Prophetically Preached Word now Unfolding

Many times the Lord gives me a prophetic message to preach. Generally these come as and while I am speaking as the Scriptures suddenly are expanded upon by the Holy Spirit flowing through me in a way that is very supernatural. This does not happen very often but when it does happen I literally close my eyes and pace through the room allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through me. This can go on for a solid hour. It is such a time at the beginning of this year that a prophetic message came out of the book of song of Solomon. The message had the essence of the book within it but the focus was upon the discipleship, call, and impact of what the spirit of God would do in the hearts of people this coming year. The following is only a brief and very small portion of that message. The message was given on 1/28/2012 and can be found on our base website under the media section.

The Lord started out speaking in song of Solomon 1:4 concerning the wooing and drawing of a courtship and invitation of the courts and chambers of the King. It would be a coming into a secret place reserved and prepared by God for a people whose hearts were prepared for him.

Solomon 2:4 it speaks of a banner over us. “There is a banner over us, there is a covering that is coming. We’ve built the house of God and in our state for 3 1/2 years. The house has a foundation in it and a structure to it. This year 2012 God will bring a covering to it. The covering will hide what God put inside the house. What he will put inside the house is more precious than anything we have ever seen. What is precious is what holds the covering up. It will support the weight of the covering of his love, so this love will not crush us”

The Lord revealed to me that that covering is more than the covering of love, but it is a covering of his glory that would rest upon us. This glory is coming to do but one thing and that is the hiding of his holiness. The glory is the covering, and his holiness is what’s most precious that will be placed in the house.

Song of Solomon 2:13. “God says a second time to come away. There will be a call to come, some will come, others will not, but God will call and call again become. There’ll be two calls this year to come away into that place.”

The Lord showed me that we are in that first call. The secret place in the call that is upon the body of Christ right now is a call in the holiness. I am literally seeing some answering this call in this hour. I am also seeing others not responding. This call the Lord is talking of is a deep intimacy which require deep holiness.

Some of Solomon 2:14 “ …. There is something of great value that is coming, it will be coming out of the wilderness, a place nobody’s expecting. People will come of the caves of Adullam year, coming out of hidden places, but coming forth with a perfume fragrance upon them and a pillar of smoke upon them, God burning the dross but also leaving the fragrance where he has been.”

The Lord showed me that this coming forth in this fragrance is the fragrance of holiness. The pillar of smoke upon them is there to hide the holiness from others so that they would desire to seek it as a great hidden thing. The coming forth that will occur at the end of this year will be those that have put themselves in the place of holiness.

Some of Solomon 4: 1 – 5 “…. This year a depth of discipleship that is going to stand out on the mountains and hills for others to see so others will desire to have. ….. The death God is requiring upon his disciples this year is going to enlarge and it will be something noticeable enough that others will recognize it but it will also carry something of life that others will see as well.”

The Lord showed me this death process is a death to the things of the world as we shift into the place of holiness. Holiness will enlarge upon those that have decided to walk into those depths. It will carry life that others would be willing to see is directly related to Hebrews 2:14 that no man would see God unless they follow holiness. The true disciples will be willing to pay the price of this death.

Song of Solomon 4:7 “no spot in the is where God wants to take these disciples there be a remnant that God will take into these things.”

This is nothing less than the description of holiness.

Song of Solomon 4:9 “the neck represents the will of man, the eye represents what we perceive and understand. A ravaged heart is a heart that has been lit on fire by the fire of God. The question is will we do something that will capture the desire of God this year?…. He will see that our eyes are upon him, and are will bent towards him. It will cause his heart to come towards us in a way that is greater.”

“For us to come into the place of holiness it will require a breaking of our will. As our will becomes conformed to the image of his son and the things of the world slide off the true understanding and perception that we are needing in this hour will become our portion. As God sees our will begin to bend and go after him with hearts on fire we will actually capture his desire for us. Not only will our eyes be turned upon him but that his eyes will be turned upon us in a new and fresh way.”

The rest of the book of Song of Solomon we have not yet walked out as of yet, or are at the place of it unfolding. These are just some of the revelations that I received last night out of our time of prayer that started at 10 PM.


3 thoughts on “Prophetically Preached Word now Unfolding

  1. As I read through your writings, I began to see and sense the confirmation of the things that have started to occur in my life just very recently. Your words bring a greater understanding to what is happening in my life and I eagerly run to it. No longer will the wiles of the enemy entice me away from what God has for me even though what lies ahead may be beyond comprehension but is desirable above all else. My spirit is crying out for this place of holiness and I will not be deterred.

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