Visions #1

Last night I was telling a couple people of a vision I have had several times over the years. The vision was a type of mandate or outcome of my life. It is something I have seen hints of, much like many other prophetic words and visions. It and a second prophetic word are the two that seem to be the most prevailing in my thoughts and seem to be what the lord is emphasizing again for this season.

Most of us get visions from the lord and we get so excited about what we have been shown. When we get the vision for the first time we see it in the most holy, pure state of being. It is directly from the heart of God. Then we start walking out theses visions or directions we become discouraged. Why? First a pure vision is trying to be walked out and applied in a world full of a sinful nature. That sinful nature causes people to make wrong choices. It causes people to not receive what you are offering. It is there to stop the vision which is really stopping your destiny God has planned for your life.

I was thinking on this last night after our meeting. How many people I have invested in and yet are not really doing, or have become disconnected, or …..  Not only does our lives affect our own visions but also affect others visions as well. One vision can release other people’s visions. It’s actually like a spiritual movie and we are waiting for the next scene to come up for our viewing. If we don’t have every persons vision in play we miss a scene. Miss enough scenes and the overall movie doesn’t make sense.

So as I was going to bed I was thinking on these things. Would the visions in my life be fulfilled or are there to many scenes missing to make a complete movie. As I was sleeping the Lord was speaking to me about this. He said “don’t worry about the scenes missing, I can splice in what is needed and will bring others who have a scene that will connect and make sense. Begin to pray and war again for the prophetic words over your life. The vision is still being made. The vision I have given you is true. Make it not just a dream you are dreaming about but make it a reality you are reaching for. You know what you must do. Make the commitment to it and see how I will bring it together.”

Now that is encouraging! So I want to share with you the two visions I shared with two people last night. You see the most prominent visions that God has for your life will be the primary things you will speak about when asked.

The first word came from Prophet Joe Crandal several years ago. He states we would be a hub, a center in the center, a place young ones would come to be taught of the Lord. A place of training for fivefold ministers. And they would take the same anointing that is upon us and it would burn in them and they would go out and start revival fires all over to make a giant blaze for the Lord. I feel this vision and word has been fulfilled in a partial way before we relocated to Des Moines. I still have a sense it is yet to fully be fulfilled though. I will share the other vision next time.


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