Awakening Nature


Recently I was in a service and an invitation was given. As people started ministering to the individual the entire room was focused on them and no longer on the Lord. The Lord spoke to me and said this is not awakening. It seemed odd to me because the attempt was being made to meet the need. Then I noticed what he was speaking of. The focus was on the one and not on HIM. The lord said I have ways to meet the need as you remain focused on me. We were trying to meet the need by anointing and even by knowledge of God and not from the nature of God. You see the anointing still ahs a mixture because it is the enablement of our flesh to engage into supernatural. The nature of God is pure and has no mixture, thus the results are very different. You see revival is the activation of the gifts, awakening sir the activation of the nature.  This is a great paradigm shift of how we do ministry.

I was in a prayer meeting and people love how I pray. But I don’t pray very often. I don’t just pray to be praying or to show how eloquent I can pray. I only want to pray what the father desires to be prayed. I only want to come into alignment with Jesus intercession. The anointing enables me to know that, but when I pray I pray from the nature within. That’s why the prayer is so powerful. That’s why people are drawn to the prayer, because it is not me praying but the nature praying. When we pray from the nature we see almost instant results. This is the new prayer paradigm that is coming as well.

We are looking for a certain thing to confirm that awakening is here or not. Many are trying to look at awakening with certain elements or things we are looking for that confirms awakening. We want to see the signs of holy laughter bring a return of joy, healings bringing a return of health, miracles, etc. We want to see outpourings like past revivals. We want to see mass salvations. Yet these are the signs of revival which is restoring things to a former state. Revival deals and focuses on individuals. Awakening focuses on a corporate body.

A Christian that has actually experienced an awakening to those things, their authority, or maybe the unlimited possibilities of God will begin to produce these signs of healings, miracles, prophecy etc. These signs are actually signs of being a Christian that is living to the full or one who has been awakened to the fullness of God. These things are actually the fruit of an awakened heart and not the actual awakening. The actual awakening is not actually seen.

The awakening is a hidden work that occurs in the heart. It is unseen. It is a holy place. A holy work. A work of wrestling for the nature of Christ to be formed that the breath of God would flow outwardly creating and releasing those around. It is an unpacking and unfolding of the nature of God to be allowed to be more dominant than our nature. That’s when the awakening we are all really looking for becomes most prevalent in touching society.

But before society and culture are impacted by this unseen force there has to be the voices of awakening to come forth first. Those who have decided to not live a normal Christian life of ease. Those who desire the very depths of God and are willing to let God deal with them, even severely if needed, to be able to remove the obstacles in their hearts. God is now taking the remnant we have been seeing formed over the last few years, who refuse the seeker friendly, institutionalized structures and is now given them the assignment of confronting the hearts of men. But this confrontation is not with words of men’s wisdom. Nor is it convincing words or begging words, or a memorized 4 spiritual laws or other techniques of the past. This confrontation is coming from the very nature of God within. The nature confronts. The nature carrying Gods breathe and when the words spoken from that point, it changes the heart.

You see the disciples’ were still unsure of who Jesus was even after resurrection. People are the same today looking at the church even after we have been resurrected into new life. The disciples were not following Jesus the man around for 3 years. They were following Jesus the nature of God around. It was the nature and how it was projected that caught there interest and imagination. God does not anoint a person he anoints the message inside the person and thus the person is anointed. The same today is true. People do not need to follow us or be draw to us, that’s the problem with the church and especially our celebrity leaders. No we need them to be drawn to the nature of God within us. It is what will cause hearts to be changed in a moment of time and the answering of the call like the early disciples who left all and followed him (the nature of God).

We have been given the honor (Doxa glory) from God to carry His nature so that other hearts would be awakened. Much like Peters shadow where we walk they feel HIM. Where we talk they understand HIM. You see quantum physics has discovered that just like our brains put out a wave, so does our heart. They call it your heart brain. The wave from our brain is about 6”, the wave from our heart is about 8 feet. So as Peter walked by and His shadow healed it was the nature of God healing. This “Zone” as I’ve been calling for the past two years is when our spirit bears witness to others, when we actually have fellowship with someone requires us to be this close for exchange of conversations, ( we don’t fellowship yelling across a room) and it’s when others gets in our zone they will feel him.

Charles Finney carried this degree of the nature of God. He could get on a train, or enter a building and everyone around could feel the presence of God. Many would sob uncontrollably. Others would enter into repentance without any words spoke. There are other stories of men on ships in New York city coming back from sea with the presence of God so heavy that when they ported much of the city of New York could feel a deep sense of conviction.

