President, A Father To The Nation!

The Role of a President

With the election coming upon us what are we truly voting for and do we understand the role a president plays to a nation? Here are some examples we might not have thought about.

First he is our head of state. This means he is an example and representation of our nation and its people to other nations.  A president’s role is a role of example and reflection. Their live reveals the nature, morality, and values of a people. This is done on how a president conducts themselves publicly and how they value the interpretation others see in them. They are a role model to their people and an inspiration to aspire to.

Second they are the chief executive. They are the boss for all governmental employees. They are to establish policies of how government employees conduct themselves with foreign governments and are responsible for the safety and welfare of all government employees. This includes international ambassadors and embassies The president is also responsible for how government employees treat and interact with the people of the nation.. They’re responsible for how the government conducts its business as a representation of the people, and with the people’s best interest at the forefront of all decisions. They choose the officials and advisers to help run the executive branch of the government. They make sure law is upheld by judges being dictated by constitution and not party affiliation, interest groups or preferences of private interpretation. Every president will appoint roughly 850 judges in all areas of power from supreme court down to district courts. As chief executive he is responsible for the government’s budget and the financial decisions he has made.

 The president is also the chief diplomat. He oversees and sets foreign policies of the United States. He also is to understand foreign policies of other nations and knows how best to respond to the policies of other nations. He establishes what is to be said by the representatives through ambassadors in foreign embassies representing the United States. He is only to make decisions in the best interest of ensuring that the current policies of the United States and its freedoms is upheld, and does not put his own personal interest or policies in place.


The president is also the Commander-in-Chief of all the armed forces of the United States. The armed forces is in place to protect our freedom and maintain our culture. As Commander-in-Chief is the final one responsible for all military decisions, mistakes, and victories. If there is military failure the Commander-in-Chief is the one who ultimately is to blame. He is to know all that is going on under his command is not exempt from not knowing as the ability to have full understanding is in place for him as Commander-in-Chief. He is to inspect and maintain our Armed Forces in a readiness to defend our nation, its Constitution, and his freedoms.

The president is also the chief legislator. Congress makes the laws of our nation but the Constitution gives the president power to influence Congress and its lawmaking ability. Since the president holds so many different places of influence and understanding within our nation he has the ability to veto new bills and laws that are not in favor of the People’s rights were not representative of the people’s wishes. As a chief legislator he addresses Congress and gives a state of the union address so Congress has a greater understanding of the course of the nation and events it may be experiencing. This is to help the Congress create laws or maintain the laws for the welfare of the people.


These are the main descriptions that we can find almost anywhere about what our president is to do and how he is to act. An underlying belief since our nation was founded as a Christian nation is that our president would represent a standard of morality and honesty as well. I like what Jim Hodges told me his wife Jeanne said, “We are really voting for a real father of our nation”. If we take that statement it means as president he has the best interest in all actions for his family, the citizens. He will look towards their future and building opportunity for them. He will not put them in a place of jeopardy, but will sacrifice to see them fulfill a destiny upon the earth. A father does not leave indebtedness to their kids but an inheritance. A father protects them at all cost and ensures ample provision is made to do so. A father tries and relieves current stresses by not creating new ones. A father will listen to all sides before making decisions. These were things our “founding Fathers” did as they looked at the nation as their family, so could they pledge their fortunes, their lives and sacred honors. To me this defines a leader, the one who sets their well being aside for the sake of others. I can say this will humility that this is what I have done repeatedly in the ministry. The complications it brings, the financial limitations it brings and the burdens you carry that others are not aware is the seasoning to be a father, and a farther to a nation. As we have heard it said so many times, the same courage it took to birth this nation is the same courage now required to save it. This courage only comes by value, valuing people over agendas, valuing principle over accolades and valuing God over systems.


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