Culture is defined by the adoption of values and beliefs!

“US culture has been defined by less than 500 intellectual cultural philosophers who influence 7 gates and supporting networks since our birth as a nation.” – Randall Collins, a sociologist and author of Discovery of Society

Culture is defined by the adoption of values and beliefs. These values are accepted or rejected by who resolves the problems and issues of the day. The greater the problem resolved the greater the influence a person gains. We must learn how to reframe the debate! It is not about donkey and elephant, it’s about lion and lamb. No political candidate will EVER resolve the current problems.

With a  national debt that would require $180,000 per individual to retire the debt of 16 trillion, and total debt obligation of 202 trillion, do you honestly think any person, any candidate has the wisdom to make any difference. There is only one who can shift all things and the economic woes of America will disappear when awakening occurs. Entitlement mentality will go, an industrial revolution will occur as witty inventions are formed at alarming speeds. A shift of values will shift culture. Abortions will end, poverty will be met with. Crime will drop and loss of property will stop through natural disasters as God’s blessing will rest upon a nation once again.

The political divide that has occurred in the body of Christ over this election is appalling to say the least and damaging to the unsaved to say the most. I have seen so many take a political stance with more passion than they have for their Lord and savior and the only one true answer. How foolish we appear in the eyes of God. How soulish we have become for our comfort. The world is looking to us and they see us once again divided at times. We should be crying out from mercy from above and a move of God. All things we are upset with in this hour are because of lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. All things we need fixing is because of an unwillingness to live a disciplined life. As I just heard this week “Awakening is intentional and not something we wait for” It comes when we start doing what God requires of us. Instead of say if God tells me to fast, to pray, etc, we align with His word and do what he has said. He said WHEN  you fast and pray, when ….. then God will react and move. We become the portal though which heaven can move through.

The greater the problem resolved the greater the influence. Body of Christ we are not having influence because we are not bringing answers to the table. We must both value and believe we have answers. We must not just give lip service and some well thought out dissertation from the tree of knowledge, like we are hearing now. We must be willing to put action to words which requires the tree of life. Amazing how many are voicing so many things politically but no real action. I don’t know if they are trying to convince masses without deeds, or trying to convince themselves the compromises they must make are justified.

The same things needing answered in the government is needed in the church. Leaders with integrity and wisdom. Structure. Disciplined lifestyle etc. We have the greatest of all answer to touch all things. The one for the longing of the soul. The one who will fill every need, every desire and bring peace in the midst of storms, acceptance in rejection and friendship in loneliness.  Let us vote for kingdom principles. Let us vote for the greatest place heaven can have a chance of flowing through! Let us also realize the spiritual government of our Lord and creator, the one we say we have our rights truly from, supersedes any man made government that has evolved. Seek the Kingdom first and all these things will be added to you!


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