So the simple truth to be the voices or carriers of His presence that cause this kind of awakening of hearts is for us to enlarge our capacity for him. To allow more and more of our heart to be changed and convicted. To open up the secret doorways in our hearts, to Gods Holy Spirit to search us and if needed, to sweep us clean. These are the voices of awakening that are rising now. It is more than words. It is those purged so there is indeed more of him and less of us.

Why Leaven?

Matt 13:33 Another parable spake he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.

 Many are living their Christianity in a non fullness lifestyle has come to be the new normal for many. Without knowing what can be, most are never realizing they are missing out, or don’t know there is truly more. Still others there is denial of the more, it does not mean it does not exist, but this only means they  have decided to ignore it. Believe it or not a sign of Kingdom evidence is the rejection of the message of the Kingdom. Since the kingdom is like leaven we must realize it will require much confronting. The word leaven actually means mental and moral corruption. The kingdom is a mixture and has mental and moral corruption and if not confronted, which is what has happened, this corruption could leaven all the way through. These iniquities, which defined as twisted thinking, has caused many to live far below the intentions of God. Let me explain probably the biggest wrong thinking which is the devil has a kingdom to. There is only one kingdom, Gods, and all things are in that kingdom. There is no kingdom of darkness only darkness hiding in Gods Kingdom.

 The bible says there is the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven. The kingdom of God includes both believers and unbelievers. Both can feel the influence of the kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven is only for those who believe, as we define heaven as the placement of Gods throne and access to it. The church or ecclesia is the voice within the kingdom of God. The Ecclessia has authority in that kingdom through its voice. Authority only works if we work it so our voice must be worked. The church is not the kingdom nor are we in the religious mountain, unless we are in a structure that is not bring a life giving flow, then that structure is in the religious mountain. We are the mountain of the Lord, called to be above all other mountains, or belief systems.  Now with the understanding of the kingdom established, let’s look back to the leaven within the kingdom.

 The Lord has revealed to me how this leaven is working in Gods kingdom. There is a familiar spirit operating within Gods kingdom. It is demonic in source, and is not typical as in times past of demonic lies as demons whispering to Christians, but it is functioning through Christians who have not been taught Gods word properly. These Christians are whispering in the ears of other Christians, things that sound like God, but are not coming from God. A mixture of truth. With so much lack of discernment in the body almost all things are considered to be true, and more detrimental optional. Thus the confusion results of what to put the hand to, commitment to, how to interpretation truth, isolation from the truth, and also what to belief to be true. It has caused a mental and moral dilemma and made many things as either/ or  and formed many open belief systems. It has thus corrupted many of the people of God and affected how leaders conduct spiritual business. We end up as leaders scratching our heads over how people can think certain ways and react in certain spiritual situations. How can you say this is the best thing going and yet not participate. A familiar spirit whispering. How can you say apostolic is needed and understand the value, yet walk away from apostolic. How can you be taught the kingdom and the spirits flow and go back to a lifeless structure? A whisper coming from a person who has moral or mental corruption.

 Let’s face it we all have these type of things that have happened. I don’t mind someone if they move on and their life is more fruitful, but most of the time it is not. Most of these types of situations end with a type of denial of what is being offered. I understand the unwillingness of change but isn’t  that not saying the mental corruption carries a higher weight than the truth.

 This principality over our nation and even our states needs to be broken. There is a  remnant in this kingdom. There are hungry ones, pressing in. There are prodigals about to come in. There are pockets that have disconnected to the un-fullness lifestyle and want the fullness. Finding these is part of the challenge. Paul was able to find them when he entered a city by allowing the Spirits activity to flow through him. To me this is the key to unlocking all things. The nature of God coming to cities, the breath of God released in cities.  We must be consistent in carrying his nature and releasing his breath. We must not be discouraged by those who only attend a meeting once but somehow encourage them to attend until they get it. Paul taught and taught and taught. But he and Jesus both confronted. They confronted 2 things. Moral corruption and mental corruption. They did it by uncompromising truth. We must realize we will always have this mixture in the kingdom, but we need to live far above it, seeing is there but not allowing it to affect us. We need to take final authority over these demonic forces for the sake of our people. We have been positioned to confront these forces, steward demonic forces holding them at bay so the spirit of truth can come and change people and the word not being stolen by the whispering.  This will be require work to come to this point, but a great work of the spirit will follow.

