Freedom, Visitation, Thoughts as I Journey

I thought I would write a little something since my visitation I had with the Holy Spirit last Friday night. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the things the Holy Spirit spoke on, sure some things that seems to be the direction that God is leading us, and talk about a great desire and need setting in the body.

About two weeks ago the Lord spoke to me and said ” the 12 visitations that I promised you have still not been fulfilled, I am now bringing these back into light.” That is exactly what happened last Friday night when the Holy Spirit came and visited me. I am not going to get into the entire visitation, nor am I going to speak the message I shared this past Saturday night. I simply want to give some of the main points for those that don’t attend our meetings or don’t listen online. The first thing the Holy Spirit said to me was a question and it was post like this “you are running with freedom but is freedom running you?” When God asked you a question it’s best that you listen and not answer right away. The Holy Spirit went on to say that whom the son sets free is free indeed. It was repeated to me several times and then the Holy Spirit pointed out and separated the word in deed. Meaning that our deeds should reflect our freedom. The Holy Spirit also said “Real freedom has no passivity with it. True freedom is unreserved! True freedom is attractive. True freedom is something that cause others to seek out and desire.  You have been formed for this and no other purpose but to bring FREEDOM!“ The Holy spirit spoke and said to me that we haven’t allowed freedom to full be expressed. We have held back thinking many could not handle it, so they have become confused in what is being offered.

We have a promise given to us as a ministry of Lev 25:34 a perpetual inheritance.  The Holy Spirit spoke concerning this, “It is not people or things but Freedom that will be perpetual. It is freedom that is the inheritance I will create. It is freedom you offer to the people.”

The Holy Spirit said “Take hold of the openings and the hearts and You will open the way into authority in the city. And as you do you will bring them into an alliance not of reformation, not of awakening but of FREEDOM!’

As I reflect on this visitation I begin to see something of great importance the Holy Spirit is desiring to do in the hearts of men. I have been attending some meetings within our city for reconciliation between ministries. The first two seem to be going very good with many people airing grievances and asking for forgiveness between ministry leaders. Not only was it freeing them that it was freeing others in the room and beginning to ignite hope in the hearts of many people. The third meeting began to shift more into a time of the needs of the city and what structures and organizations are in place to meet those needs. In my opinion the meeting went from freeing more into a program showcasing the services within the city. The underlying thing that seemed to be coming forth as each person began to share what their ministry offered was the fact of the need is great but the laborers are few. Jesus said to pray that he would send forth, or “apostellos’ laborers into the field. This sending forth is in apostolic word of someone that is been sent forth with a purpose and has been equipped to fulfill that purpose with their gifts and calling. This seems to be the simple answer to lack of laborers in the field, but is directly related to the fact that people within the congregations of so many places are not truly free themselves to be able to feel the burden of others in need.

I had an hour long phone call today with a close friend out in the North East United States. We talked about some of these things and how people need to be empowered to be able to rise up and lead and find a purpose in life. We also talked about the fact of the need not just for apostolic networks, or structures to belong to, but true relationship driven God breathed connections between so many small pockets and groups throughout the United States. As we talked some of the words that came up was to form an alliance based on freedom. The word freedom fighters came forth. We talked about the fact that someone would voice a call that all would drop everything and rally around it is a single purpose. I believe this call is the first real visitation the Lord gave me of the 12 that we as a nation would experience a new birth of freedom. We are beginning to hear this voice in different places today it was almost 3 years ago when the Lord spoke this to me.

I am having a sense that God is about to connect people in a brand-new way. Not around doctrine, or networks, or functions. But is about connect people with the cause that’s greater than all causes, that is to see freedom come forth both in the lives of those who make up gatherings of people, but also in the very lives of leaders leading those people.

As I talked to my friend I was getting such an encouragement of an assignment that’s greater than even seeing things in my state occur. I remember the word that Dutch Sheets spoke over my life that not only would it connect people within the state but would connect people within the nation. I’m beginning to seek the Lord to see how we could form this type of freedom alliance to empower the people of God that are truly sold out in this hour.


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