Word That Encourages Me Personally

“See how they suffer for righteousness’ sake. But see the steadfastness of spirit and faithfulness in the midst of the suffering. The Father’s heart is lavished upon them in their suffering, that He might reveal Himself more fully and encourage them in their journey. Not many will stand with them, but God has chosen them and will put His glory in them.

God has made covenant with them and they are set apart to break open many avenues for the Great Outpouring of the Spirit. The hedge of protection is around them for the completion of the work. There are 2,000 people in this country who carry the same mandates as them, but they are blazing the trail for multitudes to come into the greater glory of God.

Only purified vessels can walk in the midst of the fire. They have been speaking of sanctification and carry the end time message of consecration. It shall be released and fall like fire from heaven upon the churches. There are flames of fire hovering over the churches (like cloven tongues of fire). Such purity we have not seen since the days in the garden.

Such protection, Satan knows this is hollowed territory. Its like the fire and the cloud separating Egypt from the children of Israel. The trials have been abundant, but the strength of spirit is more abundant. Champions, warriors. So much yet lies ahead. So many storehouses yet to be opened. Storehouses of weapons for different battles. They must not ask for ‘just enough to get by on’. For the storehouses are overflowing and there is enough provision to carry out their mandates. As they engage the covenant, all of heaven moves and the earth responds. Someone has said, “but how can it be, they are so small?” But the 7-fold Spirit of God has empowered them!”

Peggy Miller Prophet


1 thought on “Word That Encourages Me Personally

  1. Wow pastor thank you for explaining what has been going on in my spirit prayer and faith and repentance cleaning up the life and knowing scripture cause the truth sets us free.Amen Amen Amen

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