Sufferings Reward


I felt I should write the other side of the coin on suffering and that is the successes that come. My wife and me have been privileged to travel internationally to many nations teaching leaders, oversee a full time school of ministry, plant a church, plant a kingdom center, plant a second kingdom center, speak at national conferences in the USA, oversee a network of ministers, and ordained about 60 into into ministry. This has given so many opportunities and memories and contacts and of course spiritual sons and daughters.

In my last post I talked about the sufferings that go with raising spiritual kids, specifically the ones who turn away after investment. But for everyone that turned away there remains a multitude that appreciated the invested and took the words to heart and APPLIED THEM. They are out doing exploits, changing lives and touching culture. I want to share some of these stories.

First the more you sacrifice the higher your appreciation. Our international students have been our greatest success. The price they have had to pay in their nation for their faith, and also the cost of traveling here, leaving family, and coming to a different culture, made them apply themselves with certain self disciplines we did not see in many of our American students. I would say a high percent of these spiritual kids are doing ministry.

One is actively involved in an orphanage in Papa New Guinea and is actively pursuing politics running for mayor in a city of 3 million. Another is leading worship in a church in New Hampshire while others are pastoring churches in Philadelphia, Massachusetts and Florida. One spiritual son and his wife have started a network of churches both here and in Indonesia. Still another from Kenya is preaching weekly at a church here in Iowa.

One of my students is in California and working in a church, still another couple led a church in Chicago and has a church going on Purdue University with students. Another son is in the Klondike and has a new type of martial arts based on the Scripture. His Journey has given him the endorsement of Chuck Norris, Franklin Graham and others. He has students come to him from all over the world.

I currently have a spiritual son in Nigeria who has the largest school of Ministry in the nation and the largest Christian library which we helped him with. I still have other sons running schools there as well. At one point we had 32 schools operating.

The American sons and daughters also have accomplished great things as well. One son and Daughter are pastoring a small church, touching youth as teachers, involved in families who are deployed in the armed services and started a small awakening of youth in a rural area. I took both of them to Nigeria with me once. I have one spiritual son who has climbed the corporate ladder of a large food supplier and is now influencing the top leadership of that corporation.

There is one spiritual son who went on to lead others who grew up fatherless as well. Imagine after years of no contact when he showed up to tell me  how my life has impacted him. Yet another who moved on to do youth work modeled her marriage after ours, still another took a leading role in reform in the medical industry in the state of Oklahoma.

I have many others who are involved in ministry or leading ministry or starting ministry. At the Base now we have several spiritual sons and daughters active in music, serving, working with high risk youth, ministering to other musicians and finding places of expression. But probably the greatest joy in all the suffering is to also have my own son stand with me in ministry over all the years and changes that it has brought. He too has suffered alongside me with deep sufferings, some deeper than my own. But he has stood leading worship weekly. He has seen 4 worship teams developed and countless musicians who moved on and some abandoned as well. He too has lost friendships over ministry.  If he had not been alongside I know many things would be different. Because of the strength he brings in worship and insight, many things might not have had the impact.

It’s amazing the areas we have touched by the investment we made. There are countless others as well, both current and I know yet to come. The thing I have learned in all of it is the ones who don’t flatter you are probably going to be your greatest success. The others are only trying to see what they can get. You soon know an appreciate heart by their actions in honoring. It seems when honoring stops, so does the person receiving from you.

You don’t know who really was impacted until years later. I have lost contact with some as seasons change and the time of doing the work comes. But then one will come from out of nowhere and send a letter or track you down showing at your door and tell you the report of how your life impacted their life. These unexpected bonuses are Gods way of keeping us going. After all we are doing all things as unto the Lord.


I have had many people in the last few days tell me how appreciated they are of my wife and me not giving up when so many have abandoned us along the way after so much invested into them. They can’t believe we are still going on and still investing so willingly. I quit along the way several times but I didn’t give up. LOL. First they can’t believe people walked away from so much and second they can’t believe we are still willing. Leaving a ministry is not what it is about but breaking covenant is what it really is. With so many leaders this past week telling me of lifelong investments to only see their spiritual children leave, is heartbreaking. But maybe the most heartbreaking is that only the spiritual father’s hearts are broken and it seems to not have any effect upon heartbreak on the spiritual children’s side. They take lightly all that was invested. They forget they will one day give account for that investment. Now that is really heartbreaking indeed.

Some have said they see it as a ploy from the enemy along the way to bring discouragement and to make us quite so we would not be available to help so many leaders. For the most part the ones most appreciate are leaders going through the same thing, who have no one to talk to and see our example of tenacity in the midst of broke relationships, covenants and even desertion.

