Freedom or Liberty?

A nation celebrates its birth today and recognizes its freedom, but can we truly feel its liberty? With so many nations in turmoil and the earth groaning in this hour for the manifest sons of God, who will truly walk in more than freedom but liberty? Freedom is the power to determine an action without restraint.  It is individualistic.  This is not always good and many times leads us into corruption. Hence what we see politically in our nation. Liberty deals more with the rights of a person who is under governmental rule. Liberty is to a corporate people. Liberty means freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control external or foreign rule, obligation and hampering conditions of being able to do, think or act. As we see we have lost sight of liberty for the sake of freedom.

Our founder fathers sought after liberty more than unrestrained freedom. Whom the son sets free is free indeed. But do not use that freedom to be entangled again with sin. Freedom that is not under liberty is actually a person own interpretations to not be restrained by liberty. The biblical foundation for liberty is where the presence of the Lord is there is liberty. God’s presence is governmental and has the ability to hold restrain upon freedom that it will not become a condition that hampers a nation.

Today the Holy Spirit said “How are people using their freedom? Are they using it to voice their opinion and rights or are they using it to fight for liberty? Who is using the freedom of Christ to bring the Liberty of the kingdom of God upon the earth to shift nations?” for me this is my meditation today.


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