isaiah 11 seven fold graces of Christ. The graces enable us to have the change needed, but the breath is what brings the change. Right now many have experienced a force breath and even the second. They have seen the glory of God a new ways that was only setting present over us even in our captivity. This is the eyes of our understanding being opened and the beginning of spiritual awakening occurring. These encounters with the breath of God will empower us and invigorate us in ways we have not yet experienced. All God does this for his glory to be revealed in and around us. In this hour let us breathe in deeply the press of God and see his glory move us and take us from one place to.

Graces of Isaiah 11: 1-3 – The Enablement

Just as the breath of God brings new life, the seven fold spirits of the lord are actually graces of God to come upon our lives create change. We read Isaiah 11 we look at it is the sevenfold nature of Christ, when in reality it says the sevenfold Spirit of the Lord. As we look more in-depth we can see that these are actually graces or divine enablement to come upon people to do the work of God upon the Earth. The spirit of understanding being the multiplier of all other graces. The spirit of actually means the breath of God. We begin to read each of these we see it is the breath of the Lord, the breath of understanding, the breath of the fear of the Lord, etc. etc. Without understanding we see that these are not just the nature of God that we tried to attain but is the very breath of life of God that we’ve allowed to come upon us and flow through us. The outcome of that is a special grace that we rest in and move out of. The spirit of the Lord, and the spirit of the fear of the Lord, are the beginning and the alpha and Omega. All other graces fall between these two things. As Paul said he has learned to steward grace, let us learn to steward these graces as the breath of God is come upon us.

A New Birth of Freedom – The Outcome

All of these as a collective are leading us to a great awakening. It is leading us to A new birth of freedom. The church is currently bound by religious structures that don’t produce life but law and the unbeliever is longing to be free from the bondage and corruption of the world. Our nation as a whole is crying out for new leadership and new government. What we’re actually crying out for is a new birth of freedom to occur within our nation once again. Our first birth of freedom is nation came out of our religious values and beliefs. We fought for those believe stood up and had a great voice that the entire world recognized. Today we must once again be that voice and take our position of standing up. All the things the Lord has been showing me over the last few years are things to enable us to do this with great impact. My fear is that many have heard only portions of revelation and not full. Many are trying to attain things on old patterns. Pattern that God is bringing in this hour is a fresh pattern. It is something that will touch both the believers with in the current structures and the unbelievers as well. The underlying thing you can here in almost any heart and in any statement in this hour is I desire to be free. The problem is we have not model that were voiced it in the way that we should. Let us be the voice to proclaim a new birth of freedom both within the church and outside its walls.


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