But I would be lying to say that I’m not getting tired, not discouraged, but tired by it all. It has taken a toll but has not dimensioned my drive and I won’t let it. I am so glad the Lord told me “No more investing where there won’t be any return”. This has made me slow down and see who really wants my time who appreciates it. Who really wants the input and who should I really invest into. It is pre-qualifying before any real investment is made. For some whom come across my path they say they want it but in reality once they are kind of put on hold to see if they will pursue I have found out they are not real serious. But for others the heartfelt appreciation reveals who to really put effort into.

We have a prophetic word for this year of prodigals returning. I believe this word to be true. I also know it does not mean all the spiritual kids who once were around will return. I wish it did because a trained army would be in place. It does mean a new influx of people who will be positioned to receive from spiritual fathers. It also means they will come in spiritually spent from wrong focuses and in dire need of investment. Many of them will be most appreciative of that investment.

So for the many leaders who have invested to many sons and daughters only to see it squandered on worldliness, there is a group of people God has just for you. All the investment was not wasted but perfected you to invest at a higher level. It has enabled you to look at your motives. You have safeguarded your heart. It also has revealed to you the gift of God you really are and the great value you have inside. I would rather 10 hungry hearts, ten hearts willing, ten hearts already convinced, ten heart who would do something with the investment than a multitude who give lip service but their heart is far from it.

Right now I’m actually looking for the next bunch of new spiritual sons and daughters to start the process in. The thing different now is the revelation to impart is so much higher than times past and the intentions of God so much more serious about it. These next sons and daughters will have a greater potential. If your one of those reading this and you are serious then you need to get a hold of me.

Is Your Spiritual Community Wrong?

I wanted to put something together after several pieces came to me this week from different places. I want to talk about spiritual community. The BASE is apostolic driven and hence a LARGE part of apostolic is relationships. As a kingdom center we are really a relationship center for those doing kingdom work. Hence if you are not doing kingdom work and just going through life you might not fully fit into the BASE. Second if you are not into relationships or do not like fellowship you won’t fit at all. These two things may limit who wants to participate fully.

But the relationships at an apostolic center are different than a Sunday church.  In the typical church the relationships are about doing community life, while anything that is apostolic will be about spiritual life. Community life is about surviving life and having family. There is nothing wrong with the focuses of a local church as they are foundational. But a kingdom center focus is much deeper, to create victorious warriors and bring the kingdom to the earth.

Spiritual life community develops strategy out of relationships with each other and those relationships do a vast amount of perfecting as “Iron sharpens iron”.  Spiritual life communities also have spiritual fathering by investing and life partnering instead of life instruction coming by teaching only. The community is made to mobilize individuals to fulfill calling and bring the dreams and visions in their hearts to come to pass through opportunities and responsibilities. While a typical church life is made to serve the vision of the local gathering, a kingdom center is made to serve the vision and dream in the hearts of those gathering.

Now with our worship team coming back from a conference were spiritual community was talked about, it was discussed that because people do not fit your community or come and leave it, does not make the community you built wrong, it just means they don’t fit. I have had several national leaders I have discussed this with tell me what you are teaching or doing is not wrong, the people attending are not willing to act on what is being given. That helped but did not explain the why. Now I think I see the why.

As I look back at 20 years of ministry and those who have come and gone, the pattern seems to hold true. People left because they wanted community life relationships over spiritual life relationships. People left because they did not want deep fellowship. And people left because of being unable to relate because they were not doing kingdom work and were unwilling to fulfill calling or the dream assignment God had given to them for their life.  For those building true apostolic spiritual community keep building what you have started. It’s not wrong, it is from God. People just have to mature yet to fully participate.

Exposure of False Prophets and Apostles

            Today there is much talk of Apostles, prophets and the Apostolic move that is now unfolding upon the earth and within the church. With every move of God, there is a constant vying for positioning coming from a spirit of jealousy and competition. This spirit always comes with new moves of God as people who are insecure of their calling and anointing are threatened by the next move. Sometimes it is a feeling of being exposed, sometimes it is a power struggle of having control over their life and others lives as well. I would like to talk about some of the things I see happening as the apostolic movement is emerging.

