A Leader and Faithfulness

Today as I was reading an article on leaders who are unqualified to teach, it reminded me of how many leaders were unqualified when God first called them. The one common thing all had was faithful hearts. Josephs heart was tried by the word he had been given. Moses heart was tried as well as God called him to be a deliver after many years of wilderness experience. We all know David’s heart was also right and after Gods own heart. Paul’s heart was to please God even though as a religious leader he faithfully persecuted believers until conversion. It seems all were faithful with the truth they had been given and when more truth came that faithfulness enabled them steward it as well.

I was on assignment last night to deliver a word to man. The word touched him deeply. It can be applied to almost anyone. I did say almost anyone. It went like this: “Consider my servant (the man before me) who has had a faithful heart. I will now show myself through his life in an amazing way. Watch his life and see what I will faithfully do.”

The entire world is watching to see if our lives will show faithfulness to what we believe. But are we studying those leaders who had lived faithful lives, and God has done something amazing in their life? The Holy Spirit spoke to me as I was reflecting on this and said, “I am looking for faithful leaders to pour my spirit through that people would see my faithfulness in their lives. I can do more with the uneducated man who yields to me than the most educated man who has become a fool in his knowledge.”

We discredit leaders by looking at them through the eyes of how much education they have or knowledge they have attained. Both of these are manmade standards and not how God views the spiritual qualifiers he measures by. God is always looking at the heart and faithfulness emerges from the hidden place of the heart. It comes from an intimate relationship that is so cherished and guarded that no circumstance, comments, problem or discouragement will shift its position. From that place of passion, faithfulness is born and comes upon the scene. It is not a decision to act, or move because of obligation but is a response already decided before any opportunity arises.

Faithfulness produces a stewardship that will yield fruits of experiences in God. That stewardship is not just assignments or task to complete; those are only testing tools to reveal to others a person’s heart. The real stewardship is a persons life, their hidden driving forces and motives behind their actions. These play into true faithfulness. Faithfulness is not a persons own will power to perform. This stewardship of a person’s life is what God wants celebrated. Those experiences which come from the stewardship of a life full of truths will teach Gods principles more than any laid out man breathed dissertation can every bring.


1 thought on “A Leader and Faithfulness

  1. Wisdom is honored, experiences are esteemed, fruit is cherished. The best education is a God-taught heart.

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