Apostles Have Seen the Lord

All apostles have had an encounter with the Lord that forever changed their life. It actually was a requirement in filling the apostolic role left after Judas died. In Acts 1:21 we see they listed the qualifiers they were looking for and one of them was to be a witness of his Resurrection. They choose Mathias. The others were qualified and probably fulfilled apostolic ministry as well, even though there names are never mentioned again. This ministry and apostleship, as verse 25 stated, required specific qualifiers.This same pattern is seen as Paul on the road to Damascus has an encounter with the risen Lord and is started into apostolic ministry. Paul’s encounter was different and his call was different. He was called to “bear Christ name”. Today I ask two questions to those calling themselves apostles. First what are you apostolicing? Second tell me of the encounter you had with the resurrected Christ that started your apostolic ministry.


1 thought on “Apostles Have Seen the Lord

  1. Thank you for your revelatory wisdom.

    I believe we have met once, u were selling your doublewide that was out at the real thing.  At that point in my life and walk with the Lord I was more concerned with my new wife and young son and taking care of them, the things He has shown me thru her and my 4 children, and all the mistakes I have made, I wonder if I would have ever learned those lessons anywhere else.  The reason I say thank you is your apostleship info has helped confirm the call of god on my life which is sort of a mystery to me (why me, surely u could find someone better looking more talented and less of a social outcast than me Lord).  My conversion, which was a sort of Damascus road experience for me.  I was 17, and suicidal, the pain of a broken home and being sexually abused when I was 6 and not telling anyone or dealing with it and stuffing that and anything else I could not deal with down had me despairing of life itself since I was in constant pain.  I prayed to receive Jesus with Kerry Hickenbottom over the phone on 8/14/90 and ‘nothing happened’ not that I believed anything would happen I didn’t believe in anything supernatural. In my mind I said ‘oh great even God’s forsaken me’, and then Jesus Said “No!”, and he reached down and took all of my pain I would let go of instantly, I had tears streaming down my face I couldn’t talk.  Jesus blew all the logic circuits that night and I would NEVER be the same.  Well I got into the word, and it leap off the page, I felt like Paul was speaking to ME in Timothy and I started to think I was meant to be a pastor.  Idk when I first really learned of the concept of the five fold ministries but when I did I felt like the Holy spirit said “no not pastor, apostle”. I still question if I have the character to be one yet, but the other qualification was met in the summer of ’96.  I had moved to Muscatine to ‘hang out’ at the Vineyard there and ‘sit under’ Ray, the pastor, because I thought I was called to be a pastor, and he said he could see it too.  Anyway I was waiting to be prayed for one night, and a group of men came over to pray with me, and before they could even get to me I went face first onto the concrete.  I was in heaven and face to face with the resurrected Christ.  He dealt with me for putting Ray on a pedestal  and being upset with Ray when he fell off, and he showed me my natural Father, I first saw him like he would have been a year previously when he died of acute liver failure from drinking himself to death over my lifetime and then he was transformed into the likeness of  Christ.  He told me “don’t ever make the same mistake I did, don’t ever lay down to die.  Fight the good fight of the faith, finish the race. ” I have only recently become aware of the significance of how I went down, ‘I fell on my face as though dead” one of the men barely caught my shoulder before my face ‘bounced’ off the carpet covered concrete floor.  And now u have laid another piece of the puzzle in place, that if I was called to be an apostle I would HAVE to have seen Jesus like that.  I have often wondered why God chose to do that when He did, what it meant, why was I so blessed to have now not only one but counting another experience 2 years ago at least 3 sovereign encounters with the Creator of the universe. I believe if I were splitting hair as to which person of the trinity I encountered all but the one in ’96 could have been the Holy Spirit, that is the only one I saw the person speaking to me or ministering to me. These experiences were so intense that there is NO doubt in my mind that There is God, and He is the God of the Bible and His name is Jesus.
    I could go on about the call, what vision of ministry God has given me, but the most important thing for me right now is knowing according to His Word God has supernaturally met the one condition I could never hope to achieve if it was me saying I was called and not Him calling Me.
    God Bless
    Timothy Baird

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