Anointing Is Not A Function

What crowds in on, and takes away the anointing, is business of life. I have seen it time and time again. I have experienced it myself. I believe all believers fight it. But if the anointing is truly the divine enablement of God to do what we cannot do then how does business affect the degree of anointing? The real definition of anoint means to be set apart, consecrated, smeared or marked. It is more a state of being than a function God performs through us. Many I believe are saying “it’s the anointing” when in reality anointing is a past tense reality walked out in a present tense moment. What we are to be seeing is the outcome of being anointed. The outcome of being set apart! The outcome of consecration!

We say things like “wow that was anointed”! The reality is it was anointed way back before it was seen. What we are commenting on it’s the manifestation of the anointing! Something that has been through a long process. If we are waiting on a certain anointing to come in a meeting we will be waiting a long time. This is why we do not see things like in other nations. We are not going through the consecrating actions before we speak or minister. Anointing is not an indicator of character fully developed. So a person can be anointed in certain areas and in other areas have zero anointing. In other words anointing is a private act of God working out a person’s walk and not a corporate moment. Hence business in life crowding out God time and moments of dealing will decrease the process time required and diminish the anointing. What we have been calling anointed is only a glimpse into a person’s personal secret moments with God. It is the overflow that we minister from, and not so much a new flow we are trying to find!


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