The Breath – Releasing God Encounters

I recently just said that I am looking for those people who are carrying the breath of God. I just got a call from a prophet who told me I’m about to have an encounter with the Son in such a deep way I will become unrecognizable. This has been one of my prayers is to have this kind of encounter with the breath of God. I believe we have encounters with the word of God. All believers have had an encounter with the Son of God. Most believers have encounters with the Holy Spirit of God. We also have encounters with anointing, His presence, and other dynamics of the creative forces that come from the throne.

But the breath of God is something different. We see in scripture four winds that blow. We see Moses having a face to face with God. We even see Jesus “breathing on them and they received the Holy Ghost”.  This breath is more than a onetime encounter but is sets a creative force of God in motion in our lives. It is more than an anointing, or a gift of the spirit to meet a need. It is the release of the intentions of Gods creative voice for the moment of time to come into a moment to forever shift a person.

As those called to be the ecclessia and govern the earth, we are also called to be the Melchizedek priesthood upon the earth. That means we have access into heaven and implement the throne into people’s hearts. This cannot come with words of mans wisdom but has to be as the spirit (pneuma – the breath) of God is allowed to be released from us. The breath of God carries an anointing with it, but it is the enablement not for us to perform a certain gifting but the anointing in this exist to be able to yield to allow the spirit within to have full expression outward. The breath is about words from Gods heart to our heart in the divine karios moment. The breath comes not as an anointing coming upon us, but it actually releases an anointing from within us.

The breath of God comes from deep in our spirit. I can only tell you what I have experienced and perhaps that will help. At times I can sense the presence of God close, or the anointing seemingly present just under the surface in my spirit. It is like a layer inside me has become alive to the purpose of God and it requires me to act or speak. But with the breath it is not from that surface layer in my spirit but comes from the deepest part of me. It comes almost like turning my insides out so all can see. You see it has to pass through the surface anointing, that enablement of God. But it is not just that enablement being released but that which is deeper.  So we can either minister from that close to the surface place of our spirit or from the place where deep (extreme) calls to deep (extreme).

Let me share some outcomes of this type of breath. There are times I teach the revelation God gives (anointing) and then there are times I close my eyes, and preach with such conviction and depth. It is as if God is channeling through me for lack of terms. I don’t have the scriptures I am speaking of memorized. I don’t open my eyes and follow along with notes or even the word. It is like one continuous revelation being released over the hour or so I am in this posture. I can pace a room with eyes fully closed and not run into things, as God speaks directly to people.

There are times I release a prophetic word and I have seen people in a room shake under the power of the word, holding their chairs. This is not an anointing but the breath of God blowing through a room. In a couple of conferences I released this breath it literally knocked every person to the floor because they could not stand under the power of it. Anointing in a prophetic word touches the soul and spirit of the person. It touches the intellect. The breath touches the origin point of their spirit, the deepest place. The breath comes to touch every molecule of our being and so it must also flow out of every molecule as well. The place all things flow from.

So the question is how do we get this breath? It comes by putting the revelation God gives, which is fresh breathed, deep into our spirit and allowing it to have residence there. Allowing it to become alive in us. It comes by being able to move and stir the first layer in our spirit, moving in the gifts etc, so this passageway for the breath to flow through will not be a stoppage point. It comes by us deciding to go deeper in God and not settling for substandard Christian expression. There is a decision point I have found each time I know that I must release what is deeper. It is a seemingly a scary moment of totally losing control and allowing God to control my every molecule of being, right before the breath is released. It is a point of facing my fears and totally trusting God. Even while in the midst of the breath the wrestle is with my flesh and desire to come back into a place of control. It is about a total faith walk. It is like I have told people before, I have preached a message in this place, had a vision occurring, and had God speak to me about personal things, all at the same time simultaneously. I known that sounds out there but I have experienced this several times. All of this comes from the deep origin point being released. When we prophecy and move in the gifts we have a partial faith release. When we move in the breath there is full release. There are not limitations to God.

Let me say this. I have been talking about a full deep release. A corporate breath.  At times we do release the breath and not know it. It is the times we minister to people one on one and what we speak is a now word that carries life. It is not a memorized answer but comes from a place we may not even know what we are saying. It creates life, release hope and set in motion answers for a person. They may not even realize they have just been breathed on by God. We may not realize we have released His breath as well.

Every day we breathe in and out about 25,000 times with our natural lungs. We don’t think about it we just do it. We don’t use our faith for it we are just in faith and trust that the next breath will be there. The same is true with the breath of God, it is to be a natural thing. As we practice breathing His breathe in everyday life, then when we enter a race for souls, or a corporate event, we become more aware of the breath. We can even each a point of intentional awareness of how we breathe so we can finish strong. So what am I saying? We must practice the breath so it becomes natural to us.


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