Seed or Heart of Awakening?

Today the Lord was speaking to me and said, “Do you have the seeds of awakening within you?” I thought on this for a few minutes but did not respond. Internally I could say yes. The seeds are definitely there. The word has been awakened to me, even for years. I have seen and experience Gods spirit and presence in very tangible ways. I even wear a ring with a drop of oil in it that came down from heaven in a meeting. Surely the seeds are there.

Then the Lord asked “Or do you have the heart of awakening?” I pondered this question. Much like many God asked in times past. The Lord then said to me “many can have the seeds of awakening. These are the ones who plant the concepts, the desires for, and the expectations that moves faith.  Many can carry the seeds but can they carry the heart of awakening?”

As I pondered this I came to these conclusions. The heart of awakening is the burning passion and even burden that cannot live without it. It is carrying something that brings life to the seeds planted. The heart of awakening has the life flow within it. It has the seed, the watering and the knowing how to step aside as only God can bring the increase. Many that have the seeds might try and birth forth only what God can truly bring to life. But for those who have the heart of awakening they are being seed planters in this hour, waiting for hearts as fertile soil to allow the seeds to take hold. The real call for those who have the heart of awakening is to water the seeds that awakening would spring forth in the earth.

The Lord then spoke to me and said “You have the heart of awakening inside you. The heart of awakening is formed as many seeds of awakening have been planted. These seeds have taken over not just a part of your heart but your whole heart. In this hour the internal struggle is you have been a seed planter and this has been your first season. Your second season will be your heart releasing awakening. The transition is moving from releasing seed to releasing water, the flow of the spirit. Awakening is not just seeds, but spiritual life flow. Many are thinking the seeds is the awakening. The awakening will come from the seeds. It will not look like the seed. It will spring forth but take different shape. Even as it appears it will not yet be seen what it shall truly look like. Is this not how my heart is? You know it but its appearing on the earth is different than expected.”


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