A New Season

Malachi 1:13-14, 2:17

We come into a new season, the world around us has escalated it’s behaviors. Even the church herself has been bewildered, saying, “where is God’s standard on this? Is such really the standard?” She spins to and fro trying to find her bearings, how to please the men of earth and still look lovely in her white garments?

In the last season we’ve drowned the ears of God with pleas of mercy on our nation…but we are not the sacrifice we should be..and God is wearied that the very answer cries out for relief.

In this season our lives are the abiding standard. You may call if difficult, but there is grace. The issue is simple and straight-forward, and the answer is in the obedience.

What lover sees their own entangled in the embraces of another and says, “Oh, it is well. Such is my lot, I will take what I am given?” Even the heathens know this is not love. And yet we are content to offer God whatever He may receive of our unwilling hearts, and then we expect Him to turn our naked, lamed sacrifice into a warhorse to carry us off into the sunset?

The heart of God is not cruel, nor is He unjust. He is not reproaching us on behalf of every mis-deed on the earth, no. He is reproaching us on behalf of our own.  Mal 1:13-14

We have the seed, the standard that the earth desperately needs. If we remove our hearts or our standards, if we refuse to engage, there is NO STANDARD in the earth. And yet we behave as if it is upon the Lord to raise up another to illeviate our pressure. The only illeviation our pressure will receive is to fulfill our purpose. God’s pressure is deliberate and will remain until the church takes up her position. How very coy and foolish of us to assume that we could politely bow out in favor of easier days.

“For what if the Lord hath brought you into the earth for such a time as this?”

Do we think the tremendous grace upon all our lives is by mistake? Look upon where you stand and from whence you have come….and do not be so foolish.

We are the answer, the standard. You know my love for Tolkein. We are the Rohirrim, the Men of the West and the last standard between the unarmed people and the orc population, between the Kings of men and despair. Did we think that we would not feel the pressure of our days? Nay! But we are the only ones with the means to lift up the heads of our people and hold our gates. So the question of the heart of our patient and loving God is this: You have a Well-male among your flocks. A ready sacrifice. You have the means. You are the means….and yet you bring me your lame and keep back your sacrifices? Are you all or are you none?…for I will have no lover secondhand…

Brittany Grindley


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