Vision #2

The second vision is about the merger of 3 congregations and I was speaking to them. Even though it is long It is something really burning in my spirit as unfulfilled. The dream started as I was preaching in front of the people. I was in a new blue suit. It was different than any other time I had been in front of people. There seemed to be a more a settledness and a seemingly very solid foundation. It was in the current building and the building had bleachers at the back with people on them. The bleachers seemed to flow into the floor in such a way you did not realize they were bleachers. The building was wider and deeper and seemed to contain visible depth. These were things in the spirit and not in the natural. I could see my face and it appeared to be different almost like another person, yet I knew this was still me. It told the people that we were going to grow even more. This seemed to please everyone. They seemed like children almost gleeful, yet mature. It seemed that there was much confusion in the community with people wondering about many things. It appeared run down and in financial straits. Yet we seemed to be very well off. We seemed to have revelation flowing and correct things in place yet people still had not come and joined us. The number I guess in the building to be 3-500 people. The Lord told me to announce the joining of three congregations together, ours being one of them, was happening and I would not be in the services for a awhile. The people seemed to understand the great thing God was dong. They knew I must do the Lords will even if it seemed strange. I sensed many thought I was going to meetings with these two other leaders and we would plan some merger, or perhaps I was off speaking again and this had been in the works for awhile. It just seemed they supported not needing to know the details. Myself I had no direction but to announce this and then leave. I walked out the back of the building and over towards an area with stone fences and brown grass, somewhat like Ireland or parts of Europe, to a hill with bleachers like a football field. I saw my catholic cousin Cindy Drish as she stood up before the congregation of people on the bleachers overlooking the hill. They were all waiting for the service to begin. It was not a catholic service but many people seemed to be catholic. The people seemed lifeless and uninterested. The Lord spoke to me that I had the word for the people gathered. I thought it was for the people back in my church and not this gathering of people. I also knew it was for this people before me, but not all. It seemed like another level in the Spirit realm was occurring. This was a place I had not been. My cousin spoke and said “ we are about to hear an anointed word of God from an anointed teacher of God” this was a confirmation to me of what the Lord had spoke to me. I asked the Lord should I go in front of the bleachers out onto the field and preach the word in me to them. There appeared to be no leader. To my surprise he said “no. The anointing within you will preach to them without voice or physical presence in front of them.” I turned around to see at a 90 degree angle to the bleachers and another group of people gathered on chairs on a flat area. The Lord said ‘go over there and stand on the rock retaining wall.” I did so and found myself standing on level ground with a 3 foot rock retaining wall in front of me so I looked down onto the flat filed below. The people were gathered in chairs sitting on a field. A pulpit was in front but it appeared it had not been used for a long time. Papers were scattered on the field and the people were sitting around talking. I looked back at the bleachers only 10 feet away and it seemed the two groups did not know each other existed. I wondered how both groups could know the other could not exist, being so close. It seemed neither had an impact on the other, and they did not distract each other. The Lord told me, “the anointing upon my life would be evident to all.” I stood on the wall waiting for the service on the flat field to start. I asked do you want me to preach to this group since the word was confirmed and I could not to the last group. He said, “no. Stand on the wall, take your position, and see what I will do.” As I did people started to gather. A large group with me on the wall standing and looking down on the field below. I sensed many came from the bleachers only 10 feet away. I sensed many hurts, needs, and a hard journey for them to arrive at this point. I also notice another group joined us on the wall and that group was people from the group on the field. They tipped the chairs over abandoned papers and eventually the field was empty. I looked to the bleachers and notice papers as well and many empty seats. This people had gathered around me but yet not with me. They had been drawn by the presence of the Lord upon me, I was carrying. I still was in my blue suit. I felt that I stood out and my dress was drawing attention to me, yet the Lord had hid my suit from the people. I felt invisible. The Lord then put arrows and a bow into my hand. I told him that I could not take these things, the arrows yes ,the bow no. I knew the  arrows represents the people, their character, truths they have, anointings they have, and ministry.  (I have a teaching on this that the arrow is us, and the bow is always with Gods hand as he shoots us into ministry). I told the Lord, you gave me this teaching, how can I take the bow? This is why I could not take the bow and argued with the Lord. It was to only be in His hand. He said, “it was now time for me to take it into my hand and he would show me how he guides it to place the people.” I argued that this was too much, it was to holy, and that he was the only one who could place people in such a degree. He said, “it is not so” and placed the bow in my right hand with the bunch of arrows already there. He told me, “study the bow in my word and how to use the arrows and I will give you understanding.” I felt an increase of responsibility and authority. I felt I was in the Spirit in depths that no man knew of. I turned back to my church building and began to walk back to it. The crowd that had gathered on the level place all turned and followed me back to the meeting place. I had spoke nothing, I had only went, stood, saw, and had an encounter with God. It appeared my personal encounter that was unseen to all had an effect on a multitude of people. The bow in my hand seemed to make the final difference. It seemed around 3000 people came and joined what we were doing in the original meeting place. In the Spirit something had happened it seemed as if the heavens were opened. The Lord said “you must tell no one of this encounter. It is a secret thing.” I stood before the people, it seemed I had been gone a few weeks, but yet only a day. The people seemed so happy of the increase. This seemed to have a large effect on the climate and condition of the city and region. We knew we could not stay in the building we were at any longer and would have to move. I knew of the field, I knew of the bleachers, both big enough for the people now assembled. The Lord said “no. They will not be sufficient, it will be another place. I will show you the location. Be sure and study on the bow for by understanding its ways and power. It will then give you the confidence to raise it and send the arrows to the next location.” I knew the key to the greatest mystery of the Kingdom was within my hand. It was a key to unlock all other mysteries. I wondered is this part of the key of David to Gods house? I then was in a vision I have had several times in the past 4 years. This was a large place with a long stage area. I can describe it in exact detail right down to the plants on the stage, colors, etc. Bleachers were there and it was like a large gymnasium. I walked onto the stage like I had in past visions, but this time it was different. I looked out and saw the crowd again and it numbered 3-5000. In the past it was always 3000. Now it seemed to be more. This time instead of giving the message and then moving to the next assignment as in times past. The sermon part was different. In the past the sermon part was unclear. I never knew what I had preached. This time it had clarity about it. The bow was in my hand and the arrows lay before me. I was reminded of the man striking the arrows three times in the Bible. I knew the purpose of these meeting. In times past when having this vision the purpose was always unclear and bothered me that I did not know. I could see myself with the bow in my right hand as I preached. The bow was exciting people. Yet they could not see it. I was the only one who could see it. It seemed to be always in my hand. I awake and the Lord said, “do not share this with the people until an appointed time I will show you.” I sensed that if spoke in the wrong season people would make decisions based on the bow and not on the heart. God still desires a sorting.  The Lord showed me a picture of the cross as a Crossbow. Jesus upright body being the arrow being shot to the earth with the gospel of peace touching first. The bow being his outstretched arms and the arrow and bow intersecting at his heart. This is now what I must start to war for!


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