            I believe what we see now is only a forerunner of the true apostolic movement that is to come. Many are trying to be Apostles with only partial understanding as people have declared these things falsely over people, or they have received some teaching on the subject and think they are an expert concerning this area. I have come to the conclusion that we are indeed living in a progressive revelation that continues to unfold. Because of this, those who are truly doing apostolic work “ have not been this way before” like Joshua, and the answers to define things are not yet fully comprehended. All true apostles eventually come to a statement that they are not exactly sure what this will look like at the end, since God is the one unfolding things and we are only stewards or managers of the “mysteries of Christ”.

            The prophetic movement has come to point to the next movement which is apostolic. The pattern in the Bible is Moses a prophet pointed to Joshua an apostle, Samuel to David, John the Baptist to Jesus and Jesus to the 12 apostles. Each could not define the next movement, but only give some expression of what it would entail. Each of these also had false prophets trying to point to false apostles as well. Today, we are no different with false prophets and apostles trying to operate. False is never birthed outside of the church but within it. True Apostles will point out these false prophets and apostles, and give time for repentance before God brings judgment against them.

            A Biblical example that best exemplifies the things we need to be on guard for is found is 1 Kings 1-2. I encourage you to read the story as you read the following understanding.  David had reached an old age and it was time to pass the mantle of leadership to a new generation, much like today. False is always birthed right before a transition is to occur. Absalom, his son, was killed by Joab, David’s commander of the army, because of rebellion in his life. (2 Sam 18:15). This story has several people involved representing different areas. Here is a list and how they play out so we can see the spiritual pattern. Bathsheba represents the church going before the king and being the king’s bride. Zadok, the high priest is a true prophet from God. Abiathar the priest is a false prophet from God. Adonijah, David’s son, is a false apostle, Solomon is a true apostle, Joab is an intercessor, (The commander of the army who acted out what he thought was right by killing Absalom. Most intercessors who are not submitted act out what they should only be praying about) and of course, David, a true Apostle, who will pass the mantle to the next apostle. It is assumed we all have a good understanding of the dynamics of apostolic ministry of conquerors, builders, and kingdom mindsets. In 1 Kings 1:5 the false apostle, Abiathar, makes a false proclamation concerning his office and destiny. All false people do three things, they proclaim their ministry without affirmation, they gather others to support them in their proclamation, and they promote themselves over the kingdom of God. In verse 7, we see an unholy alliance being formed with a self appointed false apostle, Adonijah, a false prophet, Abiathar, and Joab, an intercessor, who is to be watching out for David as the one in charge of security and the army. The false always tries to bring leadership from the true into to add affirmation. In verse 8, we see the true do not associate with the false but maintains a distance. The false only seek confirmation from the false. They do not expose themselves by coming into a relationship with those who are true. The true will not associate themselves with the false also, as it would mean they approve of their actions. In this story, the false are not submitted, not appointed, and not approved or recognized by Godly authorities already in place. In verse 9, we see that these false leaders produce false sacrifices to affirm themselves. Adonijah did not offer spiritual sacrifices like David gave for example, but offered a fleshly offering. This occurs at the stone of Zoheleth (means serpent) by Enrogel (mount of the fuller), which is one of the two main streams that fed Jerusalem. This is symbolic of the true and false, both spiritual, vying for our cities and regions. In verse 10, we see that those who are true were not invited. We see the deception of those who are false doing things in secret and not openly before others. We also see them try to gain control of the springs of the cities, regions and even nations by going to the sources, in a spirit of competition.

            In verse 11-27, Nathan, the true prophet, spoke to Bathsheba (the church) and revealed what is going on in secret. Today prophets will begin to speak concerning hidden motives and affections. The church needs to listen with new ears and understanding. Bathsheba received direction from the prophet and went before the king to speak concerning the passing of the mantle to the true apostle, Solomon. Nathan, the prophet, backed up Bathsheba as everything must be established with two witnesses. In Mosaic law, accusations had to be done in such a matter for it to be addressed. Today, the true prophets are speaking and telling the church “hidden things” so we can go before our King Jesus and speak these concerns. The King will always give us confirmation that His promises are true (Vs. 28-31). Once we put these things into motion, God will orchestrate that which is true. David called for Nathan and the true priest and made public declaration of the true apostle and rightful heir of the throne.  They had an authorized procession. This brought great joy into the land. The true causes rejoicing, the false does not release joy in the land.  They took the horn of oil from the Tabernacle, set Solomon in place, and sounded a public trumpet to declare the new King (Vs.39). This true anointing and decree was something the false could not do. We may announce that we are anointed, but only if we truly have been appointed by the Lord and not ourselves.

