Holiness Frees from Sin Nor Forgiveness

This morning the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about how we have mis-interrupted what frees us from sin and how we perceive sin to have more power than it does. Right to the point. When we sin and ask forgiveness if we are not careful we assume forgiveness frees us from sin.

The Holy Spirit told me “Holiness is what frees you and forgiveness is part of that holiness as an act of holiness. Sin has only power in the act and no further. Many people empower sin as they believe sin releases forgiveness, mercy and grace. Sin is not this powerful. Holiness releases forgiveness, mercy and grace.”

This revelation from heaven could surely add some light to scriptures on sin  such as “sin has lost its power, death has lost its sting, go and sin no more, your sins are as white as snow and others. Lets not empower sin and stay at a constant cross but move from empowering sin to empowering holiness and go to the throne as clean not needing cleansed.


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