The Spirit of Council, Might and Knowledge…. Part 4

This time we look again to Isaiah 11:1-3 and look at the Spirit of Counsel, Spirit of Might and the Spirit of Knowledge. The spirit or grace or breath of counsel is beyond human understanding or reason. The word Counsel means purpose devised, advice. It is a counsel that comes only from being in God’s presence.  It is a counsel you can receive through others, but only once again if they truly have been in God’s presence.  This is a counsel that is not so much seeking the advice for our own lives, is seeking the advice to know what would please God’s heart. It is the place that prayer is formed, and from it is activated. It is the place team ministry is formed as teams come before the Lord to seek his counsel concerning doctrinal issues, direction, and the sending forth of ministries. We see examples of these in acts chapter 15, and acts chapter 13. This counsel eventually creates an oneness that Jesus spoke of in John 17. The union with Christ concerning his perfection, his word, his son, and his glory. This grace enables leaders to make wise decisions concerning their future because it is the future that God has determined and not ourselves. This is also the place that we receive our promises that God has given us and where those promises are birthed from as well. This counsel goes beyond the counseling of someone through their problems or issues of life, but is a special grace counsel that enables a person to step forward into their destiny and fulfill the call of God upon their life.

The spirit of might is beyond our human strength and abilities. The word might means a force, bravery, mighty acts and deeds. It is the place the spirit of God is released through the working and manifestation of great signs and wonders. It is where boldness comes from that enables us to go forth and proclaim and demonstrate the kingdom of God. There is a special grace that is beyond us moving in just an anointing, or an enablement of the spirit. This is the place where the Spirit of the Lord leads us not just on an adventure that has no meaning, but on a manifestation and demonstration of the kingdom. This is where we go forward in confident faith overcoming all obstacles in opposition and facing those things which we have never faced before in our life. It is the place where we make decrees. Is the place where we confront principalities and powers and demonic forces. It even gives us the enablement to face martyrdom in situations that put our life in peril. It is also the place of greatest reward and seeing God move in the greatest ways. Throughout history there’ve been men that were graced with this special grace and nature of God. The spirit of might comes to vessels that have died to self and selfish ambitions. The spirit of might also comes to those who have no concern for worldly gain or the affections and accolades that people would bring them. The spirit of might is a special grace that causes the activation of the creativity of God and sees the breath of God be manifest in the Earth. It brings results when results can be brought no other way.

The spirit of knowledge is not intellect, or intellectual assent, or human reasoning but goes beyond how we even define the word knowledge. Knowledge means the cunning ability to know the intentions. It means to know the times and seasons of God and what to do in those moments. Not only is it the nature of God but it is also a special grace that enables a person to hold fast to the promises they have received until they are fully manifest. By knowing the times and seasons a person does not have discouragement as they know that all things said will surely come to pass. It is also the ability to discern between spirits and what is clean and unclean. Is to know the real intentions behind a person’s motive and actions. This grace has the ability to rightly divide the word of God as well. You cannot have the spirit of knowledge without the fear of the Lord because without godly fear knowledge puffs up. Without the fear of the Lord knowledge will kill the life flow of God as a person eats from the tree of knowledge and not the tree of life. This spirit of knowledge is the tree of life. The spirit of knowledge of knowing the intentions and times and seasons has an effect on all of the others for spirits of the Lord.

The seven spirits of the Lord, or braces are the only true braces that will remain when all things have failed. The seven graces is what the Lord is endeavoring to do in building community amongst his people. The seven spirits of the Lord or seven graces are also the seven natures of God. They are not only descriptive but also reveal function as well. These seven graces allow our limitations to be removed once we are close with them. Jesus wore the seven graces as a garment as a coat of many colors that was woven by the hand of God into his very life and existence. The woman with the issue of blood reached out and touched the hem of his garment was actually touching the undergarment of Jesus as it hung down. The undergarment was a garment that was woven out of one single-strand and was what was covering in the hidden place. These graces that are coming upon the church or in the hidden place that not many see. But they are forming a single garment or mantle that we are to be wearing, the very nature of the Lord. We began to wear these breaths of God as part of our life it will be attractive to those that are in need and they were reach out towards us to have that touch that can heal and set them free. Let us endeavor not just to seek after the gifts of the spirit but begin to pursue the seven spirits, the seven breaths, and the seven graces of the Lord.


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