            What happens to the false? He cried out to God not because what he did was wrong, but because he was caught in the act. He feared Solomon but not God. His focus was notKingdom of God focus but kingdom of earth focused. In verses 50-53, Solomon puts the judgment upon themselves. If they be wicked, let them die, if worthy, then not. He allowed the false to be exposed over time, even though he knew them to be false. Solomon, like David, was able to separate family from ministry and place judgment into God’s hand and not his own. Today, these same things are occurring through imprecatory prayers. These are prayers that David prayed concerning his enemies in a way that left judgment up to God concerning them. We see them scattered throughout the book of Psalms. False ministry is always given the time to repent. In this case, there was no true repentance and Adonijah said in 1 Kings 2:13-18 and still proclaimed what he coveed  in his heart concerning the kingdom. He desired to have what the king once had, even if he could not have the kingdom then at least the king’s handmaiden who was still a virgin. (Vs.22) Solomon named all those who supported him and his endeavors. In vs. 23 he declared Adnijah is condemned by his own words and in verse 24 declared that he be put to death. He also address Abiathar the priest, and spoke to him that he will not die but be removed from office. Because as a priest he could not killed but could be disciplined. The final one was Joab, who ran into the tabernacle thinking this would protect him from certain death. But Solomon ordered him to be killed, as well.

            What we see from this pattern, is that the false will be exposed and will be brought down. Their ministries will die, they will be removed out of office. They will be given time to repent but God will decide the final outcome of all things. It is a time to recognize true callings from the false. We should  not associate with those who are false. We also need to realize that God will use men, not in a vengeful way, but in a spirit of humility, to expose and deal with false ministries. When these things begin to come to pass, we will know the mantle is about to be passed to the next generation. Lately, I have had to confront some of these very things. It is not pleasant. For David and Solomon, it was not pleasant but it was all part of Kingdom necessaries.    


Revelation 3:17–18 (KJV 1900) — 17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: 18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

 I find it hard to believe so many are in the organized church and are living below what could be a life of true joy and glory in God. The eternal purpose of God was put in place before the earth was formed and man was made to both have fellowship with God and to fulfill this eternal purpose he created us for. Why do so many not live any greater depth of Christian conviction and even many seem to once have the fire in their bones have fallen away and or fallen short of any heartfelt desire to truly know him? Past success, knowledge and relationship does not guarantee future positioning!

We do know it is the last days not because of wrong eschatology but because as time continues to unfold as we measure it, we are getting closer and closer to a new age invading this present age. The veil between the realms of what we know and understand and the supernatural realm of Gods eternity are thinning on a daily basis. This thinning could be quickened on our side if we would decide to press through our unbelief and begin to live as he said we should.

Yet the question remains of the great falling away. Many are thinking they have such knowledge of God but are not living the life of God. Many are in self deceived and even delusional state and vain imaginations saying God said, when in reality God did not say. The worst deception is not from the corruption that surrounds us but from our own unwillingness to not face the change required to answer convictions call. This self deceived state makes us reprobate and of no real use to our father in heaven, his plan, eternal purpose, or kingdom. We in our own strength have made ourselves of no true value to the one who paid such a high price for our freedom and for it to be on display before all people and nations.

The end result seems to be a self induced belief system that is disconnected from full and absolute truth found in Gods word. It also has breed confusion within the unbelievers heart of what is to be embraced and what is to be denied. We have traded the comfort of our own deception and the riches of worldliness and its standards of knowledge over the freedom of God expression and his eternal riches.

I fear many in that day will cry Lord Lord did we not cast out devils and speak with new tongues and do all these wonderful things for you. Yet those things are not things coming from our own ability but as the spirit wills. They are borrowed and we only stewarding them. God will want an account of our stewardship, but more so He will want an account of our relationship with him to know how we were to steward these things. Many will not be the Bride of Christ found in intimacy. Many will not rule and region as they have not even ruled and reigned their own lives. Many will be cast out thinking their exploits of yielding to the spirit will guarantee them position.

If you have fears then you have not been illuminated. If you are anxious then you are not found in him. If your faith is not creating then the doubt of the world has become your portion. Only those whose hearts and motives are pure will enter in.  Those who did not love this world or their lives but saw themselves as foreigners and outcast of an unredeemed world. Citizens of a far better place. Ones engaged in the business of a king and His kingdom. These will be the ones chosen in the eternal purpose of God for great pleasures of eternal friendship and privilege of heavens vastness to participate in. Will we be numbered in the redeemed? Will all our works be burned in the fire and tried wanting? Let the Spirit of the Lord illuminate your heart and life with his illumination Glory and let him show you what true freedom really is.